Vampire Knight Wallpaper: I'm Your Baby Doll

Matsuri Hino, Vampire Knight, Zero Kiryuu, Yuuki Cross, Vector Art Wallpaper
Matsuri Hino Mangaka Vampire Knight Series Zero Kiryuu Character Yuuki Cross Character Vector Art Source

1920x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment


Im happy that I made it on time, this is my valentine wallie I wanted to make a lovey dovey VK wallie but it looks more like a creepy wallie than a lovey dovey one to me ^^'

I think there is no need for me to say anything after you look at the original scan but I will tell you what I did anyway :nya:

first of all Im very proud of myself, I think I did very well XD dont you agree minna-san?
okay lets start with yuuki: in the original scan yuuki was sitting on the chair but I wanted her to sit beside zero & lean on his shoulder. I draw yuuki's right hand *of course with a help of another scan* & put it on zero's shoulder to make the wall look a bit romantic & lovey dovey :D I also put some makeup on yuuki to make her look more feminine & cute like a doll XD

zero: as you can see in the original scan zero is holding yuuki's right leg but since yuuki is sitting beside him in the wall I had to remove his right hand but I couldnt do that because I couldnt resist vectoring his sexy hand T_T so I took the teddy bear that yuuki was holding & gave it to zero to hold, he is grabbing it so aggressively XD *poor thing* zero is showing us that he is not gonna go easy on yuuki X-P *joking....stop thinking in a dirty way fangirls* I think that the teddy bear is kinda looking weird cause I think its head is a bit bigger than his body but my cousin said that its looking fine so please dont pay too much attention to it & enjoy looking at zero's sexy hand XD

as for the bg: I tried to make a wall version of that scan so I used the chair *even though its a different version than Hino's ^^'*, yuuki's school uniform, ribbon & pillows too *they look different as well ^^'*
I really hope you like it guys :)

next wallie's info: no clue :nya: Im thinking of taking a break now to finish some other works I have ^^

kanamexyuuki fans: vitaa-chan told me that camili-chan said that zeroXyuuki fans are lucky to have me, camili honey *hugs* sin-chan is indeed a zeki fan but before that she is a VK fan *freak* & she is going to make kanayuuki wall in the future once she finds the perfect scan :) so kanayuuki fans dont you guys worry about it, just wait for hino-sensei to draw a lovely kanayuuki picture for us :)
okay I talked a lot, anyways
comments & favs are appreciates, sin-chan loves to read your lovely comments, they motivate her to make more wallies XD


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  1. trofikabinet Feb 13, 2009

    Waaah! I SO love it ^_^
    I mean...what a great idea and the vector is neat and fabulous :D
    I love Zero and Yuki they are so beautiful together :)
    The chair in the back is wonderful like everithing else :)
    Sin-chan, your're really amazing ;)

  2. vitaamin Feb 13, 2009

    gosh seriously your vk walls make me never want to submit mine >_< howww do you do those eyes my vk eyes are like wtff is that shitz compared to yours
    what i really love about this one though is the colors, they are very vibrant and just gorgeous
    and the nitpicky: i DO think that the sofa's back needs some more shading/highlighting, its more obvious though in the thumbnail than in fullview.
    i heart you sin-chan <333! and i want to do a kanamexzero scan but.. CAN YOU DO IT XDDDDDDD INSTEAD. lol me and my yaoi-freakness

  3. YoruAngel866 Feb 13, 2009

    OMG O_O
    This is really beautiful, im really amazed, i even think that this is one of your best works.
    Oh and this image is [pure love <3 not to mention moving of yuuki XD
    great jobn sin chan :)

  4. Gardevoir Feb 13, 2009

    They look so cute together! And Zero is smiling! XD

  5. EevaLeena Feb 13, 2009

    You've finished it! >.< Great job on moving Yuuki! You did well there! And.. of course, the overall of the wall is amazing too!
    Happy Valentine's to you too! ^^

  6. selemental Banned Member Feb 13, 2009

    uwah sinever-sensei! D: ur luv for this surpasses all I've seen!
    It's very beautiful!

  7. Tina18 Feb 13, 2009

    The moment I saw it on the first page I was like Sinever had submitted her Valentine's work<3 Is just brilliant, from the skin shading, to the hair shading, wow, how do you do that? It looks amazing. It doesn't look creepy or anything, moving Yuuki was a great idea, they do look like lovers, and the details are done so well that one might think that this was the actual image. The patterns look good on the pillows, chair and wall, it gives the whole image a nice feeling. Me saying good job doesn't cover the work you did. Enjoy today to the fullest. Btw I just realized isn't it like 5 am there now? -___-

  8. erikamirou Feb 13, 2009

    omg you did it again >< i fell in love with it from the first time i saw it *__* i knew it was yours when i saw it on the frontpage XD ZERO <3333 >< Love the vector and that sofa! *__* so cute >w< highlight yourself please! XD but, wait... since you love vk, it means your a fangirl... do you thought about joining fangirl-mode-on ? either way, i'll highligt it XD

  9. Susan-chan Feb 13, 2009

    hehe..i wont tell ym opinion again from this pairing:D cause u alreday know!
    but what u did from that scan is really really awsome :3
    Happy Valentines Day:P
    ( i think its an unnecessary thing althought:D)

  10. jns Feb 13, 2009

    This is so pretty! And I pity that poor teddy >.< It's head is going to fall ut of the place with Zero's aggressiveness
    U really make amazing Vampire Knight walls

  11. Kairi-Hearts Feb 13, 2009

    omg! it's heeereeee! gosh...not great, you did amazing! *_*
    I was really looking forward to it (hoping for Zeki :3 ) and yay! it's gorgeous!
    I love how you made them together like that <33
    The makeup on Yuki makes her much more beautiful, and it was really a nice touch making zero hold the teddy bear :)
    ....I can't stop staring at zero....ah, I mean, at both XD
    I want this to be highlighted at Vector-Wallers!
    really...it's beautifully done! kyaah! *drools* I can't stop looking at him..ahh~I meant at the wall! <33

  12. KyuubiZlover Feb 13, 2009

    Ohhhhh its so pretty! I love this couple ^^; But all I gotta say is I love it! XD

  13. xay09 Feb 13, 2009

    really nice wall of these two
    they should've ended up with each other

  14. ASH-Hikari Feb 14, 2009

    Minna-san agrees!
    I squealed louder when I saw this then when I saw the Kaname wall 0_0 And I'm a KanamexYuuki fan!
    It is so frikkin cute, Yuuki looks too precious and Zero just looks adorable. It's just way too much to handle XD
    Perfect amazing vectoring and background as always, do I even have to say it? You're a master at this. The official VK waller of MT :P
    Oh and usually when people add makeup to a character it looks too fake, but I wouldn't have even known you did it yourself if you didn't say so 0_0
    Just wow, I want to stare at it forever (and I shall, when it's my desktop XD) Beautiful work, keep it up Sin-chan!

  15. CaMiLi Feb 14, 2009


    -______- i really don'T have any words, to described how wonderful the wall turned out and how splendid your work is x___X i think i will die .. EVEN zero is sooo hot in here *___*

    NOOO did i betray kaname mentally?!?!?! djsbjgnjdng *vitaa will hit me if she read this haha*

    wahhh sin-chan.. i totally fall in love with this *__+

    don't ya want to wall me this : Kaname x Yuki by epsilon86

    :( kaname needs more love from yuuki *g*

  16. darkgeass-Lelouch Feb 14, 2009

    my friend is going to die when she see this!
    she is VK fanatc....
    very awesome work! very good!
    just in time for valentines day

  17. lovelylayla Feb 14, 2009

    never really seen yuki in a dress, most of my walls has her in her uniform, beautiful and refreshing change indeed!

  18. Tifa-chan Feb 14, 2009

    OMG what a great job you did!
    you totally modified the scan and you did an amazing job! (as aways!)

  19. kit-kat Feb 14, 2009

    Beautiful vector! Your VK wallies so make me want to start reading the manga!

  20. BakagetaKoto Feb 14, 2009

    Nyau! Supaa kawaii desu! ^^ Suki desu! *favorites and downloads it*

    (I'm sad to replace the earlier Yuki-chan one you made, Sin-sama, but this one is very cool too!)

  21. temarigenius Feb 14, 2009

    You vectored Volume 9 cover!? *_*
    OMG! >.< And You took Kaname out :nya:
    I think that I like you version more than the original version XD
    I really don't know what to say because it's really perfect! >_< I can stare at this all day~ :D
    As expected from you Master :)
    And don't forget the another great pairing~> ShikixRima <3

  22. xxKurumi Feb 14, 2009

    Sinever, I am such a fan of your VK vector-walls, and your work in general. This, however, is undoubtedly one of my favorites of yours! Your detail in vectoring manga is so wonderful; I love watching each work you produce! This is so pretty and wonderful ~

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful work! (+ fav)

  23. kuryuki Feb 14, 2009

    whaaa ur work never cease to amaze me!
    XD i saw this vk wall in top rate and i was right it was urs =D

    merged: 02-14-2009 ~ 05:02am
    good job on the reconstruct i mean placing of the charas lol i was jst gonna be amazed at how u drew the hand before i read on

  24. ajkk Feb 14, 2009

    "ZeroXyuuki fans are lucky to have you."
    I entirely agree with your friend,Sinever sama! XD

    The work is one of indescribable beauty......
    I only can say what "I REALLY envy the teddy bear and Yuuki very much!">.<(BAKA?= _ =)

    It's the best VK img that I have seen even transcend original works!
    (That's ture. ;) )
    Thank you for your sharing~ TWT+

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