Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Wallpaper: Heaven?Hell

Akira Amano, Artland, Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, Mukuro Rokudo, Fran Wallpaper
Akira Amano Mangaka Artland Studio Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Series Mukuro Rokudo Character Fran Character

2560x1600 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Dedicated to Aqi and Fuu~!
I just thought I had to wall it when I saw the Scan. At first it was just going to be a quick wall, I mean I did the outlines and base colour in less than 4 hours, but the rest really took longer than I thought, I started experimenting with different brushes, effects and painting styles. The background...just came out of no where

haha. the title totally came from fuu-baa-sama's remark about the bishie heaven :3
i suggest full view
but frankly....I hate how I painted mukuro's chest part D: but I love the pants C:

As usual suggestions welcome~I'll change what I find useful :3

>3< sexy version for those who can handle it <3
and with wings version :3

I wanted to submit this on christmas along with Delusion by kuryuki
Delusion by kuryuki ....2 days late ><;; I need to follow my deadline, or what use will it be.

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Browse Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. vitaamin Dec 28, 2009

    i think you did a much better job on the clothes than you have in the past, i dont care for the bg but i will point out that you should have spent more time on their faces. fran's face is oddly shaped and his eyes arent lined up correctly. mukuro's looks ok though

  2. Nysha Dec 28, 2009

    I love the colors of the sky! *__* Good job.

  3. Yamibou-Eve Dec 28, 2009

    God bless you my child...
    I wanted someone to wall this so badly~
    The vectoring/coloring is just perfect <3 Perfect vexeling!
    This is just too brilliant, don't know what else to say except <3! L o v e it!
    ... omg it's so perfect!

    The extra fanservice version is so cute X3
    +fav +desktop +dream-come-true

  4. thingperson Dec 28, 2009

    Oh my gosh wow O.O you did such an awesome job with this. And it has FRAN AND MUKURO HOTTNESS. I was hoping someone would wall that scan. I love how you vectored and painted them and the background I think looks great with them. I love the colors you used. Your blendings and shadeing is wow. And how you did there hair im amazed at such details. You are just so talented. I love this..*smiles*.

  5. animanga Dec 28, 2009

    The way you colour is amazing! 0_o You got any tuts out there?
    I love the depth, and the "sexy" version is hilarious. XD

  6. ala21ddin21 Dec 28, 2009

    Totally awesome! Kuryuki, you're the paint master! I do love these characters, the clothes are greatly detailed, sky's color is fantastic, I can't say nothing else, just : spectacular.
    It's very different from it was looking before finished it... I'm totally in love^^

  7. Miitsuky Dec 28, 2009

    OOOWWWNNN *O*/dies
    Finally someone made a wally with Fran <3
    I luv him so much >-< (but I love Byakuran more u3u)
    It's awesome your wallpaper, all the painting its nice *-*

    Mukuro's chest its good too, no matter XD
    but, what i loved the most, was your sexy version of them >////< uaysuashuashuash
    So hot *insire an emoction with a nose bleeding here*

    Thanks for sharing ;D

  8. Cris25 Dec 28, 2009

    I say HEAVEN! *

  9. jns Dec 28, 2009

    Hahaha the neko version totally cracked me up! Totally made my day
    Love the angle and the colors you used for the sky but I think the clouds look a little too watercolor like for this wall
    And kudos for the great work on the clothes.. especially Mukuro's pants (this sounds dirty -.-)

  10. YoruAngel866 Dec 28, 2009

    just wanna say...ure my goddess ?_?

  11. ngakyuklim Dec 28, 2009

    i <3 the colours! 8d love it!

  12. aqiaqua Dec 28, 2009

    *squeeeee* You finished it! And dedicated it to me *______*.

    I adore your colouring style, it's really improved lately! The hair is really detailed, and I like the colours used in the sky :3 It's great and I can see my icons on my desktop xD.

    +fav and new desktop, thank youuuuuu!

  13. Pulver15 Dec 28, 2009

    I seriously love you fot this! XDDD
    You totally made my day with this! >D
    I just love your coloring style! Defintily sets as sektop now! <333
    *still drools at this awesome wall*

  14. Samabel Dec 28, 2009

    Love it. I absolutely love it!
    Incredible, thanks for your hard work. I like the mild colors and the picture you picked.

  15. Echolen Dec 28, 2009

    I love the colors and the sky and the..whole freakin' wall!
    It's just amazing!

  16. Alenas Retired Moderator Dec 28, 2009

    Lol, love the bishies and the colors you used here. I think the sky and clouds could be more defined and all but since the two guys are the main (delicious) focus, I don't really mind. XD


  17. Kitaan Retired Moderator Dec 28, 2009

    Nice job here, you are improving :3
    I also see you did a better job on clothes,
    I like the detail and highlights given.
    The only thing I'm having a problem digesting is the
    background...looks so simple compared to them, I would've
    liked to have seen a more detailed one with more work invovled.
    Just seems to easy...and the painting looks more rough on top.
    Though the colors are indeed gorgeous <3

  18. trofikabinet Dec 28, 2009

    All I can say is that I love this wall *o*
    The bg lacks details compared to the vector and the style doesn't go well with the it too.
    I love what you did with their clothes, I really like how you painted them.
    Fran's face looks kinda weird, especially his nose. And Mukuro's hair could be a bit less blue and more dark.
    It's featured at CoK ;33

  19. mammonlovesmoney Dec 28, 2009

    The good shot all the same has turned out also I adore hat Fran

  20. KiaRatT Dec 28, 2009

    Mukuro sama~! Flan-kun! thanks for sharing!???

  21. MapleRose Retired Moderator Dec 29, 2009

    I love the colouring *is jealous of your ability to shade folds*, esp the hair, love how you define and highlight each strand =D the background clouds look a little messy (esp towards the horizon), but the rainbow colour looks nice XD

  22. tahaminey Dec 29, 2009

    The background and colours used is really good. Great work.

  23. kara Dec 29, 2009

    Wow! This is awesome! And making it even more awesome is the fact that it features Muku and Fran, my two favourite KHR characters <3 I love you for walling them <3<3
    Your painting skills are getting so good *__*
    LOL! Is that a cat-toad I see?!

  24. sailorchiron Dec 29, 2009

    Beautiful painting, and you're right, the pants are amazing. I love the effects you got, like you used different textures of paintbrushes with real paint. Excellent. ^_^

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