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I'm exhausted. Period.

It has been so damn long since the last time I submitted something. School is the responsible once again. School and those ****ing IGCSE exams that make my school life even worse D: I'm taking the English, Spanish and maths.
But well, I started this on September, 20. Yeah...looooooooong time ago. I'm a slow vectorer so, whatever. This wall was supposed to be finished by last Friday, but I went to a party instead. Lol. :pacman:

What else....oh yeah, I remember now.
I WENT TO INCUBUS definitely a night to remember. C:

To the wall:
I don't what the hell was going on my head when I started this. I just don't know. The scan is from Traditional Illustration. Thanks Pammy <3 for that, 'cause if it wasn't for her Misery Business wall I wouldn't have discovered the coolness of T.I.

Question and Sort of Answers: (Things I think you would wonder 'bout this wall)
Q. Why the right hand looks so weird?
A. Because whoever hand was actually weird. Look -> Click

Q. Why Blue?
A. Hmmm...Because it matches my Userpage :nerd:

Q. Seriously, why Blue
A. ...Ok, Because I love blue and I was fed up of pink-girly walls!

Q. Dude, what about the Kunie Kanbara wall you were planning to do!?
A. The scans are still lying on my PC, but I just can't came with an Idea for them. And I needed a break of Kunie Kanbara. :I

Q. Where can I the scan?
A. Here

Q. Why are you taking the Spanish IGCSE exam? You speak spanish, don't you?!
A. I know! It's retarted! And the Spanish one was the most difficult of all! (I already took both Spanish exams and the written part of the English exam, I have to take the English Listening exam and the Maths exam in the next weeks)

Q. Both?! Two exams of each?!
A. *nods*

Enough blabbering. Enjoy because I don't wall/vector neither Carnelian nor Gundam.

More Resolution @
EDD.................that's currently on maintenance. :I But you can always check Moonlight Rhapsody for more randon things ;)

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  1. Chloe Retired Moderator Oct 25, 2007

    OMG YAY!
    Love the vectoring and the simple background works really well! As I've said before, the whole concept is pretty awesome, but I think I prefer the one without the eyeballs.
    But still, great job!

  2. cheza2283 Oct 26, 2007

    This is a totally awesome wallie! It is so creative and I love the coloring of the hair. Great Job!

  3. gaara-no-shukaku Oct 26, 2007

    Traditional illustration scans are awesome. This wall is more awesome. Simply lovely, with such details on the hair. *__* I enjoyed viewing this, including the text, those hands, and it's blue!

  4. SharinganKnight Oct 26, 2007

    the hair, dear god the hair. so much of it.

    the only weird thing is when the hair meets with the forehead...it shouldn't be so abrupt. other than that; power to you.

  5. abul Oct 26, 2007

    hairs crazy!
    though i completely agree with sharinganknight about the hair/frohead :x
    fave ;)

  6. annakee Oct 27, 2007

    if i put myself like that, my nose'll bleed >__<"
    love that hair, as everybody said. although still i don't know anybody that has so much hair XD
    greatness is what i see. congratzzzzZZZ! time to zzleep

  7. alterlier Oct 27, 2007

    very cool and neat, I also like the hair but my favorite part are definitely the hands, they look so clean and dreamy (your sign it's actually bothering a little bit), my desktop looks awesome, coolie coolie.

  8. pamkips Oct 27, 2007

    Ahhhh now I have to type everything agaaiiinnn T_T ((Accidentally closed the window))

    Lol, Fran I <3 what you wrote at the bottom :D You, Incubus whore, you C:
    I love the simplicity and blueness, plus it reminds me of..........something

    I can't help but feel like I started something :3 Wuuurrrddd.

  9. soujiokita Oct 28, 2007

    Something about the hair looks funky, as said above. Nevertheless, the hair looks really cool! For some reason, those eyes creep me out. Anyway, keep up the great work! :) +fav

  10. DarthTofu Nov 05, 2007

    Wow, I love it. Hands...! and so much hair! It's so pretty!
    you went to Incubus! Lucky. XD

    um... I'm out of things to say, but now I feel like I want to say more.

  11. heavens-Dragon Dec 25, 2007

    AHHH!~ So cool yet kinda of creepy at the same time but in a good way. I haven't seen such a unique wallpaper in a long time! Crazy hair, crazy hair, must have taken you a while to do!

    Hands! Nice detailing and I think that's what gives the wallpaper that creepy feeling LOL

    Awesome title that totally expresses the wallpaper!

  12. flyindance Feb 05, 2008

    simple n nice

  13. winrykawaii Sep 11, 2008

    great image! i love it!

  14. anju27 Mar 30, 2011

    Love you for sharing^^

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