Kingdom Hearts Wallpaper: Whispers of Prophecy

Shiro Amano, Square Enix, Kingdom Hearts, Sora Wallpaper
Shiro Amano Mangaka Square Enix Studio Kingdom Hearts Game Sora Character

1024x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

This is the hardest wallpaper I have ever attempted...and after nearly 4 hours straight...it is finished. I made this more out of a self-testing more than desire to create....I wanted to see if I could push myself to the highest calibur of work. I think I came close; I don't compare to a lot of the really fantastic ones out there, but this proved to me that I could go a step above if I pushed hard enough. Anyway, I hope all you KH fans enjoy. May KH II come soon and suck away our lives with it's awesomeness!

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  1. hykyit Oct 18, 2004

    First one here to acknowledge your fine piece of art work... In my opinion, this is a nice wallpaper. Good job

  2. anael Oct 18, 2004

    woowww !! Awesome !! Greatttt wallpaper ^^ t 4 h n'ont pas servi rien le resultat est sublime !!!! excellent ^^

  3. Paolo Oct 18, 2004

    hey. thats one cool KH wall u made. must have tired u out wen u finished it.

  4. ShindouShuichi Oct 18, 2004

    whoa. This is just awesome. I like the background, and the orb is a very nice added touch. :) Awesome Job! Kingdom Hearts Rox. ^_^'

  5. KorganoS Oct 18, 2004

    ohh.... I looooove this... awesome.... ^^ you must have put a *lot* of effort in making this one... and therefore... it deserves a +fav ^^
    more please X3

  6. Cloudnine Oct 18, 2004

    Great design and concept ^^ Some more light effects surrounding sora might look better and add that extra magical detail to compliment the effects from his keyblade ^^

  7. semanga Oct 18, 2004

    looks very awesome :o :o :o :o :o :o.......................................very good work :) :D

  8. darkwaterbunny Oct 18, 2004

    looks nice ^_^ But hmmm, the only thing that has a problem is the back of his head, the hair @_@ looks like it was just pasted on. And, a little more effects around him would be good too, other than that, great job! I love it ^-^fav!

  9. Devilet Oct 18, 2004

    *bows to Riana*

    This is some fine work, you did very well in this one, all the effort and time was worth it, this definitely deserves a fav. I look forward to seeing more work from you.

  10. sammo Retired Moderator Oct 18, 2004

    oo, this is so cool! i love the little tentacle-thingy that's coming out of his key sword~ keep up the good work :D

  11. dans Oct 18, 2004

    aw.... very good. *two thumbs up*
    but i think sora could be better. :)
    deserves a fav.

  12. kanoko-witch Mute Member Oct 18, 2004

    the contrast between the BG and the scan are impressive :D really nice EFX's, good job

  13. MyrrhLynn Oct 18, 2004

    Well I really like this one! The background is cool, the picture of Sora is cool and the light tentacles coming out of the keyblade are cool! All in all a very cool wallpaper! :D I do agree with some of the other comments though that maybe a few light effects around Sora would look nice. And there are a few extraction problems with him, but it is still one of the best Kingdom Hearts wallpapers on here! +fav

  14. bromithia Retired Moderator Oct 19, 2004

    ooooh, lovely! The backround fits the image perfectly, it all works out great :1 Great job.

  15. HikariSukunami Oct 19, 2004

    Another awesome wallpaper by the talented Riana, I simply loooove it, like all of your other works!!! :D So you pushed yourself beyond your skills, huh? All that I can tell you is that I'm glad you did because we can tell that you definitely achieved it, just by looking at this work!! :) The background looks cool along with Sora that contrasted it, just like what kanoko_witch said. Sora definitely looks like a hero just by looking at the light that's surrounding him... it's a fantastic wallpaper overall and you did an awesome job as always dear Riana!! You always make impressive wallpapers!!! XD

  16. BlacK-EyE Oct 19, 2004

    hey wow that i too good... man! you are geed ^__^
    or great wat ever it just means your good... so im new to all this and i can see nothing of my pic's are going to be any good but anywayz awesome pic :)

  17. chunli61 Oct 22, 2004

    OMG kingdom hearts~!!!! XDXD i love everything! the scan of sora is very nice :D good work fave+++

  18. Caine091 Oct 24, 2004

    Whoa, that's a really nice Kingdom Hearts wallpaper. Good work!

  19. Trever Nov 01, 2004

    Im a fan of KH and i enjoy the wallaper, and im not the only one saying so, well done !! :D You must be tired after all these hours doing this wallpaper but you must be proud of the result ! ^__^ I would be. Love the background and the shining dim of light coming from the keyblade, really cooooool ! ** thumb up** youve sure got talent girl !!! Keep up, what your doing is appreciated greatly!!! :D

  20. darkmadness669 Nov 03, 2004

    Very cool.....

  21. TriTri Nov 03, 2004

    Heyas, downloaded this one, I'm probably gonna use it in the future. ^^ Great work.

  22. sleepingforest Nov 08, 2004

    great , 2 thumbs up, awesome, well done, cool, fantastic :D

  23. Jenichan Nov 08, 2004

    ooh, cool kingdom hearts wall! I like the background a lot, and the shadow effect blends it really well!

  24. Celessa Retired Moderator Nov 13, 2004

    Gah... wahhh wha?! Wow... wow... Looking up close - I was a little hestitant to add this to my fav - but now I find it pretty amazing. Shadow... hm... Maybe if he was eminating a little glow of light around him bigger than the one you have, thay would be cool.

    The spirit flow from the keyblade - simply superb. I would like to see a little more complexive imaginations off the spirit, but still very well done nonetheless. Keep up the good work!

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