Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny Wallpaper: ZGMF-X56s Impulse

Sunrise (Studio), Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny Wallpaper

1280x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Aaaghh... there should be a category for Gundam Seed Destiny >_<
Uh, okay ^^
My newest wall, this time it's mecha....
because cute girls are kinda controversial nowadays <_<.... XD lol j.k.

Thumbnails suxx >_< go into full view if you want to see all the details I've added...

Background is made by me !! XD ha! Remember that 'S.O.L.A.R.I.A [chaos]' wallpaper I made not so long ago? Yep yep.... *nods nods* :D that one...
Now combined with the ZGMF-X56s Impulse gundam, http://gallery.minitokyo.net/view/52878/
big thanks to Kazuki for the awesome scan!! XD Go check out his awesome gallery for some Gundam Seed goodness :D

I hope you enjoy this one!! ;D Especially GSD fans out there !! Yay!! Owl Nida rulezzz !! XD rofl
Comments and suggestions are very welcomed!!

More resolutions available in [ F r a g m e n t s ]. Thanks Crash-kun XD
as for the 'Limited Edition' 1600 version, just wait and check the Fragments' site often, aye? ^^ because I will make it soon after I figure out how to stretch my solaria to that res ^_^' and I might add more details XD yay!

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Browse Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. DarkEVO Nov 27, 2004

    Wow, Cool KorganoS. Gundam SEED Destiny. Love the background. It's from your Solaria wallpaper isn't it? Looks good, blends well.

  2. Kurosawa Nov 27, 2004

    waq >_>.. really cool BG I like it ^^. oh yeah the solaria BG , I remember that ^_+. Like before , This should be add to my favorite . Keep the good work,wanna see more of your wallie :D

  3. cygnus Nov 27, 2004

    Hehe...mecha. And Destiny too. Who wouldn't love it, especially mecha lovers. :)

  4. Crash-kun Nov 27, 2004

    wooot! nice one! im not really a fan of this version of gundam *gWing rulz ^_^* but hey, this is awsome. ur solaria bg fits it perrrrfectly :D +fav

  5. Radeonator Nov 27, 2004

    woooow :D just as I like your s.o.l.a.r.i.a [chaos] pics, and you turn another kick ass walls!!!! nice job, korgs.... , I dont know if i can beat ya. XD

  6. dans Nov 27, 2004

    buuhuuuu..... a really cool bg.
    well, the ship ( don't remember the name ^_^' ) doesn't look good.
    it doesn't blend well with the bg.
    it's still an awesome wall.
    a fav from me. :)

  7. Ninja Nov 27, 2004

    Very sweet gundam seed wallpaper I simply love the background on this wallpaper.

  8. Furikuu Nov 27, 2004

    Tis cool.. I like the placement of elements in this wall. I think some detail on the satellite panels wouldn't go amiss, nor would the suggestion of another light source to the front of the Gundam :0 I really like the space BG though!

  9. yamazaki Nov 27, 2004

    OMG this is greattt!!! nice work from you korganos!! very nice BG >_>;
    *add to fav*

  10. shirahana Nov 27, 2004

    The thumbnail's not that bad.... But true, the full view beats it by a lot ^-^; I like the subtle details... Very nice indeed! :D

  11. RaXiv Nov 27, 2004

    Another breaking through submission by KorganoS! Will he ever make a shitty wallpaper? We`ll never know... becouse he`ll never let us to know >_>

    Congratz, You`re tha mastah :]

  12. NikaNeko Nov 27, 2004

    Ho!This is soo awesome!Yeah!more Gundam seed/destiny Wall!!!
    Me like it,Fav for me!


  13. Aztec Nov 27, 2004

    Great wall. I dont have to many gundam wall but this is the best out of the ones I have.
    Keep up the good work.

  14. Susan-chan Nov 27, 2004

    wow^^ a nice wally from your original work^^ good job^^

  15. Devilet Nov 27, 2004

    Quote: because cute girls are kinda controversial nowadays <_<.... XD lol j.k.

    is that directed at me? ^_^
    nooo... but it's not a guy!! haha.. j/k..
    mecha is still cool, oww, what a nice background, much expected from you, everything is so high quality and great.. love it Korgie, a fav for me :)

  16. bandgirl Nov 27, 2004

    wow... another great wall Koregano-kun!! :d

    i love the bg ^^ and the mecha blends in very nicely. this is a fav for me :)... nice work as usual ^_^

  17. DarkSith Nov 27, 2004

    Awesome !! It's a good wallpaper :) On top of that, it's from Gundam SEED Destiny ^^ YAY XD

    Nice work KorganoS :)

  18. UndyingShadow Nov 27, 2004

    awesome gundam wall! the bg looks great, and the scan is very crisp and clean. great job!

  19. ultimaslair Nov 27, 2004

    Yikes. The thumbnail does suck! On full download, it looks really cool! I don't really like how the Impulse Gundam looks, to me, it seems wierd. But your wall is cool. Really good job on the stars, and I like how you implements the salletelites. The starfield is cool though, I like the lightbeam and all. Great job!

  20. Evanrued Nov 27, 2004

    This one looks really interesting, the backround is really well done. Very nice work KorganoS!

  21. jackalx66 Nov 27, 2004

    lol korgie
    u use that bg ^^'
    very nice addition i must say
    +fav for nice composition
    try add another gundam mecha ^^
    but imho u must change the color of it, maybe blue coz impulse is matching with blue
    thx for ur effort and share it in here
    *9.5* degrade ur point coz ur make with same bg XD j.k j.k

  22. XDarkDestinyX Nov 28, 2004

    I love the background, so lovely and nicely done~ I love it~ ^.^ And Gundam SEED Destiny could be mixed with SEED...Both are part of the same series... XP

  23. Athrun Nov 28, 2004

    Wow. This kicks the uber crap outta my SEED walls. XD O well, can't be helped since I'm lazy and all.

    It's pretty kickass how you got the satelites in there, and I love the BG. Impulse looks really great in there, great job! I'm really stunned how you got the Impulse scan is such top notch quality, really amazing... O_O

    * adds to fav

  24. white-zero Nov 28, 2004

    Woot. Awesome wall of Impulse. Definitely go into my favs. :)

    Great work, Korgano!

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