Uwasa no Midori-kun Wallpaper: When You Look Me in the Eyes

Go Ikeyamada, Uwasa no Midori-kun, Hino Tsukasa, Midori Yamate, Vector Art Wallpaper
Go Ikeyamada Mangaka Uwasa no Midori-kun Series Hino Tsukasa Character Midori Yamate Character Vector Art Source

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Tadaaa! Here's another vector-wallie featuring characters from a manga by Go Ikeyamada. I've been quite a fan of her mangas^^ Since I figured that my Moe Kare wallie (<-- provided the link in case you wanna check it out too^^) turned out well (vectoring manga-type of pics wasn't hard as I thought and I really enjoyed that!), I decided to make another one :) It turned out well for me. Well, I really hope that you guys will love this one too.

Featured manga: Uwasa no Midori-kun--my 2nd favorite Go Ikeyamada manga :D
Featured characters: Hino Tsukasa and Yamate Midori
Layer: about 60+
Duration: almost 2 weeks...I'm busy with my summer classes right now so I can't really work on it everyday -_- but I'm glad that I still have some free time^^
Background: I was suppose to make something very nature-y but I'm no good at that (still trying my best to make one though) so I go with the window-curtain idea with tree branches visible.
Title: and as for the title, it's inspired by the JoBros' song "When You Look Me in the Eyes" :)

I would greatly appreciate the favs and comments for you all :D
Thanks and pls. enjoy :)

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  1. Tina18 Apr 28, 2009

    Waiiit, this is the manga with the footbal girl? Sounds too familiar, but this days I've read tons of mangas and I'd be going crazy If I knew all of them. I liked Moe Kare anyway, I remember that alright. d:

    Love the hair, it's looking good, thou I don't like at all the type of hair that vanishes in the eye..but that's how the original is I bet, so nevermind. Is her hand glowing? o.o I like the whole deal ^^ the only thing that should be readjusted, from my part is the whiteness of his eye, it sort of stands out too much, but being erased a bit with a lower opacity eraser might solve it.
    Good job, also I admire the fact that you vector unpopular images, you have a ++++ for that ^^
    See ya.

    Edit: oh I looked better, you can delete the whiteness, cause since they're face is on the side there shoul be none, only the pupil if you get what I mean, I hope you do.Annnd I saw another thing the end of hair at the back of his head XD there should be an outline there too. Sorry for talking too much.

  2. selemental Banned Member Apr 29, 2009

    awesome job on the vector wall! X3 <3 *mega favs it!*

  3. Sinever Apr 30, 2009

    WOW nice vectoring, I love the colors & the background too ^^
    keep up the good work :3

  4. animelover901120 May 04, 2009

    this is so sweet...they are lovely...^^

    very awesome...great art after all^^

  5. agent-Achika May 13, 2009

    Very cute!

  6. princessmeyrin023 May 18, 2009

    Where did you read Uwasa no Midori-kun?

  7. norine07 Jun 02, 2009

    i love this manga they are just so cute~~~~~~~~~~~~ <33
    good job on the vectoring~

  8. PinkRoseLacus Jul 07, 2009

    Yey for Tsukasa x Midori!

  9. drknessangel Aug 03, 2010

    ahh itz so clear and the color was done so well, luv it <3

  10. Yamijj Dec 07, 2010

    sweet couple , right >.<
    I love this so much , especial this color , so nice .

    Thanks for sharing :x :x :x :x :x

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