Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle: Syaoran,fye,Kuro and their kudan~

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Most Improved On February : celestial-luminesse

OMG! XD my first one feature on CL Yeah! XD
Back with new vector XD XD

This is for vectory , that is "beyond the boundaries" contest.

i know this isnt good or difficult like other, but i tried my best onto the vector XD
Actually, i want to vector another picture of tsubasa, but i didnt have much time (because exam is coming near on the end of february XO ) so wish me a good luck for the exam XD

ABout the vector
Layer: 40 layer and 500+ layer shape
Time: umm.. i dont really know..

The scan from
Rune Kudan by Marissa

Ma Ja~


EDIT: BWOHAHA, already edit the clor of shading and (also outline) XP i dont notice that the shading and outline in a same shape layerXP

Boo! Advertisement again XD XD
Thats all~ XD

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Browse Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. hinata212 Feb 14, 2007

    OMG! the vector is like ohh...fav from me, lady~ ^^

  2. monicayurie Feb 14, 2007

    It looks wonderful!
    Great job!
    Bye... :)

  3. starrliteangel Feb 14, 2007

    wow! that looks like it took a major amount of work! great job rika! that was soo odd. when i first viewed your vector, it showed me the scan! lol. i was confused for a second, but when i refreshed, your vector showed up.
    i think your overall vectoring is pretty good. You might need to pay attention to tiny details a bit more, like kurogane and fye's eyes (or mebbe the scan was grainy because that messes up vectors sometimes). your vector is a bit choppy, but everyone is like that when they first start vectoring! (lol im still choppy hehe) you know, i got a great tutorial somewhere in my favs list that I got from eldalacus a while ago..lemme find it. it helps to reduce the choppiness A LOT.

    oh found it --> http://www.ferricorp.com/public/forum/viewtopic.php?t=202

    it might seem harder, but it actually makes vectoring a lot easier and faster! and you get smooth curves for the most part too ^-^

  4. Sinever Feb 14, 2007

    nice vector rika-chan
    I love it

  5. entity1660 Feb 14, 2007

    How come everyone is doing Tsubasa or XXXHolic scans for the contest? XD Great job! But the lining could use some work. But it's a difficult vector, so it takes practice. =3

  6. viekazama Feb 14, 2007

    WAO! scrooling.... speechless....
    can't put into words......

    ++fave fur sure

  7. merelie Feb 14, 2007

    wow, that is one fantastic vector!
    the colours, the details of the outfits and the beasts...
    you've done an amazing job
    thank you for sharing :D

  8. moonescape Feb 15, 2007

    OMG! Liek what entity1660 said why is everyone doing Tsubasa or XXXHolic scans for the contest? Maybe it's because CLAMP's hit series are the ones that have conplex art so everyone wants to do the difficult ones.

    Whoa! This one like blew me away! I saw how good you did on this! The vector was all like smooth and it just wows me! So much details and definately deserves to be in the elite. It has definately got my faves! :)

  9. saku143 Feb 15, 2007

    OMG! Speechless... how can you do that?

  10. Mya102 Feb 16, 2007

    Gosh! i like that! So much detail on it >_<
    Deserve a fav on it ^^

  11. enchantment Feb 16, 2007

    nice vectoring :D i love all the details in this :) nice work~^^

  12. gabysango2011 Feb 16, 2007

    i luv it
    it's really well done..it must have been really difficult
    i just can't imagine the time u took to make this
    + fav..

  13. burijetto Feb 17, 2007

    kurogane's eyes are a little weird but its AWESOME ( :
    Its awesome!

  14. starhellokittyangel Feb 17, 2007

    that is an unbelievably good vector

  15. IzumiChan Feb 19, 2007

    OMG, it lookes better than the actual scan! *.*
    Very cool, loved the textures~ O_O
    Great job! :D

  16. pamkips Feb 21, 2007

    It mu-st of taken for-ever~
    Nicely done

  17. moonelf313 Feb 22, 2007

    WOW! Your vectoring is awesome...at first I thought it was the scan...Great job...now I am going to pop over to your userpage and sneak a peek...+Favs

  18. joycev Feb 22, 2007

    excellent work on this vector! it must have been very difficult from the looks of it. the details, colors, and everything is great!

  19. agneslee Feb 22, 2007

    Syaoran is very cute,love it very much,and the color is vivid.+my fav
    Thanks for sharing.

  20. norine07 Feb 24, 2007

    omg, lovely! same as the comment i gave before this, you have improved alot! good job!

  21. AngelKate Mar 15, 2007

    This is really awesome! Great job for one of your first vectors. ^_^ It looks better than all of mine. XD Good luck with the contest!

  22. kuroganexfai Apr 28, 2007

    Coolll! love it!

  23. jaejoong May 04, 2007

    no matter what i love clamp very much
    it such a great pix

  24. InvincibleSoichiro May 18, 2007

    Sure Kuros eyes could have been done better and maybe it's a little choppy. It's amazing for one of your first vectors! A+++++ Definite fav!

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