Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny Wallpaper: S h i n A s u k a ~ 2nd V.

Sunrise (Studio), Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny, Shinn Asuka Wallpaper

1280x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

So guys and girls!
I saw the nice poster of GS Mobile Suit and I think i will put it in my room ^_^!

Also this is the second version again ^^"

hope you like it. I would really appreciate it if you would add it to your fav's XD

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  1. Gamefish Nov 08, 2004

    well.. ok... because it's you XD ... *favs*... I still don't really see what the difference is between this second version and the first though ^_^'

  2. chibikko Nov 08, 2004

    Quote by Gamefishwell.. ok... because it's you XD ... *favs*... I still don't really see what the difference is between this second version and the first though ^_^'

    it's shin asuka now XD not athrun whatever. yeah... nice kanti-chan, the sweet lil icecream planet in the background is my favorite thingy

  3. chrno Nov 08, 2004

    I will hit you hina someday!!!!!!!!!!!!

    @gamefish the black planet isn't there now and I added some little snow flakes or whatever they might be lol

  4. Athrun Nov 08, 2004


    Great job! I really like it! Though it would be cooler w/ Impulse in there. lol

  5. jackalx66 Nov 08, 2004

    so u change the chara
    add some impulse gundam would be nice idea
    thx for ur effort and share it in here
    keep it on.ok

  6. KorganoS Nov 08, 2004

    Very nice... the clouds look like fluffy candy-floss XD
    and the moon looks like a scoop of ice-cream ^^ *runs away* ((((o^^)o
    anyways.... it's very cool... hard to find good Shinn wallie around... so this one is worth a fav, I think... ^^

  7. Val3f0r Nov 08, 2004

    Mehhh yeah.... I think I did comment on your previous version but still it looks really great XD the background is awesome and the effect on his hand ^^ great work chrno ^^

  8. rojacol Nov 08, 2004

    the background looks just great! ^^ i like the way it looks ^^ nicely done :D

  9. semanga Nov 08, 2004

    also nice

  10. lildragon07 Nov 08, 2004

    Very nice. Shin is a cutie! I really like how the cloud background looks.

  11. yoshball Nov 08, 2004

    I think I still like your first one better, but this one is high quality as well. Good job!

  12. Osiris Retired Moderator Nov 08, 2004

    ROFL @ "gundam osi destined for kawaii girls" XD

    i think the second version roxorz. Love how you gave him super powers XD

  13. kai Nov 09, 2004

    omg.....this wall is really nice. Especially the pic you used. Its so cool.... :o ... :D

  14. Quistis88 Nov 10, 2004

    This wallpaper is really well done. I haven't seen GS, but at least the art looks nice. :)

  15. Noctum Nov 10, 2004

    I don't know if the roughness of the character picture is there on purpose, but it doesn't go too well with the smooth nebula bg. :\

  16. Sorceres00 Nov 11, 2004

    Look very good chrno :D those clouds are amazing ^.^
    this ver is better (i think so :P), you're always searching for new techniques :)

  17. naito Dec 01, 2004

    Chrono thanks for the great wallie of shin. XD I love the BG that you used.XD

  18. amog Dec 08, 2004

    Gotta love Shin's pose. It's so stylish! That's his seed on his hand, then? I guess its red...not that far in the series yet. Harhar.

  19. raxis Jan 24, 2005

    Shinn is sooo cool!! ^^
    i like the bg too

  20. Cielo-Plus Mar 31, 2005

    shinn kun looks so...so...arg i'm even don't have a word to it!>_<
    but you did a great work~!
    the BG pretty 2 -fav-!*-*

  21. shikisai May 26, 2005

    Shinn, the cutest badass in the world XD
    Thanks for the wall!

  22. Auelneider15 Jul 30, 2005

    Shinn look cool!!!!!!!!And handsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. triste Aug 06, 2005

    That is such a pretty Shinn wallpaper! I especially love the background. It looks awesome!

  24. InuYashaspal4ever Aug 25, 2005

    whoa! That is so good!! Excellent Job! I can't beleive how good it looks! Keep up the great work!

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