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Progress: http://kuryuki.tumblr.com/post/34735129629
Attempted to make more complex backgrounds~I'm truly surprised I finished this within a week x.x lots of lagging/freezing/unresponding from SAI though D:
just stereotypical witch and pumpkins haha xD it was fun making though~


Chosen by CyanideBlizzard and fireflywishes

"Kuryuki gets into the festive spirit with a top-notch piece. Demonstrating fantastic line work, shading, and coloring, combined with a plethora of detail and creativity, the only wonder one can be left with is how it was completed in such a short duration of time." -CyanideBlizzard

Proposed by CyanideBlizzard and highlighted by fireflywishes.

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  1. fireflywishes Retired Moderator Nov 01, 2012

    I love the layering of colors, and just the overall palette of colors you used. They really add to the piece and make it anything BUT a typical Halloween piece.

  2. CyanideBlizzard Retired Moderator Nov 01, 2012

    So I feel comfortable in saying that this is probably by far the sexiest piece you've produced. Sexiest as in it's by far your strongest piece to date.

    Let's break this festive piece down a bit. First off, I really like the fact that you really had fun with this piece. It's got a whimsical nature to it with the way you chose to position the girl as well as the random accessories you've got in there. I'm especially a huge fan of the fact that you made her gorgeous hair spread out as if it were a blanket or a sheet. It's engulfing part of the bed and with the waves in it, it looks like a sea. I seriously cannot stress how much I love that. I also really love the fact that, proportionally, she's spot on. I especially love how your work always goes more towards that realistic side of things, and that witch outfit is rather cute with those textures and design. However, it's the eyes that I find myself going to right after the hair and before the dress. Those eyes are hauntingly gorgeous. I can't stress enough how important I find eyes to be in a good piece, and these eyes are especially captivating.

    So I could spend far more time than desired talking about the girl and how beautifully she's been drawn, but let's talk about this background. You went for something far more different than normal, and it paid off completely. I love the candy that is just scattered everywhere and going with something like Nerds all over the place, I can only imagine how time consuming it must of been to draw all of that coming out of several of the pumpkins. Which, by the way, I really love. I also really appreciate how you made each of the pumpkins different, and with the bandages on one and the witches hat upon another, it looks as if even the pumpkins themselves are getting into the festive spirit of everything. Then there's the cats. Hooray for adding cats! The only thing i can really say is the white one's eyes scare me, but I sort of like that because it gets into the spirit of the whole piece itself. Ultimately, they're well drawn and considering the size, they look rather good too. It's sort of surprising how many artists are great at drawing people, but can draw some really poor cats and you did a good job with them!

    Seriously, I can talk more about this piece, since I didn't cover the curtains either, but I don't need to say anymore. It's a gorgeous looking Halloween piece and I'm extremely impressed that not only were you able to get this completed in such a short period of time, but by the level your work has increased. You get more and more talented with each piece. I should try to get your autograph before you become famous. Fantastic work!

  3. AnGeeChan Nov 02, 2012

    Awesome piece! I love the colors and composition, not mention that cute kitty on the pumpkin xD it seems to be your best work so far so keep it on! we wait for more!^_^

  4. nekolalugo Restricted Member Nov 03, 2012

    so beautiful picutre^^
    i like it.. great job

  5. orange-lisa Nov 04, 2012

    So nice! I really love the whole composition, especially the position of the girl, with that beautiful hair that spread around her head.The colors are wonderful, they give the impression of thousand bright lights and shadows, as if the image was reflected by a kaleidoscope. Works featuring Halloween are usually dark, but this is not, the girl and the pumpkins are so luminous! And still there is the mood of the night of spirits, perhaps due to the presence of pumpkins, perhaps for the dark curtains of the background that seem to hide something. Wonderful work!

  6. hayashinomura Nov 11, 2012

    really a fantastic work XD
    I really love the color on this one <3
    the progress looks awesome too
    GREAT JOB Kuryuki-chan <3
    and congrats on the highlight XD

  7. atashi07 Nov 16, 2012

    great job! I love the colors!

  8. linsiwen Feb 19, 2013

    The picture is very beautiful, I want to learn color to have a look

  9. riho88riho Feb 20, 2013

    I can't help but say I love this image... I love your use of color and just the overall style. Amazing job ^-^

  10. skye May 05, 2013

    woah the progress shots 8d
    thats awesome!
    i wonder why i never seen that b4 kury OoO!
    i love the way u colour and draw~

  11. fidiou May 13, 2013

    Very lovely colors, good making!

  12. Cirru Oct 27, 2013

    The kitty on top of the pumpkin is so cute. : ) Her hair kind of merges with the color of the floor? (not sure if the floor is orange or her hair is spread out all over the floor) Are her arms underneath the purple fabric? They just seem to disappear.

  13. MandynhaNxJackson Apr 23, 2014

    fantastic !
    awesome !
    Perfect !

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