Kao no nai Tsuki Wallpaper: Sweet Sunset

Carnelian, Kao no nai Tsuki, Mizuna Kuraki, Vector Art Wallpaper
Carnelian Mangaka Kao no nai Tsuki Series,Visual Novel Mizuna Kuraki Character Vector Art Source

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

First of all, excuse me for the title. XD
And, secondly, this is my submission for carnelian-sworld's contest! (finally~ >u<'')

Okay, so, the theme was serenity. I went through my saved carnelian scans and looked for one that was serene, big enough to wall and that haden't been used so much before... I didn't find any, of course. XD XD

So, after thinking a while on "would I dare to vector a carnelian scan?" I just though I'd do it and leave the thinking for later. Here's the result. XD XD

I didn't vector it keeping my mind on all the details and gradients and such~ I went for a more easy way. :D (easy on the eyes, but that made my work easier too~ XD )
Keeping the easy-flowy-non-realistical feel, I drew the fence free-handed. :D (If it looks twisted, it's on purpose~ XD)

The BG was made with terragen and then vectored, so it wouldn't stand that much difference comparing to Mizuna's vector~ But you see, I used some cutout effects, didn't vectored it completely manually~ XD

Original Scan: THIS , got on AetherReality. (I know, I didn't keep Suzuna... she was on my way, sorry. XD )

1280x1024 version: OMG HERE! XD

That's all~ my next project is another birthday present I'm really late on making~ >w<''
See ya there! ;D

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  1. moonescape Oct 07, 2007

    I must admit soemthing about this is really sweet. It's not the different colour of tones from the scan or the shading to light. I think she looks quite round I think because of the outlines. XD

    Though realyl this is wonderful and so is the scenery which I mostly struggle in. OX

  2. DarthTofu Oct 07, 2007

    I really like the way you vectored this. It's cute.

  3. abul Oct 07, 2007

    vectoring is a bit sleazy but still it looks good =)
    fave ;)

  4. KiyanaIkebana Oct 07, 2007

    Nice! i like it! Very good job!

  5. Fran Retired Moderator Oct 07, 2007

    Cool one!
    What I like the most of this is the originality, vectoring Carnelian is a big pain, but doing something different with a Carnelian scan rather than vectoring to the perfection is definitely better, you get points for that.
    I really like the background, looks so pretty!
    Excellent one, keep it up :3

  6. saki-xan Oct 07, 2007

    I like here the mountains and the sky, but I believe that the bar was deserving a texture ^^ You could have left the ends of the line in top/thin, this does not take a lot of time ^^ + fav! XD

  7. ASH-Hikari Oct 07, 2007

    Pretty wall, nicely done :)
    (And sorry for the lame comment >_< *is in a hurry*)

  8. enchantment Oct 08, 2007

    the background is nice and simple and its interesting since you used cutout :) it would have been nice if the other side had a bit more details and colour [hope i havent offended you ^_^' ] however i really like the soft colours you used :D and the vector itself is really nicely done :) nice wall~^^

  9. eternallegend Oct 08, 2007

    i like the simple look of the background and the way you did the railing :D the effect of cutout is neat although the detail on one side seems to overpower the other side a bit too much ^_^' [hope i didnt offend you ^_^'] the soft colours blend well and the vector is done well :) nice wall ^^

  10. Nightrane Oct 09, 2007

    This vector is so cute. :D

  11. Angi Retired Moderator Oct 09, 2007

    the vector i ssimple, looks soft and gives the feeling of a serene sunset ne
    hey see the clouds the brighter color seems like a bunny ^^ (or like a fat bird ne >.<)
    overall nice wall !

  12. Lariel Oct 11, 2007

    *slams head against door* I should really add you to my watchlist to be updated on your works. x_x
    Wonderful piece of vector, but I think the color of Mizuna's hair looks a bit weird though. The outlines really makes her look...*wrecks head for a word* >.<

  13. CosmoStar Oct 12, 2007

    I really liked what you did with the scan! Yay! The BG looks lovely!
    Mizuna shurely looks serene and happy but those strong oranges gives me a sense of desperation! O_o Sorry...
    But I like it very much... Mizuna's vector looks so good! *__*
    Congrats my dear!

  14. norine07 Oct 14, 2007

    omg! beautiful~ the colours are really nice and the blending is really nice the vector is really smooth and detailed~ XD nic3~~~~~~~~

  15. kaitouThea Oct 26, 2007

    Another great work IzumiChan! ^_^

  16. Shidonachi Nov 10, 2007

    It is so pretty! :) :) :) :) :)

  17. auraderecca Nov 12, 2007

    Nice. I agree it's so pretty and sweet.
    Gives me a refreshing feel!

  18. ikijibiki Nov 30, 2008

    This vector turned out really great~ the subtle color palette is lovely too ^__^

  19. socchi0105 Feb 21, 2009

    well done! this is very nice! i could feel the sunset breeze :D she seems to be alone..

  20. holykin Mute Member Apr 12, 2009

    So ThAnK Wow Nice !

  21. Apocalypse Mar 18, 2010

    Good Very Gooooood! Beautifuuuuuuul Desktop! Tanks!

  22. lelouchx Feb 20, 2011

    Nice! i like it!
    thks for sharing

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