Touhou Wallpaper: Audiophile's Sanctum

Touhou, Byakuren Hijiri Wallpaper
Touhou Series,OVA,Game Byakuren Hijiri Character

1920x1080 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Another scan I fell in "olev" for.

Unable to hear the echoes of your mourns
Immune to the sounds of spine chilling cries
Deaf to the blood curdling sounds of slaughter

Drowning within the depths of grand rapture
Sealed away within my final bastion
In attempt to divert myself from going over the brink

Leaping deep into an acoustic chasm
Staving away all my afflictions plaguing me
This delusion is what will temporarily numb me

Purchasing time for myself to recuperate
Saving me from self-destruction and agony
Being protected by an audiophile’s sanctum

Please look at the progression chart complete with a brainspill commentary (fraction of what goes through my head)! Someday I will get a full 16:9 swivel monitor. So I don't need to put my monitor on its side to read manga and view scans in high res. Also to fully enjoy my wall in 16:9 instead of 16:10. ;__;

Time record for me. I completed this wall in only a couple of days in comparison to the 1 month my Bakemonogatari wall took. I AM EVOLVING! I was possessed by something and drove me to finish it. The vector-wallers here at MT didn't see this coming when we shared WIP collages. ;)

Another landmark wall if you couldn't tell! This time I wanted to do lineless. Forgive me black outline lords, for I have forsaken you *mumbles a prayer*. I went back to my abstract vexeling of intersecting transparent layers in a massive wet orgy. Awww yeah.

I had some idea for a background early on. At first I wanted to try out typography but I didn't feel like searching for a whole bunch of new fonts. There was an idea of a cathedral wall behind her with light dropping down highlight parts of it but I dropped that idea. There was another idea of having graffiti on the wall and masking them in/out of tiles and mixing up the designs. I wanted to keep the wall simple and clean. Then I came up with the idea of the padded walls of a sound room. I went with loloverusedtiles because having those sound walls with spikes would look weird.

I always wanted to try a dark wall where the character is blended into the dark background. I was inspired by sjade1's sense of contrast, asa01's hair detail, and AssasinXXX's inspiring poetic music sense. Oh yea, there's also vitaamin who I always think about on every wall I make =3=. I imagine a small Hibari avatar in my head yelling SATURATION and COLORS while beating my brain with his tonfas. Geezus, traumatized for life. Shout out to you guys. Inspiration is contagious! :)

I hope everyone enjoys this wall. It is the FIRST WALL I enjoyed from beginning to end. I was actually sad that I was done with it. Usually I am, "Thank goodness I am done this wall!"

Additional Resolutions
http://img694.imageshack.us/img694/4617/audiophilessanctuarywal.th.jpg (Full 16:9)
http://img2.imageshack.us/img2/4617/audiophilessanctuarywal.th.jpg (1680x1050 Fixed)

Original Scan:

Progression Chart


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  1. Alenas Retired Moderator Mar 18, 2010

    W00t, no lineart! XD

    I think I'm in love with the way you made her hair; so many freaking details and strands. I think I'd go suicidal. XD Also, nice job with the scan extension, it looks very nice. The BG is also fitting and makes the character stand out nicely. I kind of think you could've made her clothes blend in more (like in your Bakemonogatari wall) but since I'm not a big fan of vexeling anyway, it doesn't really matter, lol.

    Awesome job, overall. I like it.

    [tiny]Vitaa's scary ways of pushing people to improve had paid off as it seems. XD *runs away from tonfa wielding Hibari*[/tiny]

  2. lenaelric Mar 18, 2010

    very nice work! :D vector beautiful *3*

  3. Nubes Mar 19, 2010

    this is quite neat... beautiful colors, and nice design

  4. xbluenabix Mar 19, 2010

    Beautiful contrast...just love it!

  5. Nysha Mar 19, 2010

    When I got to the Unlimited Hair Works prayer on your progress pic I totally lol'd. XD I think you have plenty of details. The only thing I think you need is more shine on her hair (I'm such a hair whore) to make her hair look healthier where it curves. :3

  6. vitaamin Mar 19, 2010

    will comment on AP when its not DOWN D: ftl.

  7. Tina18 Mar 19, 2010

    HAHAHA that was a nice read to start my day xD And that was the funnies wip I ever saw, thou it was hard to read the white text in some places, compliments to God for leaving me partially blind.
    I actually thing that the bg suits her, likes she's a sound proof room getting ready to sing.

    merged: 03-19-2010 ~ 10:44am
    Damn you mt and not letting me edit, it's "think" and I ate a "in", meh, I'm still drowsy.

  8. chanelqueen17 Mar 19, 2010

    Very nice ^^ You may already have noticed in my walls, but I'm a huge fan of the "no lineart style". Your vector is very detailed, especially the hair. *bows down* I'd never have the patience to do that :p. I like how this is a wall featuring a non-vocaloid character wearing headphones (because that's been walled to once to often) and I like how you made her clothes blend in with the bg. Maybe a little more shine on the hair (I think Nysha already said that, so I'm probably just repeating. don't mind silly airhead me :3)
    But as i said, very well done!

  9. crmc13 Mar 20, 2010

    very pretty!
    the hair is so detailed!
    it so beautiful in full view!:))

  10. nico1214 Mar 24, 2010

    Wow! Sugoi sugoi! Arigatou Gozaimasu!

  11. GoddessofCompassion Apr 03, 2010

    nice colours. i like it =D

  12. Mekiin Apr 22, 2010

    This is such an awesome pic

  13. the2ndpandora Jun 10, 2010

    Amazing , I like your wallpaper and like the detail too , thanks a lot for share .

  14. jac450633 Aug 01, 2010

    simply amazing ^^ i like this very much

  15. al52287 Nov 23, 2010

    love the quality done on the hair with all of the color variations. its very beautifully made and shows lots of effort was put into it

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