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This is my entry for my-maiden Gothic contest

Please full view before commenting Oh yea read first too!

Happy Birthday to the following people! Ala21ddin21 ( march 27 ) and yuukine ( april 4 = easter )

original scan:

Clamp - Chobits Your Eyes Only-61

I turned chii into freya hahaa

This anime is the one I'm AFRAID to wall the most,Yes it's true! Give me any anime and I'll wall it just don't give me Chobits! Why? For one thing the hair is deadly! so is the dress of most of her scans but I'm glad I faced my fear and challenged this wallpaper phew! I should have finished it last week but then since it's one of my fears, I stopped for 2 days or so before continuing it almost thinking of giving up.

Why did I wall it? It's because I want to try other categories so before I go to other categories I need to face it first.

The hair consists of 550 layers! The style of it is new and not seen in my other walls took me 3 days for it alone!
I had fun with the frills even though it was hard.

Tina18 gave me the idea that I can use other colors and not follow the original scan when she commented on my last wallpaper and I tried it here. Thanks!

I was at lost with the BG, since I changed the color of the dress the original BG doesn't suit here so I first tried doing the curtain of the original scan with infinite flooring across but it seems like effortless. I ran out of ideas and so I asked Kitten for help. She suggested doing a tiled floor or a carpeted floor + furniture or window. I tried tiled floor at first but it doesn't fit so I tried carpeted flooring + window. Thanks again Kitten and sorry for taking up your time.. She also made me remember to be comfortable with what I'm doing! ^^

It's my first time doing curtains and I want it simple and neat so there you have it!

Happy Birthday Ala and yuukine
Thanks to tina18 and kitten!

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  1. Kurorisa Mar 16, 2010

    even if you said it's a paint to vector chobits, you did a good job with it
    I think the hair should be darker. the face is okay but the hair looks to bright in a dark room like that, and it's also at night
    and I think your window (the black one) use 2 colors that look too contrast. I think you should pick a darker gray but I think it's just me anyway XD
    good job and absolutely worth a fav, so +fav :D

  2. NenrikiKaen Mar 16, 2010

    It looks like ppl got a taste of Chobits and and found themselves fascinated by it again.Even I considered doing a wallpaper of Chobits :3
    I like what you did with the scan.Changing the colour of her dress was a daring thing to do, but it turned out great.The background is also very fluid, but I'm not so sure I like the moon..I kindda breaks the mood
    Al in all, it was worth all the work *hug

  3. Kitaan Retired Moderator Mar 16, 2010

    I saw the other version you had just sent me and I really
    liked the floor, gave more depth. I like the carpet as well, rare to see it.
    Perhaps you can blur those trees a bit for more depth, the outside looks really
    nice btw.
    The curtains are nice though they're looking too 3D to me,
    if you can make the red curtains and put them behind her I think it'll be better.
    Since those looked more suited for this wall. Lovely job <3

  4. YoruAngel866 Mar 16, 2010

    OMG KYA <3
    sorry i didnt read the description, but thank so much ^^ <3
    love the look and the composition of the whole atmosphere and wall.
    love her hair as well, and nice vector, you keep improving ^^ :)
    thank you so much ?
    you have to teach me how to make trees like that ^^

  5. ala21ddin21 Mar 16, 2010

    Thank you Ashlie ^^ I really love it ^^ Nice wallpaper and vector! Thank you again, I really appreciate it ^^

    It's the first time I see Chii sexy! XD

  6. naksanisama Mar 16, 2010

    Ahh, it's amazing!
    Love the vectoring and the background *-*
    You're really talented aswell. Keep up the good work!

  7. Yamionpu Mar 16, 2010

    uwaaaa beautiful *_*! you did Chii *__*! and turned her into Freya *___*!
    I love her hair and eyes *_*! and everything!
    kyaaa <3333

  8. mbeckley Mar 16, 2010

    This is adorable Ashlie. You were very cautious and got every detail in place, esp. the strands of her hair on the chair. ^^
    I hope you win the Gothic contest hon! XD

  9. darkchii200 Mar 16, 2010

    Really Nice, im a huge chobits fan and i have to say this is a quality wallpaper, i shall add it to my collection.

  10. Zettodono Mar 16, 2010

    Simply awesome vector work!
    Favorite, of course.

  11. rizacaga Mar 16, 2010

    good job!
    but i would love to see some lines on the curtains and sharper shading...but still love it...:3

  12. mammonlovesmoney Mar 17, 2010

    Chii here on the present it is beautiful

  13. MizuuHime Mar 17, 2010

    This is a beautiful wallpaper, and you did the hair so seriously and beautiful ^__^ But maybe you need to make Chii more darker? That's just my opinion. Cause that's night and I think that the room had no light except from the moonlight....

  14. ngakyuklim Mar 17, 2010

    paint to vector? its beautiful!

  15. Hikaruru Mute Member Mar 17, 2010

    me gusta, aunque se parece a otros, aun asi esta genial, los de chobbits siempre son hermosos xD

  16. Apocalypse Mar 17, 2010

    ?????? ???????! Good Very Good Wallpapers! Thanks!

  17. chanelqueen17 Mar 17, 2010

    Like I said at MT, one of the best you've made so far! stunning job ^^

  18. Sinistra Mar 17, 2010

    OUUUU A Chobits wall? I love it Very nice job on the BG I like this one +fav

  19. crmc13 Mar 17, 2010

    wow. the hair looks fabulous!:))
    love it so much!^^
    chii is so pretty in your wallie!
    the vector is great!<3

  20. wira123 Mar 18, 2010

    completely stunning wallie
    amazing vector

  21. thuynu Mar 20, 2010

    wow so beautiful :x
    thank you so much

  22. esfinge14 Mar 20, 2010

    Wow really nice,it's a great work, thanks for share. Greetings.

  23. menadavid Mar 22, 2010

    que lindisima imagen me encanta chobits

  24. hikariluan2 Mar 22, 2010

    the way it s do beatifull,
    good work and thanks for this one

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