Kingdom Hearts Wallpaper: One Winged Devil

Square Enix, Kingdom Hearts, Cloud Strife Wallpaper
Square Enix Studio Kingdom Hearts Game Cloud Strife Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Well, I finally got around to using the way overused image of Cloud. Yup, overused, but way to cool to not use. Anyway, pretty wierd background I made. Involves lots and lots and lots of layers, believe it or not. Just wanted it to be nice and dark...But maybe the text it overdone. I wanted it to stand out though, and it was hard deciding how subtle to make the text. If you ever played the game, that's pretty much his one line in the game. Though, I think he actually speaks thrice...

Well, enjoy.

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  1. thegunblademaster Oct 16, 2004

    hey another kick ass wall!!!

  2. Bloodlust Oct 16, 2004

    if this wasnt cloud and from kingodom hart, this one was in my favorites for sure, great composition great ambiance! you rock seriously

  3. S-SHION Oct 16, 2004

    woooow~~~~ xd
    ff VII cloud XD XD
    i like ~~ :D

  4. semanga Oct 16, 2004

    I love Cloud he is my fav of all the Final Fantasy Games. Thank you for this great wall :)

  5. Kinto Oct 16, 2004

    nice job cloud is sweet

  6. boogybro Oct 16, 2004

    Very well done wallpaper.

  7. Devilet Oct 16, 2004

    Wowie.... that's really good, I love dark wallpapers, the BG is great, and the lighting too, good work!

  8. Noctum Oct 16, 2004

    Despite the fact that you can see that the Cloud is standing in the air, I like this wallpaper a lot.
    The dark atmosphere works nicely.

  9. Satyricon Nov 07, 2004

    Whoa...amazing brushwork! The background is a perfect blend of textures, colour, opacity...The text styles are nice too!

  10. dbhCerberuS Nov 11, 2004

    yeah this is a reay cool picture i love FF and cloud is one of the greatest heros ever!!!

  11. Zerowing Nov 12, 2004

    very cool wall! Nice colors and a really good "theme" And besides...I love ffvii! lol , I'll add it to fave

  12. Angeh Nov 22, 2004

    Spiffeh! I like the darker tone, and you did the background well. Heh, this would probably my favorite wallpaper using this image.

  13. yonzzz Nov 23, 2004

    I love final fantasy seven.... especially cloud... nice job... .=p

  14. calisqo Nov 24, 2004

    Ah just realised u got this wall, this is the best work u got .
    I like the color very much not too mention how i like soft-grunge kinda looks.
    It's great has to be my fav from u

  15. kk-chan Nov 24, 2004

    Wow!!! Awesome awesome! ^^

  16. Rebel-Soul-Kaze Nov 24, 2004

    Really nice wall o.o,like Noctum say it,the dark athosphere is very kool,the only problem that i saw,is that like u said it,this image is way to used - -,but anyway,great job

  17. leeca Nov 28, 2004

    i think Cloud is really great designed in KH !! I LOVE HIM SO MUCH !! (sorry ^^)
    the one i'm looking forward to see is FF7 movie !! i hope it will be great ;)

  18. MyrrhLynn Nov 30, 2004

    Ok I swear I saw this wall before so I can't believe this is the first time I'm commenting on it! XD Personally I like this sort of grunge look you got going on here more then the 3D techish backgrounds that I've seen with this same pic. Grunge just suits Cloud better. XD

  19. Blacky016 Dec 07, 2004

    ohhhhh ehs is sooooooo sweet
    I like this wall soooooo

    Thx for this wall ^^

  20. Taylorelf Dec 08, 2004

    You know, i was just looking at side bar, saw Kingdom Hearts and went "i really want a kickass Cloud backgound....that would be awesome."

    And lo-and-behold!!! Awesome job!!! I love Cloud from KH, theat is one of my favorite parts of the game! Great job! +fav

  21. AthrunsPal Dec 24, 2004

    Cloud rox!!! awesome wall

  22. note Mute Member Jan 01, 2005

    nice work..........how do you do that?............................................................

  23. note Mute Member Jan 01, 2005

    nice work..........how do you do that?............................................................

  24. kiriska Jan 02, 2005

    This is an awesome wall...is that the Buffy The Vampire Slayer font? o_O I love the colors you used. Brown is good. :3

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