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Well, I'm sore-sore loser btw, because it's a REAL talent to lose with second best points results.XD XD But sjade1 is just too awesome. *pimps her*

OK, 'bout the wall. \Ple-e-ease excuse my English, I'm tired, and have an urge to talk A LOT. :D\

-The theme was "Welcome to My World" and since I'm seriously narcissistic woman I decided to take it literally and I'm in need of DA ID and MT page design, so... :D

-I've been aiming for organized chaos - well, because first, it's totally "my world", second, it's fun to make. I think I managed to execute the idea. Maybe I should have made the "world" base a bit more obvious and simple though. Dunno.

-The wall was made from some of my older vectores, some new stuff drawn just for this wall, some re-colored and re-made stock art snatched from wok, some totally warez stock art, a bit of trace art for textures. That's all. I think.

-For text I used some Carroll quotes \well, because this Wallie is all Alice in Wonderland styled\ and some random lyrics from favoured bands.

-For those who can guess all my favourite animes from this thing there is a cookie :D

I'm kind of glad that I'm dropped out, because I'm not sure I'm ready for another stuff like this, work is evil, I tell ya!

Good luck minna-san on the next round! :3


Chosen by MapleRose and kuroimisa

Well, what more can I really say about this wall? Every little detail has been carefully drawn or traced and then arranged in such a way that is so curious. Isn't it lovely? Your eyes just keep looking "oh look! It's a Doc Martens!" and there's even a computer keyboard somewhere too! There's a lot to digest in this one, yet it's simple, and I must say, thank you very much, queerisblue, just by looking at this, we can understand a lot about you - sort of ;)

Proposed by MapleRose and highlighted by kuroimisa.

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  1. letireur Apr 08, 2010

    It seems to be disorganized but all is well in the right place in this world
    A great job
    thanks for sharing

    P.S. I'm sorry if you don't understand what I write

  2. multiple-papercuts Apr 08, 2010

    I see Ginko and maybe that's the guy from Hikaru no Go! Oh, no wait, it says Monster right under it. Lol geez I'm so stupid XD

    Aw, it's really a shame you're not on the next round even though you got such a high score! Congrats though! I think this wall is really interesting, and I love the train tracks because I can easily see it as the "welcome to" part, and then I go around the center counterclockwise to check out your world.

  3. sjade1 Apr 08, 2010

    Chaos! <3
    Totally reminded me of a very unrelated wall I'd seen before...
    http://dragonrain.com/share/Blue_Moon-1920x1200.jpg (copy+paste)

    Thanks for an awesome round!

  4. flyindreams Apr 09, 2010

    I loved the creativity in this entry - definitely think it was one of the most creative entries from round 1. It's an interesting take on the theme that not many others thought of, and the execution rocks as well! :D

    *thumbs up* Ima pimp this wall @ Simple-ism in a sec :D

  5. kuroimisa Retired Moderator Apr 09, 2010

    I really liked this wall (we even went back and forth in PM about this lol) - it really is a bit of a shame because you battled it out so hard >_< It was one of the really competitive pairings in the contest. But hey, parapara ;) <3

  6. mammonlovesmoney Apr 09, 2010

    . I wish to see it in the big expansion... It is looked lovely

  7. pureblood98 Apr 09, 2010

    i totally love the colors... :D

  8. MapleRose Retired Moderator Apr 09, 2010

    I love the concept, it's a good literal take on the theme =D love the details of the stuff you put in the "world", but my fave part is the rails that lead you into the world.

    The swirls at the sides provide a good balance to the composition, as well as lead your eyes toward the center, though I wish the lines are a bit more fluid (ie, slightly varied in line weight, and tapered at the end)

  9. dslassey Apr 10, 2010

    This is one of my favorites from round one (and beat my score by a few points ;D). Yus, I'm totally using this as my laptop wallpaper. 8d

    I don't really know what to say.... it's just uber awesome. That's because queerisblue rocks. \m/

  10. ngakyuklim Apr 10, 2010

    u do have a creative mind queerisblue! XD

  11. fireflywishes Retired Moderator Apr 10, 2010

    Love the "organized chaos" in your wall~ Definitely one of my favs from the competition thus far!

  12. sailorchiron Apr 10, 2010

    Yours is one of my favs from the contest! The organized chaos is perfect. I also went with the idea of showing my world, but didn't execute it well...you rocked it. Fantastic work!

  13. DREAM Apr 11, 2010

    not sure if it is a consolation but i felt this submission was stronger. with your rampant albeit erratic placement/changing of typography exemplifies the emotion roller-coaster you/i etc feel. you managed to bring all your resources in the center quite well. i love the work's balance.

    my only crit: i would have perhaps kept some of that type a little closer to the path, used fewer fonts, and gotten rid of a few items like the cowboy hat on the left etc.

    great overall work- my favourite in the contest by a very wide margin.
    hehe: all that's missing is the Galaxy Express 3-9 on the tracks.

    :leaves queerisblue a red & back rose:

  14. TRASHOS Apr 12, 2010

    Woah oO"

    This is what i love at the first seeing.

  15. VOOT Apr 12, 2010

    How can I solve out all of the anime in there?!
    Well cool art. HEY! I see rail, umbrella, etc. blah blah blah

  16. Evangelynn Apr 12, 2010

    Wouahhaha :)

    Couldn't be better =D

    Thanks for sharing ! ;)

    Fav's :)

  17. Faelnirv Apr 14, 2010

    great wallpaper. the artistic sense is good.

  18. lisz Apr 15, 2010

    The composition is *amazing*.
    There are so many little details *________*
    I love the eclectic-ness~

  19. KyouS Apr 15, 2010

    this wallapaper is great

  20. glam Apr 20, 2010

    awsome picture, thanks for sharing!

  21. Nadie201 Apr 21, 2010

    joooojojoo! Nice job! good pick love it

  22. BeyondBlue Apr 23, 2010

    That's pretty interesting. I like how you put everything together while being creative.

  23. paddyo2 Apr 24, 2010

    this is just the most amazing piece, full of color and detail

  24. GabrielaG Apr 28, 2010

    woow cute. really love it 8)

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