Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Wallpaper: Light Of Dawn

CLAMP, Bee Train, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, Sakura Kinomoto, Collaboration Wallpaper
CLAMP Mangaka Bee Train Studio Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Series,OVA Sakura Kinomoto Character Collaboration Source

1920x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Happy B-day Toffiie~!

Collab with Tina18

It all started with a little scan -
Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle

Tina showed me it and I was won over to work on her, first came
the vector which Tina handled. Took her awhile but as you can see it was worth
the wait, then came my part in making the bg.

At first I was lost on ideas, she's not really in a position where you can
imagine a bg. I tried a flower idea, making a big flower behind her and then maybe
some petals on the side...though the idea burned and so I moved on. I then thought I'd
do a abstract one but I suck at it and imagined the worse possible outcome, so I moved on...

Finally after looking through the gallery I found this -
Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle

I saw the window and instantly thought of smacking the vector on it,
I started by vectoring and did multi-shades again. After I was done I wasn't quite happy
with it so I pulled Fran in for suggestions, she told me to fix the structures on the window.
I decided to just remove them and pull down the curtains more, then Valuna jumped in and
suggested I give an outside bg view from the window. I make clouds and added birds, then some towers
(weird looking ones but anyways) it added alot of depth.

Then for a extra push I needed help with the lighting so I pulled Nysha
in to fix the lighting and also add some beautiful highlights on Sakura (she couldn't resist highlighting her)
and that fully finished the wall.

Special Thanks to Fran, Valuna and Nyshie :3 <3

More Resolutions at: EDD! - If you want the vector go
poke Tina18.

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Browse Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. Valuna Retired Moderator Nov 29, 2009

    Yay! It's done <3
    Don't know what to say except it got a lot better from what I saw last time >.<

  2. vitaamin Nov 29, 2009

    saw this on edd before, i like it!
    the cellshading is a great improvement from before
    on my screen its too yellow and the red curtain shades could be a bit more blue, although i think the entire shade of red is too brown for this wall.

  3. Fran Retired Moderator Nov 29, 2009

    It's done :3
    You already know I adore this wall, you guys made a powerful combo: wonderful vector+amazing background ^^

  4. Tina18 Nov 29, 2009

    You made my crappy vector shine.<3

    Happy bday Trofi. Hope you like it.

  5. chrisp Nov 29, 2009

    :D you know that i always loved this
    both of you did a great job >:D as expected of course ;)
    i love the neat vector and the light is also great <3

  6. Nysha Nov 29, 2009

    SHINY additions! Rawr. >D The colors were kinda funky like vita said, but I did what I could. XD

  7. YoruAngel866 Nov 29, 2009

    Love this, you two did a really great job :D
    wish background had a little more red in itself instead of brown cause her hair is too bright and so beautifully shiny lol :D
    anyway well done :))))

  8. Chloe Retired Moderator Nov 29, 2009

    LOVE it! The vectoring is very well done and the colors fit perfectly. Great job, you two!

  9. aneznam Nov 29, 2009

    Today I just wanna change my desktop every few hours >.<

    Kitten/Tina/Nysha this is awesome <3

  10. kunogi09midori Nov 29, 2009

    Umya~ Love the yellows and the reds tone down the brightness of the yellow. Good Job Tina-chan and Kitten-san!

  11. KiaRatT Nov 29, 2009

    wow! beautiful! ur last works r just geat! Sakura looks so pretty! thanks a lot for sharing! ^^

  12. FiiFO Nov 29, 2009

    as mentioned on AP - love it XD

  13. Alenas Retired Moderator Nov 29, 2009

    Wow...it's gorgeous! From the fitting background, highlights in her hair and eyes to the awesome vector...Awesome job...all of you! XD

  14. trofikabinet Nov 29, 2009

    SDJKLFGHASLJKL *____* Thank you so much Tina-chan & kit-chan, I can't stop thanking you today people. This wall is really gorgeous, don't know what else to say ;___; *tears of joy*
    I love the lightning on Sakura, looks so warm compared to Sakura's sad expression ^^ The eyes are really amazing o.O
    I love everything in this wall except the birdies but I just ignore them xDD

    Thank you so much for this wonderful wall girls, I love you too *hugs*

  15. HoshinoSora12 Nov 30, 2009

    beatiful! xD
    really is amazing

  16. Sinever Nov 30, 2009

    WOW both you & tina-chii did a great job *thumbs up*
    the vector is gorgeous & bg is lovely, WOW I dont know what else to say Im really speechless right now....

  17. tennouji Nov 30, 2009

    hho!nice effect... :D huwaaaa... *adored*

  18. Pulver15 Nov 30, 2009

    Sakura! You're so shiny! XD
    .....TOTALLY LOVE!
    I always love it when people coloring hairs so amazing and you totally did!
    and great job finding a solution for the bg problem >D
    You two did a great job! XD

  19. kara Nov 30, 2009

    Wowzas! you girls did such an awesome job!
    I just love Sakura's eyes.
    Both the vector and the background fits so perfectly together in an enchanting array of colours.
    Absolutely gorgeous wallie! <3

  20. AngelKate Nov 30, 2009

    Omg, Kitten, this is beautiful! <333

    I love the vector work on Sakura and you did great with the background. Kudos to both of you! <3 *sets as new desktop* ^^

  21. thingperson Dec 01, 2009

    Oh my gosh Kitten your totally awesome I should have known this wall was yours I was going through Tsubasa scans when I found this walls monochome scan and I would like that would be so pretty but hard to do I hope someone makes it a wallpaper O.o and better yet its Kitten which makes it better because your so talented..*smiles*.I love how she glows and how it highlights on her and her hair such details and the background wow it looks like something from a anime series thats how real and creative it looks and the shadows are also so good this wallpaper is so pretty..*smiles*..oh also I miss seeing you on MSN you should spamm me on it whenever you can..*hugs*.

  22. crmc13 Dec 02, 2009

    wow congrats! you've done a great job!
    gotta love this!:D

  23. DarthTofu Dec 03, 2009

    I swear I put you on my watchlist. Why the hell aren't any notifications showing up?D : D: :D
    Hrm...I think if the background colors were a bit more blueish than the warmth of the light would stand out even more. I think you did a great job on this one. :)

  24. TomoyoYumemi Dec 04, 2009

    the ligths effect looks amazing
    pretty cool wall

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