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heya mina^__^!
when a night become a nightmare....its my new wallie:"night of fire"!i know the title is perhaps strange^^ but because of "sadness expression"of this chara...and my idea of fire!
made this wp with photoshop 7(as always)
I hope you like this one!

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  1. belmikry Retired Moderator Nov 19, 2004

    ohhh i love it kenzotsuke!! XD *sorry about having twenty million FAVS too- my computer was acting up! *gomen nasai!!!* ^_^'...

    i love the colours.... you're so good at this! XD

  2. dans Nov 19, 2004

    wooaaaa...... this is really good.
    the bg is awesome and the scan is clean.
    but the text is.... odd. can't see it clearly.
    *two thumbs up* you got a fav. :D

  3. akai Nov 19, 2004

    It's very pretty.... it's almost flawless. I like it. ^______^
    XD *favs*

  4. darksaberx88 Nov 19, 2004

    Ooooo Wow love the scan its awesome also love the background its cool i will add it 2 my fav....^^

  5. winterlilac09 Nov 19, 2004

    wow.... this is a very nicely done wallpaper. another masterpiece from you, i see. ^.~ anyway, this wall could not be more perfect. and yes, i do love the deep expressions of sorrow that are embedded within her eyes and her face. simply beautiful and it seems deep. the character you chose was certainly a very nice choice for this particular wall. furthermore, the background is also quite spectacular. I myself love fire. The way it glows and the way the flames dance and flicker about; how could one not stand to admire its beauty? I also love the way you made it so that the fire is burning threatentingly in the midst of the night. splendid not to mention, brilliant concept. last but not least, the colors also fit and blend together very nicely and unlike a few other walls, the font doesn't seem that much out of place either.

    A definite fav for me. ^^

  6. euna Retired Moderator Nov 19, 2004

    Awesome.... *euna's speechless*
    It's a stunning wallpaper. I luv the scan and the bg looks great too.
    The moon is particularly pretty.... and the firey effects on the left is just cool.
    Wonderful wallpaper Ken-chan (your name's too long, so I'll shorten it... !! ^_^)

  7. icom158 Nov 19, 2004

    Absolutely Stunning. Background goes together perfectly. Great transistion from the left to the right.

  8. white-zero Nov 19, 2004

    Damn...you...Kenzo... ^_^'

    Must...add...to fav...



    Someday, you have_to_teach me on doing these awesome walls.

  9. Sereneness Nov 19, 2004

    Caught my eye right away :). The character blends nicely with your background. For the sake of some type of criticism (because there is always room for improvement :P) some parts of the ends of the hair isn't edited as smoothly as the rest. Other than that, great wallpaper :) refreshing to see something different than usual.

  10. PikaMoon Nov 19, 2004

    XD Wow! LuvLuv!!! Amazing. Truly amazing and simply beautiful!!! I especially luv the background! Thanks so much for the wallpaper. favie!!! :D

  11. TheRavenIsUnSkill Nov 19, 2004

    This is beautiful. Extremely well done, Ken! The bg effects are sweet, I needta learn how to do that. And the scan looks awesome too, howd ya get it so smooth? o_o;;;

    +fav+download. ^_^ V

    Cya later! XD

  12. Elie Banned Member Nov 19, 2004

    Yeah yeah yeah il es trop beau meme si il n'es pas au nom du groupe tu la tres bien reussi comme tout les autres c'est vraiment du bon boulo + fav

  13. kirjava Nov 19, 2004

    Wow, awesome wall! I really like how you did the background, it looks great!

  14. Jormungand Nov 19, 2004

    Oooo.. Kenzo~! :D Your wallies are great as always... great scan, amazing background..
    It's interesting that the wallie seems to have two themes.. calm dark blue on the left, and that delicious looking fire effects on the right @_@ great transition in between the two...
    definitely a fav ^__^

  15. spikespiegel Nov 19, 2004

    wow cool, or should i say hot ^_^.Lovin those flames in the bg and the moon it all fits together rather nicely.Another kewl wall an another fav too ^_^.

  16. afan Nov 19, 2004

    Man! I can always count on you to make hella good walls
    and to make mine look like crap! XD ^_^'
    Nice fire! The contrast between sky and fire
    is too great though, in my opinion. Nice :)
    +faving time!

  17. Saranbaatar Nov 19, 2004

    wow this one is amazing ^^ *fav*

    very very nice man nice colours :) *puts on desktop also*

  18. Kyuzo1 Nov 19, 2004

    :o wow. That wallpaper is awesome Kenzotsuke. I love it. The bg is amazing. Great job!!! :)

  19. ange-argente Nov 19, 2004

    Wow, looks like everyone's said it all... "wow"!!! No, really, another masterpiece from a master. Amazing. I love how wall moves from dark, calm colors on one side to the bright flames on the other. And the character works really great in wall. It's spectacular. And a first for me - I actually really like the text you used. It's a lovely font. What is it?!?!?!

    Anywho, super job. Hope to see more from you in the future!!!!

  20. UndyingShadow Nov 19, 2004

    wow thats an amazing bg, and I like how you contrasted the colors, they look great. btw, thats a damn sexy image

  21. diyo Nov 19, 2004

    XD XD
    One more fav... It's great again. Anyway, it's always great with your walls.
    The choice of colors are perfect here and the chara is wonderfull. The fire effect is really realistic. Just love it!
    +fav XD

  22. ikashi Nov 19, 2004

    whats your secret??yours walls are so great!someday, you have to teach me!!!!
    awesome wall as always,and a fav as always :D

  23. shanx Nov 19, 2004

    wooaaaa...... this is really good.
    the bg is awesome and the scan is clean.

  24. alucard242 Nov 19, 2004

    I like the background in fire (and offcours the girl too :D )

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