Fullmetal Alchemist Wallpaper: We'll meet again (v.2)

Hiromu Arakawa, BONES, Fullmetal Alchemist, Edward Elric Wallpaper
Hiromu Arakawa Mangaka BONES Studio Fullmetal Alchemist Series Edward Elric Character

1024x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Welcome version 2 of "We'll meet again"! XD I did enough changes to call it version 2 I think. I was really aware the wallpaper lacked something in its composition and that 3D ish tree really didn't fit at all in the background. So I redid everything but the hills and mountains. The background is inspired by Risembool. It's drawn from scratch with screen and pic references. The light source has been redefined eventually. We have now a much warmer scene that version 1. Ed's entire left leg is still redrawn. The sky is a recycled version of the one I did for my Sister Princess wall ahah... although you can't really tell because that "detailed" part was hidden behind the girl. I decided to keep the use of the PS grass at the foreground because it gives a nice contrast of details, as you go further in the distance.
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  1. Electrastar Oct 11, 2004

    I'll comment on it again and say taht I really, really really love the backround and evreything feels so peaceful.

  2. Cloudnine Oct 11, 2004

    /me faves it again ^^

    Love the scenery and the whole sunset athmosphere~~

  3. Noctum Oct 11, 2004

    Autumn is coming.

    You did a great job on the bg and the character picture fits in perfectly.
    I only wished the nearest hill had a texture to simulate grass and the tree/rock behind the character looks actually a bit too detailed in my opinion.
    Good work nevertheless. :)

  4. Dark-Tora Oct 11, 2004

    And here I am, one more time, to say that this wall is great. Ilike the color a lot.

  5. bucket-shot Oct 11, 2004

    Beautiful atmosphere. :) You've done a stunning job with the background-- sweet strokes. And that's definitely one of the best uses I've seen of the PS grass brush. XD Most of all I love the colours. Fanatstic wall.
    Oh! :nya: And nice leg reconstruction, too. Except for a slight line thickness/sharness disparity, you can't tell it's been done.
    Persevere with the submitting! :) I'm grateful to get to see this.

  6. roshinku Oct 11, 2004

    it's a real nice wallpaper nature scenes for life!! whohoo XD. *favs it*

  7. Yina Oct 11, 2004

    waaa... love the bg!!! +fav

  8. ka2 Oct 11, 2004

    great wallpaper!
    i only dislike that shadow (i think it is a shadow :P) on his face :|

  9. Chernobyll Oct 11, 2004

    Very CooL..

  10. nat Oct 11, 2004

    Going to fav this again because it's great. I see you did a little change, making it all the better ^^

  11. aikoyamada Oct 11, 2004

    Mmmm, yummy! Wonderful job with the background. Tis awesome! ^^

  12. sword Oct 11, 2004

    tree texture not as smooth as the rest of the wall but nevertheless a really good job!!

  13. euna Retired Moderator Oct 12, 2004

    looks awesome... The bg is absolutely lovely... *fav*

  14. AzNKiDoOo2 Oct 12, 2004

    Man..this wall is soo smooth and clean..one of the best walls ..i'll give it 9999999999999/10..loving your works...i hope you make more of fma..really too aweesome

  15. taste Restricted Member Oct 12, 2004

    Nice wall i like the bg and i like the seri FMA ! XD
    Add to Fav ! :)

  16. chunli61 Oct 12, 2004

    lol nice work again hehe. and fave again :D

  17. chibikko Oct 12, 2004

    woah the background is really great. and fma was awesome. great wall ashe

  18. Angelette Oct 13, 2004

    Wow, the BG is amazing!

  19. d611691 Oct 14, 2004

    Good job!!!
    I like the feeing of Ed, and the backgroud fit the atmosphere^^

  20. Val3f0r Oct 15, 2004

    teehee.. another FMA wall from Ashe... very cool looking Ed XD very nice and I love the scenery on the background ^^ the colour so calming XD

  21. hagaren17 Oct 19, 2004

    o man. you make the best hagaren wps ever~ i love the way u put ed into the bg!! so awesomeeee!! (sry for being super delayed but...!)

  22. youngdo Oct 22, 2004

    A really nice wallpaper~
    Especially the background, so beautiful~!
    Thanks for your sharing~! :D

  23. Mimy Oct 22, 2004

    Great wallpaper, i like FMA :)

  24. YSasuke Oct 22, 2004

    Very good but the shadow on ed's face is a little too bif in my opinion.

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