Moe Kare Wallpaper: Personal Angel

Go Ikeyamada, Moe Kare, Hikaru Wakamiya, Arata Ichikawa, Vector Art Wallpaper
Go Ikeyamada Mangaka Moe Kare Series Hikaru Wakamiya Character Arata Ichikawa Character Vector Art Source

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Nya :3 I'm finally back in submitting artworks here!
hehehe...I was super busy before so I haven't been working on anything. Thank goodness for my 2 weeks summer break--at least I have some free time to work on something before our summer class starts X-P
This is also my first time vectoring manga-type of scans/pics. As you can see, compared to my previous vector works, I used a kinda different style this time (Arigatou for the tips, Sin-chan XD).

Featured manga: Moe Kare! This is one of the mangas that I have finished reading back in late March...and it's definitely one of my favorite too! I actually finished reading this shoujo manga in one night! And after reading, I'm really itching to make a wallie featuring it...so here it is.
Featured characters: Hikaru Wakamiya and Arata Ichikawa
Layers: It's about 180+ layers...didn't bother counting it one by one ^_^'
Duration: about 1 week and 2 days
Hardest part: Ummmm the hair of these 2
Background: as for that, it was sort of a mix from random ideas I had.
Title: Inspired by the song Zhuan Shu Tian Shi by Tank Lu...song title means 'personal angel'.
Everything here's vectored by me except the English texts.

Once again I would like to say THANKS to Sin-chan for the tips on vectoring manga-type of pics and also to Kitten-san for teaching me how to do blushes^^
It's my first time working with this 'style' (e.g. colored outline, etc...) so I know that there are parts that need improvements.
I'd really appreciate your favs and comments :nya:
Hope you'll like it and pls. DO NOT RIP or SUBMIT ELSEWHERE! >.<

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  1. Kitaan Retired Moderator Apr 08, 2009

    Aww, this is so cute.
    You did the blush well, looks natural.
    I like the simple-ish look of it, the line design
    in multi-colors and then the text on the side. Very cute ^^

  2. Koboshi93 Apr 08, 2009

    Cutie! I saw this couple when I surfing, and your vector is beautifullll!
    Love the hair *o*

  3. MoonangelTsubasA Apr 08, 2009

    Cute Wall :)
    I love the colours
    great Work

  4. Tina18 Apr 08, 2009

    I love this manga, so cute. Great job with their eyes&hair, looks awesome.

  5. animelover901120 Apr 08, 2009

    This is very lovely..
    The color are so sweet...
    It's gorgeous
    thanks for the share

  6. Sinever Apr 09, 2009

    WOW its so pretty XD
    you vectored it very nicely & the colored outlines are wonderful ^^
    well done & keep it up girl ;)

  7. Aiira Apr 10, 2009

    AWESOME! it's amazing luna-chan.
    I thought it was Sin-chan's work....
    so sorry for that.

    anyways, you did an amazing job with the vectoring and with the multi colored background.
    i love with.

    ohand if it is okay with you. can you give me the png file.i want to trymaking layout with it. if that is okay with you.

  8. rizacaga Apr 10, 2009

    cute....it's very cute luna-chan.....u did good job
    especially on her hair....it looks soft......

    mhm....i just plan to submit a wallie dedicate to u....^^...but i'm not finish it yet....(too bad....)

  9. xmaryx Apr 10, 2009

    I love this manga *-*
    Great job, I love it ^^

  10. kazamicojidi Apr 16, 2009

    cute girl, beautiful wallpaper. it's very nice job. colours is very wonderful.

  11. animes-4eva-rox May 08, 2009

    it's simple and great
    but i dun think that the guy should blush though
    the rings he had seem to me he's a bad boy
    well that's just my opinion
    without him blushing away i think he would look cooler


  12. princessmeyrin023 May 13, 2009

    It's the Pervent Prince and the otaku... LOL
    This is a nice wallpaper~ :)

  13. PinkRoseLacus Jun 08, 2009

    Soooooo cute! I love Hikaru and Arata too <3 never liked Takara...*lol*
    hope to see more!

  14. Reikuclyne Sep 03, 2009

    they are one of my favorite couples now even if i have not read the manga yet. haha

  15. Andreabs-chan Sep 08, 2009

    nice wallpaper!
    It's cute
    I love the colours
    great Work

  16. klngnpb2 Sep 12, 2009

    i love all go-sama's work! and it's because of moe kare! :D

  17. sapphire07 Feb 07, 2010

    Love the wallpaper and the couple, wish there were more wallpapers about them!

  18. darisper Apr 28, 2010

    esto esta genial muchisimos wallpaper gracias

  19. drknessangel Jun 19, 2010

    yup yupz x3 the manga is great

  20. Gizel4 Jun 18, 2011

    I like the character's expression and think that you did an excellent job in showcasing it all the more. Your coloring technique is exquisite, love it!

  21. MonteCristo Jul 17, 2011

    i love love love so much!my big congratulations!

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