Vampire Knight Wallpaper: .:A Pureblood's Morning:.

Matsuri Hino, Vampire Knight, Kaname Kuran Wallpaper
Matsuri Hino Mangaka Vampire Knight Series Kaname Kuran Character

1920x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment


sin is here with another VK wallie ^_^' This wall is dedicated to EevaLeena :)

this picture of Kaname is one of my favorites, I thought that this picture would be the best to vector for kaname fans *hope I was right* cause he looks soooooooo beautiful in it T_T *sorry Zero*

as for the background since the vector's colors were bright & soft, I decided to make a bg with soft & bright colors too & I found a scan I downloaded here a long time ago *dont know which anime's scan it is* anyways I vectored & painted it & I thought that its looking good but when I asked my aunt for her opinion she said:"hmmm..............*silence*.....looks good" this "hmmm" made me rethink & then have doubts T_T I tried to make it look better & to make kaname stand out a bit but I failed T_T sorry kaname fans for disappointing you all, sin-chan really did her best T_T
for now please enjoy it -_- *depressed*

next wallie
I decided to take a break from VK & make a nice valentine wallie for everyone here, I started searching for a perfect scan here & before I noticed it I ended up in my VK gallery folder x_x HOW?
I tried to convince the VK freak inside me that there is no VK valentine's day picture there & went back again to MT to continue searching & then again I ended up in my VK gallery folder T_T I went through all the scans & THERE IS NO PERFECT SCAN! I stopped at one & kept on staring at it until an idea popped into my head & I ended up working on a VK wallie for Valentine's day -_- *sorry*

all the comments & favs are appreciated, I really enjoy reading your comments ;)


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  1. akira-sophia Jan 30, 2009

    he does look gorgeous...:D
    did you hear my screams?

  2. hendou Jan 30, 2009

    the wallpaper itself is nice.. but zero is way better.. LOL.. but i don't hate kaname..

  3. kira18 Jan 30, 2009

    omg! Sinever u r the best in VK walling. XDDD I absolutely LOVEEE your wallpapers and this one is just GORGEOUS. :DDDD *favs instantly* Thanks soooooo much. I love Kaname and ur wallie absolutely stunning! *Can I please ask for more VK wallie Sinever? XDDDD*
    instant +favs

  4. aneznam Jan 30, 2009

    omg! beautiful!
    don't be sad... i think we're not disappointed :D (how could we be? xD)
    now i'm looking foward to my widescreen monitor even more... and this, this is going on desktop first xD
    <3 :3

  5. EevaLeena Jan 30, 2009

    Ehhh? For me? Never expected that ^_^'
    Well, it's true that I'm not much a fan of VK, or Kaname.. but your VK works always so beautiful *drools*. And this one is no exception. I love your painting styles... and those background was lovely too. The soft color really matched with Kaname soft expressions! And you choose such a beautiful image of Kaname too! Hey! I'm thinking of falling for him now *laugh* Can I? X-P
    Anyways, thanks for the dedication, though! And I can't wait to see your Valentine works! >.< Although.. I have to say that Syaoran/Sakura ones was supposed to be my Valentine works. Well, at least, that's what I had in mind before ^_^'

  6. lildevil8200 Jan 30, 2009

    i can't scream over kaname but he IS gorgeous in this wall XD well done !

  7. vitaamin Jan 30, 2009


  8. Tina18 Jan 30, 2009

    He's gorgeous. I like a lot your lines, and you did the shading soo good. It's always a pleasure to see your works.The wallpaper looks great.

  9. YoruAngel866 Jan 30, 2009

    this is beautiful sin chan, i love the vector, background, everything is just so awesome! fantastic job!
    also background is excellent & kaname sama is so beautiful XD

  10. kunogi09midori Jan 30, 2009


    It's another amazing VK wall from Sinever Daisensei! Midori-chan is a big kaname supporter! I love the color of Kaname's eyes. *Kyaa~*

  11. MissyG Jan 30, 2009

    I am SO changing my wallpaper to this~~ I could stare at it forever. ?

  12. monicayurie Jan 30, 2009

    OMG! I'm away for a couple of weeks and when I return I just open the frontpage and see the thumbnail of Kaname's wall! And by Sin-chan! Ureshii! *-* I so knew it was yours... the perfection of the vector couldn't mistaken me!
    Oh, Sin-chan! I'm delighted with this wallpaper. Kaname's figure is so beautiful, but so beautiful... your vector is so freaking gorgeous it's scary!
    The bg suits the vector and its colors perfectly. It's no disappointment to anyone! Everything's so beautiful!
    *Out of words.... right now I can only admire your wall....*
    I just saw you've posted two other VK wallpapers before this one... so sorry I didn't comment.... but I hadn't seen them till today... *embarassed....*
    You know I love your walls and one of the main reasons why I access MT is to check your work. :)
    And I'll looking forward your next VK - Valentine's Day wallpaper!
    Ja ne... ;)
    Kisu, kisu!
    Congrats, Sin-chan! This wallpaper is one of

  13. epsilon86 Jan 30, 2009

    Kaname is so dashing! So beautiful!

  14. erikamirou Jan 30, 2009

    omg >< i never liked Kaname that much but woooow Sinever-san, you rockz!
    Somehow you made him so "not-stupid-Kaname-like" and i really like it that way!
    I just love the background! i'm glad you didn't went with a cloudy wall (btw, i have to spot making so many cloudy walls >< ) and this background suits him just well ^^ btw, WHERE ARE YOU TAKING THIS SCANS FROM? i've been working on a vk wall too, but don't really like the scan that much >< i was looking for something else ><
    Have nothing more to say ^^ just that i admire you very much and that you rock, and that i love you painting skills and don't ever doubt of your works, that's not good, i mean, if you don't like it, who else does? Meka your works like it was going to be your last one XD
    woow for the big comment >< Keep up the wonderful job! ^^

  15. jns Jan 30, 2009

    Let me try to recompose a bit so I can overcome the fangirl part of me that's going nuts ^_^'
    Your vectors are so perfect I can't even describe them! And the background fits so well! Seems like I have to change my desktop
    And I don't mind at all that your valentine's project will be VK!

  16. norine07 Jan 30, 2009

    omg! sin-chan! love the wallie~ <3 kaname~ XD lovely painted wall~ indeed a work of art~ <3

  17. Susan-chan Jan 30, 2009

    wonderful Kaname <3 luvs him
    but..oh noo xD...i bet u will do a zeroxyuuki valentine's day wally xD i wont like that pairing XD
    well whatever^^"
    this ones look great thats the main thing:D

  18. kuryuki Jan 30, 2009

    rawr another beautiful wall indeed
    ur basicly owning the vk gallery!
    this walls a bit too dull in color for my taste but it's still beautiful
    i wish it had more color
    nontheless it's great to stare at <33

  19. kiraadesu Jan 30, 2009

    OMG i love this wall, thanks for sharing ... kaname looks really cool

  20. Straawbeeryy Jan 30, 2009

    Blah... don`t really like Kaname`s personality but I can`t deny it. HE. IS. SO. DROP. DEAD. GORGEOUS. XDD
    I actually like the soft pastelic colors alot. <33 And the vector is simply beautiful.
    *hopes for Zero for Valentine* Because I`m a dedicated Zero fangirl. :3

  21. Koboshi93 Jan 30, 2009

    hummm yeah finally a vector of kaname *_*
    Nice color, I love the detail on his hair very nice

  22. Tainaka Jan 30, 2009

    Not that to say!
    He is beautiful really you did a exelente work
    Thank you very much to share it =)

  23. Rayzi Jan 30, 2009

    ................................ O_O I think this is the best Kaname wallpaper I've ever seen EVER! I love the colors! And the layout and concept is so different from what a lot of the other VK walls are like. It's almost like a "Of COURSE Kaname is a prince!" Kind of wall. Great job! :D

  24. trofikabinet Jan 30, 2009

    So damn beautiful..I'm speechless even if I don't like Kaname:)
    Sinever-sama, you are really the best VK waller ever! ;)
    + fav

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