Sister Princess Wallpaper: ~ Smile for me ~

Naoto Tenhiro, Sister Princess, Mamoru Wallpaper
Naoto Tenhiro Mangaka Sister Princess Series Mamoru Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Featuring a cute girl from Hiro Suzuhira (the category of the scan was 'Sister Princess' but I'm not so sure (haven't watched SisPri yet T_T ), so I put it under the respective artist's category.)
I got the scan from here... thanks to DarkVirus for this lovely scan
No 'moons and stars' this time ^_^' ... because it's my first 'Daytime' themed wallie,... and this wallpaper is a result of my practising with newfound skills in making daytime outdoor sceneries. You might find it rather weird, or having lots of errors, but, hey, practice makes perfect,isn't it? XD

Now for the fun part :
- Everything is made by fully utilizing Adobe Photoshop's brushes and effects, and was made from total scratch, except for the scan, of course...
so, no 3D rendering program were used (the bg was the longest part to make >_< )
- It took about 10 hours of work, involving approximately 10 layers of lighting, 10 layers of shadows, 20 layers of details and foliages, and many more layers for the objects
- I use no reference image for the bg scenery XD lol.. I guess this is pretty much what I had in my mind back then...

As for the title, I was inspired by Saki's motto ... thanks Saki!! ^^

- UPDATED - Better contrast, less foggy/smoky and fixed the squiggly thingie ^^
-UPDATE 2 - Other resolutions can be found at [ F R A G M E N T S ]
all comments and suggestions are welcome ... :D

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Browse Sister Princess Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. UndyingShadow Oct 28, 2004

    wow beeeauutiful bg, you did a great job on this. the water and the mountains look great! awesome walll!

  2. Devilet Oct 28, 2004

    yay! at last!
    Was waiting for this for a loooong time now XD
    hey, it's pretty good, as expected from Korgie~
    Only thing that looks weird is it looks to be a little smokey, I guess that was on purpose, but the background is done well, and the tree is nice, love the grass too.. aww, and the butterflies.. kawaii!
    Excellent work Korgie ^^ fav+

  3. XesT Oct 28, 2004

    ^________^ smiling for you aya XD great work! so many layers so many time >.< and the result is awesome!
    love it
    you are one of the rare persones who can draw trees XD

  4. diyo Oct 28, 2004

    Another great wall from KorganoS^^
    Of course it's a fav!
    The character is nice and the backround is... wonderfull !!!
    Thank you for this great work :)

  5. DarkSith Oct 28, 2004

    YES !! Another one from KorganoS :) It's a very nice wallpaper. I like the background and the scene.

    Nice work :)

  6. DaAsian Oct 28, 2004

    I'm lost for words on this O_O. You put alot of effort into this. A job greatly done. the scenery you imagine came out remarkable to fit so well with the scan. Two-Thumbs from me and is gonna go on my favs.
    Thanks for sharing your work with us all XD

  7. neko-chan Oct 28, 2004

    Very cute girl!!The sakura trees and the butterflies are nice too!!
    Add to fav!!

  8. defrax- Oct 28, 2004

    you must be some sort of wallpaper making machine...lol :nya:

    Kudos to you buddy...I have a big respect for people who can pull backgrounds outta thier minds like that. Damn fine tree by the way :D

    For some odd reason, and I can't think of why...the grass stands out and doesn't seem to fit. Also I'm not sure about those squigly lines under the text...it looks like they were meant for a corner, but then you moved it to the centre and so they're all cut off and stuff :\

    Anyways, I can definetly appreciate how much work you put into this one...great work :)


  9. DarkParagon Oct 28, 2004

    I think this is very very good :) I like the way everything comes together. My only complaint would be that I think the grass colour is too green... other than that, I really like how you added a few different plants into the grass for detail. The scan is also very crisp and clear. Really nice :)

  10. roshinku Oct 28, 2004

    Really i would like to know how you made the tree with the nice blossom x_X!!!... I like the damn background X_x.. it's so pretty.. like all the others -_-.. *sigh*. After seeing all these great walls from others, it doesn't motivate me to make a new wall, to many worries on my mind i guess, and it's that i can't make anything good anyway.. But ok really nice wall you made there and keep up the good work! thanks for sharing this wall with everyone! *favs*

  11. bandgirl Oct 28, 2004

    *_*. another stunning wall! the background is amazing :) . The scan looks great on it! I especially like the cherrie blossoms.

    this is another fav ^_^

    nice job KoreganoS-kun! :D

  12. Kozumura Oct 28, 2004

    Just Lovely, while the bg isn't all that sharp enough The scan itself is great and the lovely BG :D

  13. Kenzotsuke Oct 28, 2004

    wow wow!A nice wall as always!! your bg is very nice and so clear! the tree is really nicee!!
    a good job!!

  14. Sandy Oct 28, 2004

    Really nice efforts you put into this wallpaper! I like the Sakura tree you made and the mountains in the background.

  15. sammo Retired Moderator Oct 28, 2004

    very cool job! i love the tree, and the grass is a nice texture...the only thing is the squiggle line cruve thingy next to the text that looks cut off... good job :)

  16. baka Oct 28, 2004

    its a nice wall :)

  17. bromithia Retired Moderator Oct 28, 2004

    Why didnt I get a notification? lol, it's pretty cool! I thought you were on meh friends list :/ Oh well, it's worth a favorite. Amazing work Kor.

  18. penpen Oct 28, 2004

    Tres joli et tout simplement merci pour ce travail de chef !!!!
    Continuer comme ca pour le plus grand plaisir de tous !!!

  19. Athrun Oct 28, 2004

    OMG that's so awesome! The girl looks so cute and innocent it makes me smile and forget my shittah day today. Thanks much KorganoS! ^_^

  20. chibikko Oct 28, 2004

    kyaaaaaa cliche XD my new favorite comment. grass + water + girl hehe anyway *smiles for you* good job on this wall, is really good done

  21. darkievo Oct 28, 2004

    Haaaa....Aiayyaaaa............Huuuuu.....*crying*..................I can say a thing............just....just.....soo.....LAWAAA......(beautifull).........(...) XD

    Go! go! go! My fav too.............. XD

    Takble jadik ni...... :)

  22. Rex Oct 28, 2004

    looks amazing again kenz

    love the whole bg u've made for it
    espeically the water and the tree!

  23. Asahi Oct 28, 2004

    add to my favs.

    it is awesome work .. i envy you so much because you now the technique of making landscapes with photoshop ;___; *gnnnn*

    keep it up =)

  24. Kihiro Oct 28, 2004

    YAY! beautiful bg! i like the sky and the sun :) yea! cute girl! nice job

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