Pandora Hearts Wallpaper: Escape

Jun Mochizuki, Xebec, Pandora Hearts, Alice (Pandora Hearts), Oz Vessalius Wallpaper
Jun Mochizuki Mangaka Xebec Studio Pandora Hearts Series Alice (Pandora Hearts) Character Oz Vessalius Character

1920x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

I always tend to write a lot in these things when I submit. I hope that's alright. In any case, I found the main scan and fell in love with it, despite the fact I really didn't like the color quality of it, and it had that awful tear though (unavoidable when art spans over the spine I suppose.) I spent a while extracting and cleaning it up with the intention of vectoring it eventually. After a lot of debate I ended up keeping it as it was, because it would have lost so much character in the translation from ink/watercolor work to vector.

From there I created a background that went better with the newly adjusted/replaced and saturated colors. For a long time I didn't know what I was going to do with the background, I tried a few things such as shadowing window panes in but it never really worked. As a last step before I gave up on finishing it, I submitted this to SZ, and got a lot of great feedback from other members. I especially want to thank [ap]PinkPrincessLacus[/ap] and [ap]nat[/ap] for their advice among the other good advice given there.

I'm still not so great with backgrounds, but I think I'm slowly making an improvement towards where I'd like to be. If anything, working on this as fueled my desire to continue my own water color and fine art pursuits. It's a good thing too because I have a couple of triptychs due in December for my art class. Hahaha.

In closing, please enjoy.

Scan Credits
Please see the version of this on AnimePaper for the scan credits.

Texture/Brush Credits
Clouds :: Photography by a friend of mine
Brushes have been acquired by me over the years, and I've regretfully lost my txt file of credit names. If you recognize brushes, please tell me so I may give proper credit.

I want, in some strange way, dedicate this to my father who passed away on October 3rd 2009. He'd always encouraged me in my artistic pursuits since childhood, and helped me through my first years of college. Without him I would not be striving to be a teacher in the art world. I love him, and I miss him, and I hope he knows I think about him every day.

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Browse Pandora Hearts Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. zaira Nov 10, 2009

    saw this in AP and faved it there too
    *copy paste comment*

    I like it! The whole bg is simple but the great part of it is the grungy textures.
    The dark colors are good too. The scan used is nice even the roses on your bg.
    Overall nice grungy wall ^^, +fav!
    btw condolonce to your dad, i know he's always there watching ya so keep moving
    forward and good luck ^^,

  2. mina-world Nov 11, 2009

    That's the best wally of pandora hearts I ever seen untel now O.O
    I Just LoOove The coloring *o*
    Thanks a lot and Keep Up The Good Work ;)

  3. ravenruiwen Nov 11, 2009

    i like! ^^ but the background's a bit weird.. i duno what's so weird.. BUT! who am i to say? when i can't even use photoshop.. =.= or do anything..
    hehe.. THANKS! ^^

  4. Sakucha Nov 13, 2009

    I love how you managed to keep the orginal scan, extracted it then made a great background for it! *A*

  5. Elves Nov 13, 2009

    I'm so glad you kept the original ink/watercolor work. All the colors work really well together as does your background. You did a really nice job of maintaining the ink/watercolor feel in your background. I like the color pallet too. Can't really think of anything to recommend. The roses in the upper left corner are a little hard to make out, but if I could see them better that might distract from the characters. Eh, it's a little thing. I like it!
    I keep finding walls I like of this series. Darn...gonna have to go watch it. :D

  6. UrbanSaint Nov 14, 2009

    Excellent job on the background. Keep on going! Make your dad proud!

  7. Ninasakura Nov 14, 2009

    wow.. this is amazing..
    added to favorites..

  8. Kemxiz Nov 15, 2009

    Wow it is amazing.
    Love pandora hearts :D

  9. furiez Nov 15, 2009

    oz and alice of pandora hearts.. great wallpaper!

  10. bonitachika792 Nov 16, 2009

    Ahhaaa So you have a mintokyo account also?
    I've already commented this on TheO.
    It looks fabulous.

  11. Bellesai Nov 16, 2009

    it is so expressive and the facial expression is woderful

  12. greenemerald Nov 17, 2009

    now thata wgat i call nice and nasty XD

  13. Wings7113 Nov 19, 2009

    I love this wallpaper so much~
    thanks for the nice wallpaper!

  14. lucifersaya Nov 21, 2009

    Good job!
    It's really a nice picture~
    I like it very much, thank you for sharing~

  15. bukoneko Nov 23, 2009

    Very beautiful wallpaper. The bg fit in very well with the characters.

  16. Uriko02 Nov 26, 2009

    very nice wall i like the background and the roses
    Nice job
    thx for sharing

  17. EuphieFortuna Nov 27, 2009

    Thank you so much for this Wallpaper! :D I was looking for something this cute dor my pc! ;)

  18. ownkasia Dec 02, 2009

    Such a great Pandora Hearts wallpaper! tahnks!

  19. xpxkyu Dec 05, 2009


    nice editing and wallpaper...=D


  20. CHAOSXIII Dec 09, 2009

    One of the Best wll of Pandora Hearts

  21. furizuna Dec 20, 2009

    cool.. oz and alice amazing..
    ? Oz.. ^^

  22. musicloversz Dec 22, 2009

    Nice :D Thanks for sharing ! i love it :D

  23. Teeela Dec 23, 2009

    Thank you for the upload! ^^

  24. opuko Dec 31, 2009

    Oz Vessaliuz&Alice! i like!
    I like colors too.

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