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For Minitokyo Knockout 2010. I didn't make it to round 2, but that's fine with me. I'm lazy. XD
inspired by Muse: Sing for Absolution, mostly the music video.

I admit I was kinda lazy with the painting, I approached it more like matte painting/concept art than as a finished piece. But yeah, my first time doing a cityscape. Though I used the music video as inspiration and reference, everything is painted freehand and mostly from imagination. I guess I could've afforded more details on the buildings, but I didn't know how. >_>

The basic idea was to have the viewer look out into the world at the horizon out of the city which the viewer is implied to be a part of. The character was not the focus at all, hence being so loosely painted, but more of a hey, this is where I live, come join the view with me, sort of thing. ;)

Photoshop+touchpad, as usual, probably about 8 hours? Yeah, I'm lazy, I know. XD

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  1. Fran Retired Moderator Apr 09, 2010

    Awesome is awesome, tofu <3

    Yay for messy painting

  2. natsucram Apr 09, 2010

    I agree that there could have been more detail on the buildings but I like the hazy atmosphere that is implied by the messy painting :D It makes it more abstract (in a good way)

  3. multiple-papercuts Apr 09, 2010

    What I really like about this piece is how the character is like, "Yup, this is where I live." And then I, being the person he's talking to, would pan sideways and check out the awesome cityscape! Haha, blots of pseudo-windows may have added some simple detail to the buildings. I really like the sky too.

  4. pi3drita-14 Apr 09, 2010

    lo que me gusta de esta imagen son los edificios con la niebla

  5. TsundereChidori Apr 09, 2010

    Good job! Thanks for sharing.

  6. MapleRose Retired Moderator Apr 09, 2010

    lol it's a very Tofu wall for sure ^__^ I think what drew me most to the wall is the sky, love the lighting, like a dawn of a new day over the city. I also like the idea, it's like the person is showing you the city as a guide sort of

    The clouds are nice, but look a bit unfinished and kinda rough (esp compared to the cloud in some of your other works). The city itself also lack some details and depth.

  7. chrisp Apr 09, 2010

    hai hai i agree with maple! A TOFU WALL for sure!
    me really really likes it a lot >D i love the sky...i wish i could paint like that >D
    mhh i know you are as lazy as me *h5* so i think the thou the buildings need more details its totaly ok, i mean i couldn't do it better anyway so xD
    and hey lets *h5* again for not coming in next round, we can relac now >D

  8. Nubes Apr 10, 2010

    very gothical--- this looks like a version of the Joker's Gotham City...

    Very mysterious background... adding the mime!

    very nice!

  9. sailorchiron Apr 10, 2010

    Snazzy painting, as usual. I like the idea that the dude is saying "hey, this is my town, check it out" and all casual and stuff. Fantastic work.

  10. HoshinoSora12 Apr 11, 2010

    wooow unnusual but is awesum

  11. Warya Apr 15, 2010

    Amazing , splendid, im liking this alot,
    thanks for sharing :D

  12. Gid Apr 19, 2010

    I'm always jealous of your composition. I'm particularly taken with the sky, and I think the unfinished building look works, save for a bit further in the distance (the low opacity and such).

    And again, good round. (:

  13. knightxemnas Aug 23, 2010

    its really nice

    thanks for sharing

  14. anit4e Nov 15, 2010

    Whoa whoa whoa WHOAA! *______*
    Not gonna say more...LOVE IT!...messy brushing FTW! >D

  15. CyanideBlizzard Retired Moderator Oct 28, 2011

    What is with these lives you weave, Tofu. First you make mention about these so called "speed paintings" and now you tell us that you were "lazy" with this piece. I take it that your plan was to weave a massive web of deception to ensnare all of Minitokyo, but I have cut myself free from the entangled lies!


    Seriously, Nothing about this piece screams lazy or half-assed, even remotely. One thing I've always appreciated about your work is the creativity behind it. Not just the creativity, but how you can bring a world to life, and give it a story as well. There's always so much passion behind it, even if it may be done quickly, or you were a bit "lazy" with certain things, it still doesn't change the passion involved in the process itself. For example the gentleman. It would of been rather easy to make a more focal point on the landscape, and while the sky is completely infinite in it's depth and I will go on more about that later, I like how much attention was paid to him, and more importantly the detail. The creases in the shirt, the jeans, to the design of his shoes and his fingers and knuckles being easily noticeable as well. From his head, down to his toes, this guy oozes with detail.

    However, the true star of the show for me is the city. The gritty landscape of the city is absolutely stunning. What's more is offering perspective like this. I love being able to view things from the eyes of another. It broadens our perspective and gives us new insight and knowledge and I feel like I learn so much more about how this gentlemen views the city. I get the impression that he feels free when he's up near the sky, and that the heavens themselves offer his only place of peace and tranquility from the everyday tedium. The majestic clouds, the sun bursting through rays of hope and shining them upon the entire city landscape. This entire world, is incredibly gorgeous. What's more, is this is all realized with the messy painting style you've worked with. A messy style has created serene beauty, what do you think about that.

    I haven't felt like this in a while when commenting on a piece. One that tells not only a story, but let's you live it. I feel that is the case with this piece and while I may be greatly overstepping my bounds, I can't help but to be awestruck by it.

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