Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Wallpaper: ::Syaoran X3::

CLAMP, Bee Train, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, Syaoran Li Wallpaper
CLAMP Mangaka Bee Train Studio Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Series,OVA Syaoran Li Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

O.O this is one of my fastest walls made in the past 6 months x_x;; 4 hours all together. I guess, if I calculated nicely X3
I got this scan from MT. Now who was it so posted this scan. I guess it's Marissa or someone. XD well, anyways thanks for the lovely scan!! X3


>o<;; I just thought I had to update my site more often by now since it's the end year school holidays, so maybe I'll just wall something <3 Now that's Syaoran from Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle. The manga's pretty good XD too bad I didn't read the whole thing =/ I can't find it anywhere else, if you guys have the link of its manga/scanlation, I hope you can provide it to me ^_^
I did a little re-cging in this scan. Not much but yeah, still some parts need to be cleaned up. The stoned so called.. 'wall'.. :S I just followed the details from the scan itself. Gah the feathers, it's bad is it? >_> Can't find any good feather brush around.. So I simply made the feathers myself using the brush & smudge tool >_< The colours are fine right? O_o... same reason, if the colour scheme's bad ^_^' Nyahh~

tree brushes from Shinta's sitey!! www.imanimetions.net
moon tutorial from www.dual-anime.com XD

More resolutions can be found in www.digikb.tk ^_^

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  1. euna Retired Moderator Nov 14, 2004

    Beautiful work of art Yumi-chan!!
    Beautiful bg and the feathers look so nice~~ "fluffy~~~"
    \I luv the shooting stars and the whole wallpaper. *fav*

  2. egnirys Nov 14, 2004

    Ahh, it's so pretty. I really like the shooting stars effect in the background. Very nice. I know where some good feather brushes are if you want them. Just send me a message/pm and I'll get the link. I know it's around somewhere. ^_^'

  3. Frosty Nov 14, 2004

    ooo pretty lol. ^^
    the bg is very nice, matches with the scan character very well. ^^
    and the fog and feather also makes a nice finishing touch. ^^
    a and + fav for a nice wallie. ^^ good job little Yumi-Chan ^^

  4. Justinus Nov 14, 2004

    Nice wallpaper. I like the font type, which you selected to use in this wallpaper.

  5. Septillion Nov 14, 2004

    waahhhh this ish pretty!!! nice work, the background looks great. i like the composition of this wall. the trees looks very good, i like the blue colour of the night. the brick wall however i feel doesn't really belong but it doesn't look bad or anything. great work^^

  6. Keltosh Retired Moderator Nov 14, 2004

    Ohhh nice wallpaper Yumi chan *huggles little sister :D* And you did it so fast :D
    But.. but.. I liked your previous avatar better XD

  7. rory07 Nov 14, 2004

    wow very beautiful
    like the design and the bright patches along with the choice of text very nice!
    and the background is extremely good bg reminds me of some of irixs work which is a good thing as he is very talented along with yourself.
    nice job

  8. KorganoS Nov 14, 2004

    Awesome wallie, Yumi-chan! XD I love it soo much...
    the bg work is excellent... nice shooting stars, and the feathers look fluffy..
    the color is perfect match too!
    *adds to favorite*
    oh, you've changed your ava... ^^ very cute indeed!

  9. kai Nov 14, 2004

    That looks really cool. Reallu like that pic o syaoran. The backgrounds nice too. :D

  10. Okuzim Nov 14, 2004

    It's must be fav ^^ ... Cool and beautiful wall . Those tree are great , love the wing and feathers ...xd

  11. Limality Nov 14, 2004

    The background is just amazing and i like the effects :D the mooon is tight and star bg has a tad to much stars on it but thats allright though :D I really like the scan O_O [me will wall one of those sometime]

    Scan: 10
    Background: 8.5
    fx: 8.0
    Typography: 10
    Overall Feeling: 9.0 (^_^) V

    hehe cya around !

  12. Nayako Nov 14, 2004

    Great wall!!
    I like the chara and bg is so beautiful!! XD
    Nice work!!

  13. jackalx66 Nov 14, 2004

    woa another great wall
    nicely done yumi :)
    the BG is nice
    the chara too
    thx for ur effort and share it in here

  14. YoukoxLover Nov 14, 2004

    O_O; .. hez too sexy! *-*... LOLz~ .. um.. lovely bg!!~<3 i wuv the moon nd stars ;_; .. *stares at syaoran* .. this wallie wouldve been better if he was naked! *-*'' .. heheh.. i wuv the wings~<333 .. *steals syaoran* mine! ^-^... nice job yuuuuuumi-chan! +fav~!!

  15. Asahi Nov 14, 2004

    hiyeah yumi-chan ^^

    very nice wallpaper work i like the fog in the front of him and the white feather around him . they look so softly. keep it up =)

  16. recca Nov 14, 2004

    What can i say ...
    It's really a grat wall, the background and the char fit perfectly

  17. ayanechan Nov 14, 2004

    nyaha~! nice nice =D but *poke* are all the feathers that u did ..the same size? o_O nyaha~! u should make some of 'em smaller that others.. just a few.. i mean.. make the size diffy bigger so that it's more visible.. other than that >.> great wallie once again~ and over and over and over and over x100000000000000000000000000000 =P

  18. ayanechan Nov 14, 2004

    nyaha~! nice nice =D but *poke* are all the feathers that u did ..the same size? o_O nyaha~! u should make some of 'em smaller that others.. just a few.. i mean.. make the size diffy bigger so that it's more visible.. other than that >.> great wallie once again~ and over and over and over and over x100000000000000000000000000000 =P

  19. tAtEkAnE Nov 14, 2004

    it looks good yumi XD but i think it would be more beneficial for the wall if ya added some color on the sky or in the comets, well that's just me XD anyhoo good job for a 4 hour wall

  20. ShiroiLina Nov 14, 2004

    very very very very nice wall Yumi-Chan! i love how u made the feathers, theyr soooooo soft! lovely bg! keep it up!!! :D :D

  21. DarkEVO Nov 14, 2004

    Wah, I thought you were playing gunbound on the Net and yet create the wallpaper at the same time. LOL.

    It's a good wallpaper. Love it. Good concept and theme. I love the theme.

    You should see my Tsubasa wallpaper as well. Let's compare. v -_- v

  22. Furikuu Nov 14, 2004

    For a 4 hour job that's impressive :3 I'd agree with Septillion, the brick wall could be better, maybe overlay some texture? I like the treeline and composition. The moon is well-done too :D

  23. GaiJiN Nov 14, 2004

    Wow ! This wall belongs to the best ones Yumi-chan ! 4 hours o_O that's really amazing. The background is so well done, I love everything excepts the wall which could use a bit more texture. The feathers look good too ! But the whole composition is just amazing XD !

  24. Osiris Retired Moderator Nov 14, 2004

    pretty kewl for 4 hours *_*

    i like the moon..the tree..the shooting stars...and scan rozorz XP

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