Sekirei Wallpaper: Ephemeral Silence

Sekirei, Yomi (Sekirei) Wallpaper
Sekirei Series Yomi (Sekirei) Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

This vector is the continuation of my latest Irix's Calendar 2007 :nya:
this is for february... ak febrero...
well, thanks for all the people that supports me, for all the friends and for all that puts something in my guestbook... Happy Holidays, Very Christmas! and Happy New Year!

specially thanks for all my friends in Hispanime! [alpha, diamond-dreams, Vkei, blueotaku-sp, etc...]
for my friends [erika7987, animeluver4eva, Carmen, FlowerDog, Nuriko, AkinaSpirit, PAche, mayver123, Kitten, Kitten, Kenichi, and for all that are in my list's]
Thanks for all the support in this days of this year! XD
Domo Arigatou Gozaimasu!, Hontou ni arigatou!
Multsumesc dumneavoastra! [mai ales dupa o noapte de petrecere]
Gracias, muchas gracias! [a ver que hacemos despues]

well, this is the white version... :P
and this character is from Sekirei... [only for reference :P]

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  1. Chloe Retired Moderator Dec 21, 2006

    Very cool!
    I like the whole calender idea and the vector is neatly done. Great job!

  2. FlowerDog Dec 22, 2006

    You are very welcome, but you are very talented and can create beautiful pieces of artworks. This vector came out nice. I especial like the background design. I agree with Chloe-chna that this is cool! Great concept for the month of february. You always do a great job Irix. I hope to keep seeing more from you during the year 2007. ;)

  3. animanga Dec 22, 2006

    Awesome! I love it to bits! XD

  4. PikaMoon Dec 22, 2006

    Wow. Looks quite nice since...really like the black and white sheme. The simplicity of it all looks good and...me really like the the black and white look. And it's great that it's all to the right. My desktop's icon tends to be on the left. ^^;; Anywho, great and thanks for sharing! Looks great for February! =^.^=

  5. Devildude Dec 22, 2006

    Sekirei has some of the best art, I reckon it is great cause the lines are clean, and even better because you vector and create this beautiful fleur pattern behind that makes it a pleasure for your eyes. Excellent.

  6. MissyG Dec 22, 2006

    :o It looks awesome and um... yeah clean, like Devildude said --^
    I love vectors... ._. And MEH, it's spanish! I have a hard time to remember the days too, so maybe this can help me a bit ^_^'
    The wallpaper isn't so fancy with colors, therefore, it looks... good :D XD Sorry, don't know how to describe it. It's awesome anyway, and I'll use it in February if I remember!

  7. shiwei Dec 23, 2006

    wow, very nice vector.. the outline is great.. very detail and the shadowing is good.. ^^
    black, white and grey color is nice, keep it up, +fav

  8. AkinaSpirit Jan 10, 2007

    Very nice :D Love the patterns and everything about the wall~

    hmmm so this is February girl huh.. ---> *me waits to see the girls Irix chooses for the other months* <(^^)> Nice choice!

    "well, this is the white version... :P" wahh, this makes me wonder what other colours you've been testing ^_^' *flashback -- changing colours of Skassia [Thiele] wallie*

  9. Spoo Jan 10, 2007

    I really like this, and how it doesn't take up the whole screen ^_^

  10. ShrinkNerv4Eva Feb 14, 2007

    Yo Sweet wallpaper. I've blown it up and used it for a poster in my dorm. A friend has pointed out that her arms look kinda thin though.

  11. mayver123 Feb 25, 2007

    Va quedando muy bien el vector...la verdad yo soy muy bueno haciendo vectores, pero no tengo ni la menor idea de como hacer alguno...

    Muchas gracias por aparecer en la descripcion del wall:P----Nos vemos

    PD: tienes algun tutorial pra hacer algo nuevo en Photoshop ahora que ya lo domino...pero no se me ocurre hacer nada

  12. Xolman Mar 01, 2007


  13. darknesslight May 23, 2007

    ohhhhhhh O_O *slapped by girlfriend*
    *ahem* i mean it passes ^^
    she looks like shes thinking of february , well valentine's... *ahem*
    ok i'lll just dream about it XD

  14. eonir Jun 10, 2007

    ^_^ Very good work with the background!
    And the foreground of course, but not everyone is able to make a good BG.
    Also the shadowing is good, and everything :)

  15. DarkPriestessKikyo06 Dec 02, 2007

    I love this art style! It is just stunning! Thanks for sharing it! :)

  16. Abi-san Feb 19, 2008

    B&W isn't my favourite type of wallpaper but this one is (as usual) great :).

  17. yutakafair Feb 24, 2009

    muy bonito y cl

  18. panze2 Aug 05, 2009

    thanks for this wall, it is very beautiful!

  19. sasuke987 Banned Member Sep 01, 2009

    wow i like it

  20. ioajsoidja Oct 17, 2009

    buena imagen , esa sekirei es genial XD

  21. marcosmos Mute Member Jan 16, 2010


    merged: 01-17-2010 ~ 03:15am
    me llevo todos mil gracias y exito.

  22. RealForce Mar 15, 2010

    Wowwwwwww !

    Awesome & Really nice wal XD
    I love it ?

    +fav ?

  23. jama9913 Mar 22, 2010

    asi es como mas me gustan las imagenes esta muy bonita

  24. NightPunisher Jul 05, 2010

    Wow ! Thanks for sharing ! Looks great )

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