Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Wallpaper: Tsubasa R.C. [Everlone]

CLAMP, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, Syaoran Li Wallpaper
CLAMP Mangaka Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Series,OVA Syaoran Li Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Dedicate this wall to All clamp fans.

So in this event i Re-cged a quarter part of Syaoran's wing and practically imagined the whole thing. Tried to give that loneliness mix in the park scene and describes what im feeling right now...out of place and in anohter state of mind....Lots of duplication, overlayed, blending and experimanting especially the lights which i loved most....
Also kudos to Marissa for the scan she put on MT.

So all in all 48 layers in total and 9 hours of work...

Hope you like!

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  1. Tirdaelyn Oct 17, 2004

    Wow! That is one thing I can say. This is a totally cool wallpaper. I think it is one I have to add to my fav list, cause I really like this one. Oh and of course... *does a happy first comment dance.*

  2. chibikko Oct 17, 2004

    wooow this is really beautiful, the bg, the character, the colors, simply everything! i love this wallpaper! ~add to fav

  3. KorganoS Oct 17, 2004

    Oh wow..Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles.....and this is very cool wallie of Syaoran.... I love it ^^ well done...
    Keep up the great work!! +fav

  4. Miyu-DX Oct 17, 2004

    Wuah! A Great Wallpaper
    nothing more can be said about this wallpaper, its perfectly done :D

  5. exentric Oct 17, 2004

    its sad all tsubasa scans are like that.
    well it is a manga scans.
    nice work~
    I like it. ^.^

  6. KohakuXP Oct 17, 2004

    The texts match with the background.. ^^ Too bad its a manga scan though.

  7. Limality Oct 17, 2004

    Heya OracleAngel long time no see ey? :D

    okay, here i go:


    // The background is very nice with that moon in the background and the lamps and the lights. I can't see anything wrong here and i really like the work you did here//



    // I'm sorry but I couldn't get friends with the Manga scan, the colors are so erm hmm "Unlively" maybe try, if u use another manga scan next time, to liven up the colors a bit ;) the extraction of the scan has no flaws so...//



    // Overall nice lighting effects and glowing things ^^ its nicely balanced and makes the mood seem smooth =); Though I like the effects their not "Off d4 hook" ya know what I'm saying? ;)



    // This is a really nice wallpaper to enjoy on your desktop if you dont mind the scan beeing not so good... //




    // The typography fits very well and has this nice glowing to it :P //


  8. chunli61 Oct 17, 2004

    nice work!!! :D i like the background alot :D looks really good for a manga scan :D

  9. Septillion Oct 17, 2004

    *stares*..............crap!!!!! that is one grogeous wall!! i especially love the street lamps!! oh this is beautiful!! everything looks so well together. you really did an amazing job!! :D :D

  10. candy-chan Retired Moderator Oct 17, 2004

    zomg i cant beleive u walled that sexy syaoran scan ;_; you did really well, great

  11. UndyingShadow Oct 17, 2004

    Awesome wall Oracle, the bg is nicely done, and the wings look great. The scan quality is a bit bleah, but you worked around it well.

  12. ColdBlue Oct 17, 2004

    The scan is great and I like the background very much!
    Nice work!

  13. Spriggan Oct 17, 2004

    hum don't know much about clamp but this charactere look really cool and the art is quite cool too and introduce in your awesome bg , that just give him a better impression!! great job again... :)

  14. crapmonster Oct 17, 2004

    ah overall awesome job on this but one liittle prob i find is that strip of black at the top looks kinda wierd.

  15. polar Oct 17, 2004

    wow~~~~~~beautiful wall
    even a non clamp fan like me has to admit it looks really great :D

  16. biriwilg Retired Moderator Oct 17, 2004

    Beautiful, just beautiful! ^_^ Syaoran looks so sad and cold, waiting for Sakura there. The atmosphere is perfect! ^^

  17. halcyonTwilight Oct 17, 2004

    I always wanted to see this scan walled ^^ Love the work you did on the scan and the bg. The lamps and the planet look a bit sharp compared to the scan, but other than that really nice work :) Love the wall :D !!

  18. Foolish-ishness Oct 17, 2004

    Thats such a beautiful wallpaper, Oracle. :D

    The only thing I don't like are the lamp posts, they look a little too 2D, y'know? :\

  19. darkwaterbunny Oct 17, 2004

    *blown away* This is so nice!! XD XD wow, I love the background and effects! Everything fits together nicely, it really looks like Syoran is just sitting there waiting for Sakura...
    I think that everything goes together very nicely ^-^

  20. Angelette Oct 17, 2004

    Great color scheme and atmosphere! Just feel the planet is too blurry. I guess I just don't like blurry things >_<;;

  21. sammo Retired Moderator Oct 17, 2004

    stop making awesome walls OA XD makes me jealous, this is such a nice wall asking for a +fav, hahaha

  22. Quistis88 Oct 17, 2004

    Absolutely amazing. I like the way the wings turned out in the end. Wonderful work. :)

  23. broken-dreamz Oct 18, 2004

    waii that syaoran picture ish sho beautiful! I like all the graphics you did X]

  24. shyxsakura Retired Moderator Oct 18, 2004

    ^o^ hewwwoooo anngeeelll and syao~<33






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