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Sekirei, Shiina (Sekirei) Wallpaper
Sekirei Series Shiina (Sekirei) Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

I would like to pronounce my love for girly boys without feeling being padded on my head the insignia of GAY. Really I would, so just because I wall a bishonen doesn't mean I am doing it for real.

But I will cut the story and the whining short, and go ahead anyway.

Making the wall was a manner of appreciating what other people don't dare to do, doing something that others often enough deem to be something they dare not touch, etc, girls who don't touch the ecchi genre, guys who refuse to wall ecchi, girls who think that hentai is bad etc etc etc.

Whatever the thought, it was nice just touching a subject I find approval for sometimes. The idea was inspired after watching Perfume, The Story of a Murderer, now why didn't I think of that before? PERFUME!

The original idea was something a bit more bold, even planning to add a perfume bottle (I was looking at Hugo Boss' latest bottle), and then also a name to go with it, after being inspired by the movie "Perfume - Story of a Murderer" and was inspired by no other than the killer Jean Baptise Grenouile. The idea of scent is really a strange thing, next to light, it is the most heavily manipulative force in nature, and can manipulate the thoughts of man so easily it is as if you can control the world with it, and truth to be said, that is scientifically proven. In the world of the Perfume - Story of a Murderer, the greatness of the sense of smell was most elaborated to a man whose life revolve around his extraordinary gift of smell.

So I guess the idea was then transpired to how much the story talked much about unachieveable love and change of nature etc etc, but that is not much of an importance, really, the whole surprising thing was why I chose to make this wall now when it was left empty without a scan to match and all of a sudden... BISHONEN! Is that worth getting surprised about? YES INDEED, Devildude/Omni the Perv has decided to reach his evil hands to touch the bosoms of beautiful boys, OH NOES! JOIN NOW IN OUR QUEST! JOIN sekirei TODAY! Massive Boobs and Beauties awaits!

What prompted this? I guess it was a hike of the moment, one does get a bit tired after seeing one too many bounching tah-tahs and APONGS (pizza to some of you), and I felt the right moment to give a bit of appreciation for some pretty boys in the mangas lately. What better to worship than my private little fetish for Air Gear's Akito-chan and Sekirei's Shii-chan (the walled character here), and some obscenely girly characters like Bridget (GG) and Princess Princess etc... all that. Yes, I do watch those.

Many other versions available as well.
Including a unique Black and white version soon to be available on my Journal!

Other Versions
AP Version Widescreen

AP Version Widescreen Textless

Minitokyo Version Widescreen

Minitokyo Version Widescreen Textless

AP Version 4:3 Aspect 1600x1200 Textless

AP Version 4:3 Aspect 1600x1200

Minitokyo 4:3 Aspect 1600x1200 Textless

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Browse Sekirei Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. Kitaan Retired Moderator May 02, 2007

    Love the blueness <3
    Very nice effects you made,
    Clean and smooth, love how you made the
    text :3
    All looks good <3

  2. Sagnarn May 02, 2007

    Good job nice color effect, thx for widescreen version +fav ;)

  3. Ganjamus May 02, 2007

    erm..... WOW XD i must have it XD

  4. irix May 03, 2007

    go for it! [as a admin of the seki i'd proud of you my friend!]... as hamura as well...

  5. shiwei May 03, 2007

    nice wallpaper, the effect is great. the colours is nice.
    keep it up, +fav :)

  6. royaldarkness May 03, 2007

    Awesome wall as always. Somehow or other it's really elegant looking for me.

  7. vanny May 04, 2007

    Even tho I wouldnt dare setting it as my wall, I would say its commendable for you to touch (in what I would call) a taboo genre =P

    Anyway, love the clean free and hues.

  8. pitbull May 06, 2007

    love the coloer and it is a very cute wallpaper!nice work!=]]]

  9. Firemace May 06, 2007

    Ouch ! What in the Devil ...arggh..my eyes...! Desc. Text too big... >.< :P

    Superiorly out of this world ! I am in love with your Backdrop. ^^
    Creativity is what we deem unique and not amend to what others deems best !

    And as Always, You never fail to tantalize us with your own unique and unfathomably depth of your signature. ^^ ( Texts and Fonts )

  10. terry175 May 12, 2007

    i don't know that Sekirei had finally reach the hands of the western world lol.. fine work indeed..~

  11. alterlier May 16, 2007

    I just think in order for you to make a wall with a cute boy needed a reason such as "because no one actually dares" one....and the real thing is that the wall at end was so good that only had one problem....the character was a pretty, girly boy haha...and you find the best way to covered it
    I'm not gonna tell you anything about this wall (since I just realized you submitted another two ones that I havent seen) except.... that the red thing as text you put....haha it's just wrong....and dont look good

  12. rachtsume May 18, 2007

    hey this is way cool! nice use of monochromatics! very fantastanatical!

  13. dragonlore May 20, 2007

    All looks good~~!

  14. darknesslight May 23, 2007

    must resist... must not get turned on... ? ^^'
    wha thats not even a trap
    wall looks like great :D
    smells like chupacabra dont buy it :P

  15. animelover901120 Jul 26, 2009

    Love the wallie, Match the title too..Passion exactly what his expression telling...=p

  16. panze2 Aug 05, 2009

    thanks for this wall, it is very beautiful!

  17. marcosmos Mute Member Jan 17, 2010


  18. chenrenshe Mute Member Jun 01, 2010


    merged: 06-01-2010 ~ 12:56pm
    i love the color and the girl. very nice.

  19. FhikariYauwin Nov 14, 2010

    Nice picture... Thanks for sharing! ???????????

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