Sister Princess Wallpaper: Sky Above

Naoto Tenhiro, Sister Princess, Hinako Wallpaper
Naoto Tenhiro Mangaka Sister Princess Series Hinako Character

1024x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

My first wall after a week and 2 days '_'U

Scan is from Minitokyo, submitted by KohakuXP (<3333). Original Picture [ http://gallery.minitokyo.net/view/15820/ ] Sparkle brush from [ http://ningen.nattoli.net/ ]

The character is Hinako from Sister Princess. Honestly, this was one of the most beautiful pictures of the Sister Princess in the whole thing and the most time consuming to fix XO Now extracting was very very easy, the hard part? CGING XO First the wings were cut off, so bye bye wings XD Then, the tips of the wings were still on the dress and I had to re-cg that -_- Then the bubble had ribbons and the remainder of the wings so i had to make a new bubble XO Then the cut off lines had to be redone BY HAND (more like the polygon tool and the line tool )! Cause the pen tool is seriously out to get me o_o

I tried all the new things on it too XD Like magic circles and little glowing swirls but then normal sparkles were so pretty *___* Well enough rambling, I hope you enjoy this wall~!

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  1. Jenichan Nov 07, 2004

    Awww! very cute! I love the bubbles, and the background colors are pretty, but a little light! Very nice! =)

  2. pinkdoremi Nov 07, 2004

    aww... its so pretty ^__^ the bg looks great, all the colours are mixed in really really well ^.^
    excellent job re-cging the scan too :D the whole wallie gives out such a dreamy feeling ^-^

  3. broken-dreamz Nov 07, 2004

    waiiiiiii twinneeechyaaaan =D ish sho verrry talented in making wallpapers hmm...twinneechyan XP funnie words nanana aw well ^o^ greeat worrrkie =)

  4. Justinus Nov 07, 2004

    Very nice for your effort cutting her wings off like this. Hard to see the the trace. The bubble looks pretty good, too!

  5. euna Retired Moderator Nov 07, 2004

    Weeee~~~ Piyo makes another wallie~~~
    How on earth did you do that bubble??? Looks so pretty and the scan's really good...
    Excellent wallpaper Piyo-chan!! *fav*

  6. jingjing1208 Nov 07, 2004

    Yeah,a new wall from Piyo!!!!!!This one is so cute!!!!!!^^
    And the bg is very nice too,and it matchs the girl very well,the wall looks so great!!!!^^
    It's a fave for me!!!Love your work!Keep it up!!!!^^ :D

  7. Susan-chan Nov 07, 2004

    really cute^^ i especially like the background^^ nice soft colors^^

  8. semanga Nov 07, 2004

    ohhhh it looks so wonderful ..... thats true now you are one of the greatest waller here in mt... I love all your works.. and this is my new fav from you ...I am so jealous that you make so graet walls... but is it ok cuz you are my sweet friend :D

  9. Natsu Nov 07, 2004

    beautiful!!! XD XD

  10. frozenwilderness Nov 07, 2004

    Meloves your bright preeeetttyyyy walls XD :o Lovely work as always ^^

  11. Osiris Retired Moderator Nov 07, 2004

    oo i love the soft colors used ^___^

  12. Val3f0r Nov 08, 2004

    eh... XD very very nice colour on the background... its so pretty... really beautiful... and she's kawaii XD lovely work as usual Piyo-chan XD

  13. CyanideBlizzard Retired Moderator Nov 08, 2004

    O.o How did you know my stomach was bothering me? Are you spying on me? O.o =P. Hehehe anyways hooray! More work from Piyo-chan! I'm so happy *rejoices* Very interesting style too.....You combined your angelic type background style with something different.......and I really like it! It looks really freggin' good I really love the lighting job you've done (as per usually it doesn't surprize me how beautiful the lighting is) Beautiful scan I MUST say thats one gorgeous scan to put into this background to make the overall BG look simply outstanding. All in all, I love it. What can I say? Piyo-chan you do some amazing things. Favorite for me.

  14. ariessaintmu Nov 08, 2004

    whooaaw i like the Background a lot , the effect is so perfect, tha girls looks good, thanks for it

  15. SVZ Nov 08, 2004

    Wowee, this looks beautiful! It looks so dreamy and happy. ^_^ I think of it as a perfect Spring and Summer wall (summer... oh how dearly I miss it! XD I'm freezing my butt off because it's 32 degrees F outside). I would have never guess she had wings! Lovely job on the cutting and editing. ^^

    Ooh... bubbles... *goes chases after them*

  16. halcyonTwilight Nov 09, 2004

    Love this wall XD Looks like you're outwalling me like crazy....but that's no surprise :D Anyways, love the colors and the bubbles ^^ And really nice work with working on the scan too :D !!!

    +fav ^____^

  17. ChikageHiwatari Nov 20, 2004

    ayaaaaaaaaaaaa!!hinako chan kawaiiii!!!this picture is so shining and bright!!!i love it the most!!!

  18. aue101 Nov 24, 2004

    Wow.......the one really catch my eyes......!!!
    Beautiful background and the character really mixed into the theme..
    Very good execution.

  19. bandgirl Dec 04, 2004

    so cute!!! :d
    i love the colors you use in the bg and the bubbles you added look really nice :). The scan is really pretty too *adds to favs*. nice work Piyo ^^

  20. Blade2086 Banned Member Dec 20, 2004

    wooooow this looks sooo cute, i like it very much, The background is complex and very unique!

  21. evykurayami Jan 17, 2005

    kkaaawwwaaaiiiiii... Nyyahhhahhhhh... It's super super cute... Lovely wallpaper... You've made a great job on it!!! :o ^_^' OX


  22. kannon82 Mute Member Mar 18, 2005

    Quote by eunasahngWeeee~~~ Piyo makes another wallie~~~
    How on earth did you do that bubble??? Looks so pretty and the scan's really good...
    Excellent wallpaper Piyo-chan!! *fav*

    k bonitos ojos tiene o_o!!!

  23. Nanaho Jun 23, 2005

    >________________________________<~ lovely pic !!!

    nice and so cute very very much ^0^~

    thx u

  24. keroandsuppy Aug 21, 2005

    Woh sooo great its really great because its really bright Hinako looks very sweet in that picture ^.^

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