Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny Wallpaper: Twilight of Hope

Sunrise (Studio), Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny, Lacus Clyne Wallpaper

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Entry for paint-o-rama's Let There Be Light Contest.

I had crappy days to think of a great title. I think this one is pretty cool, but is it too metaphoric..? >.<
Original screenshot here.
Ok, a bit explaination about the wall. Everything is painted! (Except the outlines of Lacus) ~_~ And this is my second painting.
Layers : Too lazy to count, 'coz I did lots of merging.
Time : Approximately 2 weeks.
Tutorials (especially for PSP users) : Painting Over a Vector, Painting Wood and Painting Sunset.

Comments and criticisms are always welcome. :)

vectory simple-ism celestial-luminesse

Update! : Add some shades on Lacus (everything on her), and...hmm I've updated the outlines too, it's not blurry now. Oh, and I actually used a stock just for reference. Anyway, special thanx to MapleRose for the suggestion. :)

Re-updated! : As also suggested by Starrliteangel, I've added more gradient-like shadow, removed some weird highlights, and re-traced the outline(though it's still a bit jaggy on some parts) :)

Urgh...another update? : I added darker shadows on some part of Lacus. And some highlights.

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  1. Emina Feb 14, 2007

    i love it. it looks better than what it looks like in the anime. for me anyway...good job! :)

  2. DarthTofu Feb 14, 2007

    The water is incredible! Although the girl looks a little cardboard-cutout compared to the background...

  3. MapleRose Retired Moderator Feb 14, 2007

    ooh pretty! :) I like your wood, definately gonna try it ;) (thanks for the 3 tutorials btw :D)

    wow, I like your sky too, and you're so good at doing clouds...

    but I do kinda have to agree with DarthTofu, in that Lacus looks a bit different stylistically compared to the background. For the background, esp the ocean and sky, there's quite a bit of depth and certain realism there. As for Lacus, while I do like the painty look, I think she lacks depth, esp in the dramatic back-lighting, I think there should be more of the darkness and lightness contrast. Like for example, the folds on her dress could be shaded farther (even though in the screencap it isn't), and her hair could be defined more to add to the depth.

    anyway, nice work! good luck on the contest!

  4. moonescape Feb 15, 2007

    Whoa! This is pretty! I like how the ocean turned out here so beautiful and the concept too. I'm so glad you outlined by vectoring it from the screencape because that definately really look good. The clouds were really good because it actually reflects weel with the ocean and I'm surprised you were able to make the wood very well and just by painting. O_o I like the title you gave for this wallpaper abd definately peopel should fullview this. :D

    Good luck in the contest! Most likely I'm trying my best to enter it, but before that I have to join. >_<

  5. enchantment Feb 15, 2007

    wow, its really nicely painted :D i love the sunset and it looks great :) love how your wall turned out :D nice wall~^^

  6. eternallegend Feb 15, 2007

    amazing :) everything has been painted really well :D the colours are lovely and i like how the wood turned out :) the sunset theme looks lovely and i like how it helps bring out your wall and creates a nice atmosphere :D the detail is wonderfully done :) lovely wall ^^

  7. gabysango2011 Feb 15, 2007

    i luv it. The sea is really well done and all the colours in it brings a nice touch. The wood is awesome. The outlines of lacus have some mistakes, and also her hair needs a bit more colour.
    overall, i luv it...
    the entire scene is awesome
    + fav
    congrats and keep doing wallies like this

  8. starrliteangel Feb 15, 2007

    very nice colors! I think I would have to agree with Maple rose about adding more depth to the character though. I see that you updated your wall once already according to suggestions, but I would add even more shadows. For example, around her neck. I think Lacus could use darker shadows when that one shadow gets closer to her neck. What I usually do is make a base shadow like you have on Lacus, but then make another shadow on top of that shadow. It gives an almost gradient like effect, but with a painted look. Your shadows could also be a little darker too to make the lighting look much more dramatic. Lacus needs more colors on her clothing because your background is made up of various colors. I think the highlighting on lacus needs a bit more of a yellow/orange tone too, to go along with the sunset. Right now it looks as if her highlighting is too white. I also think Lacus' hair wouldve looked better if it had more colors in it. See how you have all those colors in just the sand? I would do the same thing with lacus because she looks very plain with only one base color and one shadow color and one highlight color for each part of her.
    sorries, I write too much >.<
    good luck on the contest! I better finish mine soon or I wont be able to submit it >.< I would love to hear your comments on my wall when I submit it because you seem to know a lot about painting!

  9. FallenAngelZoicyte Feb 16, 2007

    simply lovely. thanks for sharing!

  10. UchihaTaijiya Feb 16, 2007

    Beautiful! I think you did a wonderful job!
    Thanks for sharing this!

  11. MuZ0NaZ Feb 16, 2007

    starrliteangel speaks the truth. White highlights here are bad, plus the outlines are jagged (and oversaturated). Don't be afraid to experiment with colours and more extreme shadows - it would surely help to blend it in if done properly.

  12. yalubluchay Feb 16, 2007


  13. DarthTofu Feb 17, 2007

    Yay, an update!
    Well, Lacus is definately improved from last time, but it could still be better.
    Basically what starliteangel says is what I would say too.

    And also remember that nothing is just one color, but a mix of colors. For example, our skin has green pigments in it. Brown is dominant, but there is red and green and blue in it as well, so when you color, don't forget about those things. And also remember that light can alter the way we see things. Such as a sunset has orange light, it will make other things more orange too. So sometimes blending weird colors together actually makes a more realistic looking picture.

  14. starrliteangel Feb 18, 2007

    looks a lot better! You did a nice job adding more colors into her clothing, and now lacus fits in A LOT better! You darkened her a bit too, so now the whole piece looks much more dramatic. I dont know if you still want to hear more of my critiques (if I were you, Id want to kill me right now...if that makes sense lol) but I'll tell you them anyways (and you can decide whether you want to kill me or not hahah)

    1. I think the shadows in the folds of her bodice (whatever its called) could be darker. right now I only see one shadow in those folds between her arms. I would suggest adding a much darker shadow on top of that shadow...er..this is really hard to explain.

    okies, I decided to edit it to show you what i mean. I hope you dont mind >.<

    www.deep-mirrors.org/tenshi/lalalallala.jpg (it has arrows and stuff explaining what i did)


    www.deep-mirrors.org/tenshi/lalalalal2.jpg (doesnt have arrows incase you want to see what I actually did)

    let me know after you see them so I can remove them ^-^

    i hope this helps you!

  15. DarthTofu Feb 19, 2007

    =D Lots lots better! y'know, I'm very impressed that you actually go back to improve stuff. I'm always too lazy after I've worked on anything over a... day. xP haha.

    Good luck with the contest!

  16. Rella Feb 19, 2007

    Oh, wow! This is very nicely painted! The background and scan looks amazing! Your hard work paid off! =D

  17. MuZ0NaZ Feb 20, 2007

    Much, MUCH better than before. You can try experimenting a bit more by trying to get Lacus colours to reflect the environment - make the highlights/shadows/etc. all kinda yellowish. Try going over with a light yellow brush over Lacus on a multiply layer, with varying opacity (more for the shadows, less for other areas).

  18. pamkips Feb 21, 2007

    It is beautifully detailed O__O I love it
    it's so beautifully painted

  19. xianghua Feb 24, 2007

    Woow! That's beautiful! I could even tell by the thumbnail!
    Very nice work gaara-no-shukaku! XD
    The sky and the clouds look amazing! Woow....It's very wonderful! The image is perfect for it too!
    This is so going in my favs!
    And thanks a lot for sharing it in the group! (at least we know plp are active! XD)
    And thanks also for the comment you did on my sigs and avvy i put on the group's page! I really appreciate it!
    Hope to see more from you!

  20. shiwei Mar 01, 2007

    nice wallpaper, the background is great.. sunset is great..
    its nicely painted.. ^^ like the clouds the way it is
    keep it up, +fav

  21. AmayaOno Mar 04, 2007

    i thought that it looked real... woah, i still can't believe it's not real...

    anyway, i think you did a really good job. you deserve a round of applause.

  22. TeenieWeenieStringBikini Mar 06, 2007

    did u draw this by hand?

  23. nxia Mar 08, 2007

    yeah... was lacus drawed in this wall?
    ehe...it looks great! XD

  24. overbond Apr 25, 2007

    whoa, we can clearly see the effort you applied on the painted details... it sure is an amazing wallpaper.. congrats for it and sharing how you did it in the tutorials! :D

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