Alphonse Wallpaper: Neverending Wish

Alphonse, Vocaloid, Miku Hatsune Wallpaper
Alphonse Mangaka Vocaloid Series,Game Miku Hatsune Character

2560x1600 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

(a little late Merry Christmas aswell)

It's finished! I finally finished it! After two whole years of procastinating on this wallpaper...It basically took one year to vector Miku (yes, it was a hell to vector)..The other year...well, I tried to make up a fitting original background with her. My old ideas were nothing...kind of failed when I tested them for real. In the end, certain things brought me inspiration considering some vast beauties of our own world. Now, on the the most inspiring picture when I had it in my head...and I started staring at the background on my phone realizing "Hey, that's exactly what I wanted". Referring to this as part of my inspiration on executing it >>>
The Last Story#572341

(I still have it as my phone background, like a year). You can probably notice I wanted the blue pretty bad...It's a beautiful color afterall.

First off I wanted to change the colours of the render...but ehh..I think it's alright! I liked it more being colorful. Complain as much as you want for it being unlogical or anything. I did try my best on blending properly and such. Background...well, referencing to google images tagged "milky way" (yeah! it worked). Painted the bg in photoshop...sorry for the lack of mouse skills if it's not that good. I'm open to any improvements.

Right..I completely forgot to mention why I took this picture. Well..you can see why it is such a great picture! I have been needing to experience two wallpaper of this exact picture during the time I was working on this (kinda breaks my heart as I was far off finished at those times). Anyway, expression, flow, design and colours were amazing. I've had a lot of comments from showing off my progress "Is that Miku?" Really, she didn't look like it at all. Now this comes in my advantage! I'm not a Miku fan, I just chose the scan for the amazing art it had regardless who or what she is. Started the crazy vector for well, someone...thought I could pull it off!

A couple notes:
- Put the text on as last without any judging so feel free to critisize on any wrongdoings there (Aki didn't get to judge this, 'cuz I didn't want him to)
- I love Aki for pointing out minor things on which I could improve on.
- Secretely changed her eyes in Photoshop so that I brought more life in them.
- Title is related to this work taking an eternity...not made up by me
- Alternative version; Without the swirls or w/e (for anyone that prefers not having it)
- Alternative version; textless
- Edited a couple things from small mistakes I noticed and added one thing.
- Somehow I have no clue where the alternatives are...
Tag away on tags with this because I am lazy! Now I will enjoy my new 3DS game and well...My next wallpaper will be Annie from SnK

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  1. Doffindom Dec 31, 2013

    Just magical and amazing desu~~~

  2. angelxxuan Banned Member Dec 31, 2013

    val delivered ! really like the beautiful color design, the bright red and the brilliant usage of colors ! nice depths to the whole piece, well done !

  3. Alenas Retired Moderator Dec 31, 2013

    Oh, wow, I can imagine the amount of time that went into vectoring that scan of Miku. Not really a fan of Miku Hatsune but I've always loved that scan and you did an awesome job on it. I like the sketchiness and the roughness of those shapes, really makes the whole thing look more interesting and those layers of blue at the bottom of her dress make it all blend even more into the whole background.
    The background is pretty neat, love that Milky Way behind her although I think more planets in the distance could add a bit more to the otherworldly feeling of the wall. You know, kind of blending into the sky, not wholly visible like the Moon there. But it's just a suggestion, lol. And last, loving the typography; it's really elegant and stylish and magical and fits the rest nicely.

    Happy New Year to you, too Val and keep up the awesome work! :)

  4. cinthyam Dec 31, 2013

    Happy new year you too! thanks for you job! is kawai (?) XD

  5. elisadevelon Retired Moderator Dec 31, 2013

    You VECTORED her?! Well, this is somehing! You basically made a vector that's supposed to look like a painting lol. Because the BG definitely looks like painted rather than vectored; just like you wrote. Respect!

    Still, I AM going to complain about the color combination - I just don't like blue with red (or any tone of yellow or orange, for that matter) standing next to each other. I'd probably change her dress to purple or something... But you can ignore me on this. :D

  6. Tens Dec 31, 2013

    Great job with this wall. It's simply beautiful. I can't imagine anyone complaining about the color.

    At first I thought the wall was a semi-rough paint and later on read how it's vectored. Your perseverance and skill has paid off. I can't describe how much I like the gradients and shapes of the character. It all feels cohesive and gives off a distinct style.

    The reds and blues complement each other very well. The level of color you used fits the wall perfectly. I like how the reds feels deep and strong, and the lighter reds pop against the background. Blues feel deep and soothing. Her dress is very interesting with the different interactions of light. You have black shadows showing the depth of her dress being shielded from light. Some parts have the shadows having an overlay of light which shows the brilliance of the stars. Bluish shadows add more flavor to her dress and more atmosphere.

    The background is delicious and stunning. The stars enable you to make a background like this. I like the way you painted them on. They start off bright and slowly trail off. The galaxy in the background is a good touch to make it more interesting and diverse (a plain star night sky would be boring). It's also angled which helps drive the eyes down and across the wall.

    I like to think there's a deeper meaning behind the background. The wall is named appropriately with the never ending shooting stars that many can wish upon. When I see the galaxy in the background I like to think of it as a huge gash across a womb giving birth to many possibilities. This also kind of ties in on how space is vast and anything is possible.

  7. Tsasu Jan 02, 2014

    Really nice work, specially the way you did her colors and the back ground adds a nice efect to all of it. Can wait to see what else you'll make.

  8. Blue-Latte Jan 02, 2014

    Wow, you sure did a lot of effort making this beautiful wallpaper. Those details on her dress. O_O

    I like how you vectored Miku. She looks very beautiful here. The background is stunning, it blends with Miku nicely, the shooting stars are perfect. And I love the text, it makes this wallpaper look even more magical. <3

  9. ichigoluvsrukia Jan 14, 2014

    WOW! This looks absolutely beautiful <33 Love it!

  10. Steffi1690 Moderator Mar 03, 2014

    Wow her Dress is really wonderful and I like the night bg with the shooting stars.

  11. YoruAngel866 Jul 06, 2014

    This is really beautiful, i love all the details, but most of all, i really love the colors on it.
    It's just beautiful i have no words~

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