Clannad Wallpaper: ::In the Land of the Morning Star::

Kyoto Animation, Clannad, Nagisa Furukawa Wallpaper
Kyoto Animation Studio Clannad Series,Visual Novel Nagisa Furukawa Character

1920x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Dedicated to Ash-Hikari ^^ (merry christmas ^^'''' )

yaay my first Nagisa work! XD i never liked her that much, but i liked the screenshot, so XD

I really thought of vectoring her, but i really like to paint skin, so i ended up buy painting her skin and vectoring her hair. I have been changing every clothes on my works, so this one was no exception XD I never thought of making the wall as the sreenshot, this was my idea from th start XD but I was afraid the the grass would cover her head too much, either way, i went on with it ^^
There's not much more to say about this, really XD and i like short descriptions XD
I used brushes for the grass, painted the clouds, and that's it... it took me around 3- hours to make this (vector and wall)
Well,I just hope you like it ^^

vectory celestial-luminesse sakura--cb vector-wallers kyoani-fans fangirl-mode-on cafe-tb

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  1. YoruAngel866 Jan 26, 2009

    This one is beautiful, i love how the grass turned out.
    Vector is awesome, and i love everything about it. Well done!

  2. vitaamin Jan 26, 2009

    theres really not much for me to say that i havent already said on your works before =="
    but what really stands out for me on this one is the fabulous combination of colors, its so bright and cheery--it makes anyone looking at it feel so good inside XD

    lol and i dont think it looks like nagisa at all >< i thought it was from like romeo and juliet or something.

    oh and what are you saying, your clouds are so much better than mine o_0

    merged: 01-27-2009 ~ 12:06am
    oh i just noticed, you might want to check the bow in her hair, i think there are some color leaks ^^;

  3. xay09 Jan 27, 2009

    nice and peaceful wallpaper
    nicely done too

  4. Rella Jan 27, 2009

    Ohh, this is sooo pretty! I love the colors used here and the vectoring is amazing. Good job! =D

  5. blackrose07 Jan 27, 2009

    its a very lovely wallpaper.. the backgrounds really awesome.. very peaceful.. and nagisa seems ready for a kiss.. llol..

  6. kyosuke Jan 27, 2009

    Sudden appeareance of (extremely) cute Nagisa pics = win.

    Me wants more of MAH Kotomi, though ;_;

  7. kuryuki Jan 27, 2009

    everything's beautiful!
    wow didnt notice it was clannad lol
    the only part i dont like much is the flowery things inthe grass >.>
    wow it's amazing u came up with this form the screenshot!

  8. Gardevoir Jan 27, 2009

    Quote by kyosukeMe wants more of MAH Kotomi, though ;_;

    Agreed. Nagisa is so beautiful, but Kotomi is too cute for words. :D

    Anyway, this is such a lovely picture.

    *prepares for sadness in the next episode* -_-

  9. EevaLeena Jan 27, 2009

    This is cute! >.< Love the colors you use... but her dress remind me of Snow White ^^ I dunno why! But it's really beautiful.. Anyways, love those grass too!

  10. Tifa-chan Jan 27, 2009

    your wall is os lovely!
    the vector is great abd the bg too!\o/
    congratulations for the beautiful work!^_^

  11. ASH-Hikari Jan 28, 2009

    Omigosh, this is for me? Thank you so much! I love it!
    Nagisa looks so sweet and innocent and her clothes make her look like a princess ^^ Makes me think that this is a fairytale version of Nagisa.
    I absolutely love it, her skin is so soft and the background so spring-like, I can't believe you did this for me! Arigatou! <33

  12. LystikinenaXP Jan 28, 2009

    Aww that's so pretty! I love how peaceful she looks ^^. Seems like Nagisa is in a very wonderful dream :). She looks like a princess ^^. Nice work!~


  13. ShanaFlare Jan 28, 2009

    omg! the wall is magnificent^^ the bg and vector are nicely done :D great job:)

  14. jns Jan 28, 2009

    Her dress kinda reminds mo of snow white too.. Must be cos of those ballooned sleeves
    Anyway.. I love the way you painted her skin

  15. Straawbeeryy Jan 30, 2009

    Woot for more Clannad. <33
    Nagisa looks so calming here. I love her skin. I also love her new clothes. It`s so princess-like.
    Gosh, I gotta catch up with my Clannad. .___.
    The background is also gorgeous though I wish the flowers in the grass weren`t red and yellow. Those colors just don`t really go together to me.

  16. Roxyslife Feb 02, 2009

    this wallpaper really gives you a warm feeling...so peaceful...

  17. nanuka Feb 07, 2009

    wow awesome so good it's perfect too beautiful ^^

  18. akika Feb 07, 2009

    Woah so pretty and peaceful...very nice wallpaper! Thanks for sharing..

    merged: 02-22-2009 ~ 02:20pm
    I wish i could sleep like her...
    the wallpaper is sooooo beautiful! Very nicely done~

  19. dokukamedesu Mar 05, 2009

    wow so beautiful!

  20. shyjoy Mar 08, 2009

    she is soo cute^^

    i like it..very nice..

  21. IzumiChan Apr 01, 2009

    Love it! You turned such a plain image in something so cool and dreamy~ :D
    Is there a 5:4 version? Or even 3:4? I'd love to use it... *__*
    Great work!~

  22. Evangelynn Jul 22, 2009

    She's lovely ^^

  23. Wendo Sep 13, 2009

    ohhhh nice wall"

  24. kurotsuki14 Sep 19, 2009

    Opps some how I put autumn on tags when It post be Spring. How don't how to remove the autumn from tag. And Sorry I get things mix up in my head those days.
    Other then that Beautiful wallpaper :)

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