RahXephon Wallpaper: Windy Sunrise

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Artist Comment

Phew! Finished it!

This is for Paint-o-Rama's "Let there be light" contest. I didn't think I'd enter so soon, but I was very much inspired ^__^

After reading the criteria, I got many many ideas, but chose this one to work with. I was thinking along the lines of someone watching a sunrise, and of course this famous pose from Rahxephon came to mind. The whole thing is painted from scratch, including the scan. The file size is 30mb, the biggest I've ever worked with (I usually work with vectors, so the files sizes are usually under 5mb)

Anyway technical details:

Layers: 25 (about 5 or so for the actual painting, the rest are adjustments/touch-ups etc)

Time: er, about 10 hours or some over 5 days?

Scan: Rahxephon Illustrations: 41 (end) by Tama-Neko

like my previous Honey and Clover wallpaper , I vectored the base colours, then used the Darken/Lighten brush for shading/highlighting.

For the background, I rendered a sunrise scene in Terragen, for colour reference. Then painted the water based on the colours with a normal default brush. Same with the sky and clouds. I played around with the blend modes for the clouds a bit to make it less..visible 'cause my clouds suck >.<

This was actually a lot easier than I thought it would be, esp painting the water and sky. It just takes some patience and time. And I love how the water and sky turned out :)

Make a couple of versions:

With Text
With text and birds (unsure if I like the birds or not...)

It's wide-screen because I wanna use it. Sorry, I didn't make any other resolutions, so just use the crop tool ^^


[Edit]: Tutorial on How to Paint Wavey Water

simple-ism vectory widescreen-walls paint-o-rama celestial-luminesse

[Edit]: Repainted the rock according to Mickyoko's advice, also added more colour and light onto the water, a bit touch-up on the sky. Totally repainted the scan. Instead of using Lighten/Darken, I used the paintbrush this time, the same technique as the background so that the style is more similar. Also changed the outlines totally, instead of being lazy by using fill-path, I did a more dynamic outline, and coloured it accordingly. Hopefully it looks better, 'cause I'm sick of working on it ^_^'

[Edit again]: Made the highlights on the rocks less bright.

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  1. alterlier Jan 18, 2007

    nice, if you do the tutorial, I will like to see the sky, is the most attracting point here.
    the painting is cool...but you know what....I have this problem with the outline of the scan, is not good at all in this image...but the atmosphere is amazingly calm and relaxing, a well performed entry for the contest.

  2. Chloe Retired Moderator Jan 18, 2007

    I'd also like to see a tut on the sky =D
    Very cool, I love the colors and the painting is neatly done. The girl's outline is a bit strange, though.
    Other than that, great job!

  3. mickyoko Jan 18, 2007

    You can still work on some lighting/shading consistency. I believe this is an entry. Good luck.

  4. enchantment Jan 19, 2007

    wow, i love the background :D painting is really nicely done :) i love the lighting and overall, everything looks lovely~^^

  5. eternallegend Jan 19, 2007

    the scenery looks lovely and i like the nice colours you chose :) the painting looks nice and i like the way everything turned out :D the title suits well and i like the theme of your wall XD nice wall ^^

  6. Odeena Jan 21, 2007

    Um... *blink* you sure this was done only in digital? Because I have to say, it is A-MAZ-ING! :D Subarashii desuyo~!

    +Favorites :P

  7. annakee Jan 23, 2007

    genial! as fan of rahxephon and as art work is really awesome.
    subarashii ^^

  8. Rella Jan 24, 2007

    Ooh, this looks very emotional and nice. Great painting of it. Keep it up~ ^^

  9. DarthTofu Jan 25, 2007

    Good luck with the contest! =]
    It's very pretty! I'd like to see a tutorial on the water. =]
    Because water is fun...

  10. moonescape Jan 28, 2007

    Darn! I wish I could've seen the wallpaper earlier. >_< Anyways this is very lovely. The idea and the concept here is really great. You got the shading correct and how you painted the waves rally captures the moment in here. I agree that the rock does look better with being less birght. :D

    Good luck in the contest! ;) Definiately this deserves to be in the elite gallery. I'm happy you're now an elite member now. :) I'm not sure how you become an elite, but I think it's when your wallpaper or indyart have been an elite 3 times. :o

  11. UchihaTaijiya Feb 13, 2007

    Very pretty. I like the concept a lot.
    Great work! And thanks for sharing it! :D

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