Carnelian Wallpaper: Carnelian Samurai

Carnelian Wallpaper
Carnelian Mangaka

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

This is my latest work before finally going hiatus from walling (2003).
I can remember how terrible it was to extract all those hair strands >_<
Love the sillouhettes behind, the mystery it gives when I look at it ... I wanted to match the bg, with the spirit the eyes of the character exuberates.

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  1. Jormungand Dec 03, 2004

    Oooooo... extraction must have been fun~! XD
    Looks really nice..... love the scan and I think the background matches well ^.~

  2. Icarus Dec 03, 2004

    wow wonderfull wallpaper (even if i don't know what anime is:sweat:), "I wanted to match the bg" <- perfectly, nice job
    /me put it on his desktop ^^

  3. akai Dec 03, 2004

    I remember this wallie. It was one of my favourites.
    After so long, now that I look at it again, it still looks gorgeous.

  4. finiteyoda Dec 03, 2004

    Wow, serious attention to detail there!! Excellent quality wall.

  5. Red Dec 03, 2004

    oi thanks thanks ^_^;

    Quote: I remember this wallie. It was one of my favourites.
    After so long, now that I look at it again, it still looks gorgeous.

    ah yea lol .... this is a re-upload.

  6. evilsesshomaru Dec 03, 2004

    nhaaa I love it ^^ cool bg and pic ^^
    anyway see ya... take a look on my pics too ;d

  7. tAtEkAnE Dec 03, 2004

    i thought this was new ^_^' but it looks really awesome @_@ nice work red :D just like the new scenic walls ^_^ and really nice quality too :D

  8. Foreigner999 Dec 04, 2004

    Very very nice... not only did you do an awesome job (no jagged edges with the hair anywhere) it looks cool. This wall has a lot of life to it. I like very much how the colors and the background blend together.

  9. stevie Dec 04, 2004

    This is so nice! I saw this and had to comment on it ^_^ It's really nice! The colors you used look predy!! I will add this to my favorites!

  10. AkinaSpirit Dec 04, 2004

    I love this wall... I've had it for a long time before I even joined MT and got to know everyone. This is one of my favourite Carnelian walls and is probably the wall that I've had the longest on my desktop ^_^'. mmm... it kinda holds memories since it was the first wall to go on my desktop when I got my new comp ^_^
    Stunning wall.. hahaha I thnk my bro was jealous of the wall I had at that time and was like "where did you get that from?" >_> <_<

  11. marisna Dec 05, 2004

    This is really a stunning wallpaper. I love the way she is posed and all the colors blend so well. You did a great job!! This will be in my favorites!!

  12. ejehi Banned Member Dec 07, 2004

    I like a lo the poses her it is so disturbing
    , your wall has a fantastic color I love it
    and the eyes are fantastic :)

  13. shyxsakura Retired Moderator Dec 08, 2004

    waaaahhzz ..

    this lookz awesumm!!

    >o< this deserves soo much mooree faviiess!!

    ^.^ *clickiess ON FAVIIEE*

    te heeez .. see!! now yu have sakiz fave~ ^.~

  14. Lantist Dec 08, 2004

    who's the girl? sorry but I have no idea what carnellian is T_T.

  15. mughi Dec 09, 2004

    You really worked hard on this wallpaper and it shows. I like the character and the background matching well. Thanks for posting this wonderful wallpaper

  16. Led Dec 16, 2004

    LOOKs so beautifull!!! I love the colours in the background!! I looks so romantic!! The girl is so pretty!!

    Nice work and of course a fav of me ^^

  17. pinkdoremi Dec 19, 2004

    this is absoloutly gorgeous O.O the bg matches the scan so well,. love the colour scheme btw ^-^ this really does show wut ur trying to express, ne ^__^?

    u extracted the piccy so incredibly well o__o....

  18. Riva Dec 20, 2004

    Dang, there's so many different wallpapers with this girl. My favourite is this particular version, the background just ooze atmosphere. Very suitable for the girl

  19. boobooblue Dec 23, 2004

    You did very well with this image! Congratulations! It's very beautiful

  20. MasterPivot Dec 28, 2004

    Gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous!
    The dark, dead and gloomy background is a nice contrast to the colorss and brightness of life of the girl.

    I'm adding this to my list of favorites!

  21. syk0aznguy Jan 27, 2005

    great wallpaper. it looks like it took a lot of time. keep up the good work.

  22. Snow-bear Feb 15, 2005

    The wallpaper is very clear and I love te background, it's coooooool.....

  23. Iyasis Mar 19, 2005

    Wow, indeed the extraction seems quite the difficult task for this image, but it's done very nicely. I love the picturesque background, not only does it compliments the colours in the scan, but it creates a gloomy and mysterious atmosphere. And of course, the sillouhettes are great as well. Great work! ~&fav

  24. Ayamael Mar 19, 2005

    wow... i love this wall, great choice of scan... and the bg is just breathtaking... Awesome!

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