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Hello everyone and especially Devilet!
This wallpaper is my present for her Birthday, March the 26th.

You already know how much I like you and that you're already really important to me. I know, I already told you that you'll ask me for something you won't understand. But I decided to translate it just for you, the title of that wallpaper "Unerreichbare Liebe" It's german and should say something like "unreachable love".
You know, we're living that far away from each other, so it's like we can never reach each other. The dark sky in the background symbolises the distance.
So you see, I brought feelings into that wallpaper!

I still can't vector sorry, but I hope you still like and appreciate my work! You told me that Tinkerbell is one of your favourite artists and I kept that in mind. His arts also inspires me.

Like I said earlier: I hope our friendship never ends!

About the Wallpaper:

Title: Unerreichbare Liebe (=unreachable love)
Resolution: 1440x900
Scan from: e-shuushuu.net
BG from the sky taken by Templa
Character by Tinkerbell

Cause MT doesn't accept that resolution Devilet is using I uploaded it on one of my webservers where you can get it:

~ Download 1440x900 version~
(link comes soon, webserver currently down)

Denis, Templa
(Devilets nii-chan desu~)

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  1. Devilet Mar 28, 2008


    I really like it nii-chan! I couldn't ask for a better present, especially since you created something, shows a lot more thought.
    No idea how you had the patience to extract that scan, but you did it perfectly.
    I seen a lot of walls with clouds and such, but I think with colour scheme you put, it looks different. Dark... but yeah, I see what you mean from the description.

    Btw, before looking at the translation I thought it was Unreachable Love, sorta has resemblance, plus I remember what liebe meant. Thanks for this lovely wallpaper! and that's a nice shot of the sky.

  2. gemini3 Mar 28, 2008

    Beautyful, i love the gothic girls, great wall! ! !...

  3. PrairieDogGuy2006 Mar 29, 2008

    Seeing this wonderful submission makes me think of the dreamers out there who hope for the future, pray for real peace and yearn to be free and happy. Seeing her makes me think of the innocence she possesses. The light rays behind the gurl makes me think of the Sun as it radiates the lite. The clouds and the blue skies gives the submission a more "3 D look" The details of the Gothic gurl, just superb :-)
    Thanxs for the share :-)

  4. KiyanaIkebana Mar 29, 2008

    Wow! This wallpaper is very beautiful and amazing too! I very love it.
    Aber warum gerade den titel - Unerreichbare Liebe ? Very good job!

  5. NobuxD Mar 29, 2008

    Very beautiful! :] Love the sky! It makes me think of my future for some reason :3

  6. xKai Mar 29, 2008

    Lovely sky you taken there the blending with the character was pretty too
    Nice and simple keep up the good work =D

  7. templa Mar 29, 2008

    Quote by KiyanaIkebanaWow! This wallpaper is very beautiful and amazing too! I very love it.
    Aber warum gerade den titel - Unerreichbare Liebe ? Very good job!

    Hehe thank you! Did you read the "description" I wrote? There is the explanation ^^

    Thank you very much and I'm really glad Devilet likes it <3

  8. ichi-ni Mar 29, 2008

    quite nice i like this wall especially the scan really kawai this girl
    otherwise about the wall it seems to be a little empty maybe with some bird it would be a little more nice
    and more i love the effect you put on the text pretty original
    really good job ;)

  9. x-lawss Mar 29, 2008

    Very nice wallpaper you have here XD
    Thanks for sharing!

  10. Hanahanoiday Mar 29, 2008

    Wallpaper not have to be in vector,that can in normal version be,but art must the person bewitch.And i like more yours wallpaper than himself vectors!^^ This background really depressive,but with this wallpaper looks that very pretty and this girl too.Unerreichbare Liebe ooo wie romantisch,ich hoffe,dass du schon deine grosse Liebe getroffen hast... ;)

  11. templa Mar 29, 2008

    Quote by HanahanoidayUnerreichbare Liebe ooo wie romantisch,ich hoffe,dass du schon deine grosse Liebe getroffen hast... ;)

    Hehe danke, freut mich das die mein Wallpaper gefaellt ^^
    Naja Freundinnen hatte ich schon, aber grosse Liebe? War noch keine der Fall..

    Thanks everyone, I'll upload a bigger version soon~

  12. Pochi-kun Mar 30, 2008

    Very beautiful, added to my favs, thx.

  13. Kaisuke90 Mar 30, 2008

    Cutie cuute! <3 hehehe What does the name mean?

    merged: 03-31-2008 ~ 01:36am
    owow I just read the description XD nvm

  14. Koboshi93 Mar 31, 2008

    nice wall

  15. suzune Apr 02, 2008

    I love her <333

  16. Offkorn Apr 03, 2008

    Fantastic, fantastic, job. The colors, the clouds, the lines of the scan...they all compliment one another, blending everything together beautifully.

  17. pooolj Apr 04, 2008

    wow very beautiful, the clouds an colors are great, very good job

  18. rala Apr 23, 2008

    How pretty! Great background! Amazing work^_^

  19. Eriker Apr 28, 2008

    Just one thing I can say...Beautiful...

  20. Galtrann Jul 30, 2008

    Pretty wall, templa
    Your bg is great, the extracting is just perfect, the text is also good *-*
    +favs o/

  21. AngelHiwatari Sep 05, 2008

    O: i like the wallie.....especially the scan....8D is there an original to the scan?

  22. templa Sep 07, 2008

    thanks, here is the original scan: http://moe.imouto.org/post/show/10358/fixme-tinkerbell-tinkle

  23. xpaulax Apr 05, 2009

    oo i love it! the girl so cute

  24. carbon14 Apr 20, 2009

    fantastic man! thanks too much

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