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hey, For the (Minimalist) Inspiration Project @ Simple-ism, yeah go guess how fast I was with this

it was pretty fun, cant deny it, do all those stupid lines, I'm not doing it again however or at least I'm giving it a couple months of break

there's this thing we all have, this unexpected thing we keep underneath our skirts, we dont hide it though, and sometimes we are kind of proud to just know we have it, even if we are the only ones knowing, another times we have it but say instead that they are crazy things no one should care about and we refuse to idea of it's existence even if in the inside we are thinking the opposite, we all have this attraction for this unattractive thing, we know that some reason made it bad and because we dont even bother to know if it was actually bad we decide to call it, well I like to call it, our fresh strawberries, we carry all the time this huge basket cases with all kinds of random thoughs, ideas that we want to do or make real but that to our eyes are just impossible, for some weird reason it makes it fun, the fact that we hide it and we try so hard to keep everyone clueless, make us curious beings, make us funny things, make us humans.

in the wall the attraction goes for drugs and psychedelics things, why? dont know, I just wanted, is that my hidden wish? who knows, maybe I just like to draw pill bottles

the scan again from that weird traditional gallery, Here, it's a dude! (in the scan, I fixed that little issue)..yeah I know



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  1. Chloe Retired Moderator Sep 19, 2007

    It's a dude?! I though it was a girl with no boobs! XO

    But anyway, funky colors and the line-y-ness is awesome. Nicely done!

  2. DarthTofu Sep 19, 2007

    woah, line-ness and funky colors. xD Can't find the right word that I want to describe it with. Dx
    "well I like to call it, our fresh strawberries" lol. xD

    I really like the scan. xD

  3. pamkips Sep 19, 2007

    Yes, please keep making lovely walls from these scans.
    Simple and insanely awesome.

  4. fawna-chan Sep 20, 2007

    Oh my god. That's a dude?!
    Aaaaamazing work with the lines.

  5. annakee Sep 20, 2007

    qu3d0 b13n a51 51n c4m8105.

  6. Fran Retired Moderator Sep 20, 2007

    It's a dude! O_o
    The lines are pure love.
    This makes me want walling something of the traditional illustrations.

  7. Piccolobear Sep 21, 2007

    Dude in a dress, showering drugs...I love it. XD
    Interesting technique, the overall effect reminds me of those, um, 'things' where you scratch away the black surface to reveal copper and gradually build up a picture.

    Quote by alterlierit was pretty fun, cant deny it, do all those stupid lines, I'm not doing it again however or at least I'm giving it a couple months of break

    Can it be a choice? I choose 'a couple months break' cause I think this style has a lot of potential and I want see something else done like this. [But I'm too lazy to do it myself X-P]

  8. gaara-no-shukaku Sep 21, 2007

    Those lines look simply cool, besides the colour is nice. Maybe abit too detailed at certain parts, and too empty on the other, maybe that's just me. But it's obviously pretty in its minimalism.

  9. chubbykitty Sep 22, 2007

    Whoa, the lines are very eye-catchy. It's really something different; great work!

  10. eyza Nov 26, 2007


  11. Anjhurin Sep 16, 2008

    That is a very simple bg, yet quite appealing to the eye. Somehow i am more attracted to the black bg that to the character, wondering if there is something hidden in it ^_^'
    But i love the lines anyway.

    Good job !

    PS yeah, i guess the chin definitely makes him a guy :)

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