Dogs: Bullets and Carnage Wallpaper: Towards the Horizon

Dogs: Bullets and Carnage, Nill Wallpaper
Dogs: Bullets and Carnage Series Nill Character

1920x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

I just can't pass a cute Nill scan if I see one. She's so adorable and even that hound is loveable as a puppy. I almost worked nonstop on this scan because I found it so darn cute that I wanted to turn it into a wallpaper as soon as possible.

I set myself one guideline for this wallpaper: No smudging or painting.
The only exception to this rule are Nills lips, everything else is based on vectoring and gradient. For the background I chose this Aria scan. It was incredibly hard for me to resist smudging especially for the background but I tried to see it through.
The textures and patterns I used were taken from: DA!, Deviantart and Hybrid Genesis.

Not really a wallpaper fitting the christmas season but I'm already sick of winter so I won't make anything in that direction either. I miss spring and summer. :hmpf:

depths-of-sound vector-wallers

Have a merry Christmas. Other resolutions will be available on AP.

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Browse Dogs: Bullets and Carnage Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. Kitaan Retired Moderator Dec 21, 2008

    You did a great job, really this is beautiful.
    I love the vector, it's so pretty and her face looks great.
    I wish I didn't need to do smudging and such, I suck
    and doing anything else so I have to rely on it =.=;
    But you never know, I'm a bit inspired to do something
    like this now that you've did it :3

  2. christabel92 Dec 21, 2008

    This really beautiful...I love everything about it :)

  3. Piccolobear Dec 21, 2008

    I have instant love for this wall because the concept is so simple and so well executed, with very clever use of colour. ^_^
    Great work!

  4. YoruAngel866 Dec 21, 2008

    this is absolutely beautiful :D
    awesome vector as well, background is so simple yet so awesome :D great job

  5. sailorchiron Dec 21, 2008

    Really nice work, I love the summery background (it's freaking cold in Oklahoma today). The simplicity is visually appealing and sets a really interesting, sorta calm mood.

  6. Melisandre Dec 21, 2008

    Nice one. I like the perspective you gave the wallie with the clouds, cool :D

  7. MapleRose Retired Moderator Dec 21, 2008

    wahh this is beautiful! I esp love the way you vectored the background, with the vectored shadings that makes it look like it's painted :) And the colours, I love the bright spring colours you used (esp since it's winter where I am XD) , and the scene fits her pose very well ^^

  8. ayumi-90 Dec 21, 2008

    Wowww beautiful wallpaper, I love it! The clouds and the flowers... kyaa it's amazing. ;)

  9. Idril Dec 21, 2008

    Such awesome bg *o*

    I just luv it besides the simple colors, effects and elements ;)

    +favs for the great job!

  10. Kairi-Hearts Dec 21, 2008

    aww..I started vectoring this two months ago...
    but wow, it's beautiful *_*
    love the way you vectored her, and the bg is so gorgeous! Really great use of gradients!
    It's so awesome how you didn't paint nor smudge, I don't think I could've resisted ^_^'
    Beautiful work :D

  11. monster33 Dec 22, 2008

    Vector nicely done, the background suits perfectly the girl^^
    Love your wallie :D
    big up!

  12. dslassey Dec 22, 2008

    It's in widescreen! T_T

    I so wish I could use this my desktop... Oh well, I'll just admire it for all eternity.
    Geez, Anja, do you ever not... AWESOME? Is it like impossible for you to not be epic in every way?
    Don't answer that, since you can't.

    Anyway, I really like that you vectored 99.98% of the wall - makes everything look so... fresh, and sharp, ya know? And I love how the brick road goes on forever... only if it were gold, eh? ;)

    I'll go now, before I come off sounding like some rabid fanboy... >_>

  13. pandemonium91 Retired Moderator Dec 22, 2008

    I know I just found my new desktop :D And unlike Dev complaining, I love the widescreen version because it's the one I need.
    At first I thought "What an incredible painting job!", then I read that you didn't paint at all (aside from the lips), which left me stunned :o Seriously, it's just awesome! Everything looks so soft and dreamy - the grass in the foreground is yet another thing that has my deep respect, not to mention the road (which is pure love) and the vector of the girl (can a vector from a b&w manga scan get any better than this?!)
    All in all, I'm going to end my fangirl rant here, even thought I feel like I could go on and on for hours ^_^' Great work; it's going to be on my desktop for quite a while, I guarantee that!

  14. vitaamin Dec 22, 2008

    .. why are you such a genius! jesus, i thought dalarty from ap was the only one would could make a vexel look like painting, although i have to say you do it more effortlessly. the field is just awesome, although i really would have liked the clouds to be painted (><)

    and that is not my favorite scan of nill because i think her expression is somewhat harsh, but i have to say the way you vectored her makes her look more angelic and basically transforms the scan into something i love =]

  15. xxKurumi Dec 22, 2008

    I'm seriously in love with this wallpaper. I love the softness of the background and the wicked lines of the vector. I don't know, it's just seriously amazing. The vector is gorgeous, and the background beautiful ~ Genius, I say! It's all dreamy and smoothe, I like the feel. And this may sound weird, but the grass is so darn cute.

    Wonderful job! (Fav'd)

  16. Sinever Dec 22, 2008

    this is soooooooooooo beautiful, everything looks perfect :D
    & I found my new desktop too XD
    well done & its a fav ;)

  17. Katkoota Dec 23, 2008

    Great idea i love it :)

  18. Tekopp Dec 23, 2008

    Nill! Oh god, this is so pretty! The dog is priceless. I didn't even know there was a DOGS category - gotta rampage it. Thank you ~

  19. Esther-Louis Jan 11, 2009

    ack! this was so beautifully done! i love Nill!

  20. Freyanen Jan 14, 2009

    Beautiful wallpaper! O_O no words...

  21. lucifersaya Feb 23, 2009

    This girl is so pretty! I like her bright eyes.
    looks soo very good Passion!

  22. lastwilight Feb 26, 2009

    Wonderful job! Nill is so cute!

  23. dokukamedesu Mar 05, 2009

    beutiful wallpaper ^^

  24. butter-chama Mar 21, 2009

    waaa nill looks beautiful in this wallpaper
    awesome work
    thanks for sharing

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