RahXephon Wallpaper: Feathers Of Danger

BONES, RahXephon, Reika Mishima Wallpaper
BONES Studio RahXephon Series Reika Mishima Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Oh! Please Full View This One Kay! The tittle looks like crap right now, but its not if you full view it! ^^ just elling you! ;)

Uh! WOW, has been a while since a RahXephon wall. Yeah my last one really sucked, but oh well. Well, this was YES! made with a stock again, but there are so many light, and darkening corections, its incredible. I mean Wow, ive spend the whole day just corecting the colors, and stuff. The added all the brush works, like the once you see on the side of the wall, like the cracs. WoW, i like those, they look soo real! ^^' anyways, THIS ONE IS AN ENTRY FOR THE SCRIPT REFINARY CONNETEST ! ! ! ! ! And YES IT HAS A BIG TITLE. The rules were to hae one big tittle so, if you dont like it that big, or whatever PM me, and ill try to fix that kay.

ALso, the scan was SOO fun to work with. First i had a scan that ha like writing on it, and stuff with this gurl, but then searched throught the gall here and found on with no text, so that was so Much easier. Even thought i think i should of used the one with the text, just so i would get some more chalange. But oh well, its like 2 in the Morn. Gees like always ! XDD but, i just didnt feel like making any more changes to it, and stuff. So, well like my previous wall, this one does not have a LONG discription for it ;P So, dont worry! Its short... Maybe... XD

Well, the feathers are..... i dunno.... just felt like puting some on! then i also have a version with wings behind her back. But i didnt think it really fitted in so i didnt upload that one. But i do have if someone wants to take a look.

Anyways, i hope you enjoy this one like all the other once, i hope! ^^'

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  1. Kenichi Oct 20, 2006

    hmm... interesting wallpaper.
    its a nice wallpaper and it kinda blend well.
    its kinda hard to match the anime scan with a stock image together.
    black letters is hard to see no matter if its seen in large size but usulay letters is not that important.. just the scan and bg being blend well.
    i guess the feathers helped a little..
    i can't really tell where the lighting is at really..
    hm.. its still missing something to make it pop out. =/
    its still nice wallpaper, nice work.

  2. candy-chan Retired Moderator Oct 20, 2006

    that stock looks like... the Pantheon in Paris D:
    the feathers are nice but the texturing make it look low quality. Instead of over-saturating the whole thing I would have made the lightning only partial on the building walls and the girl's body..

  3. Ardenta Oct 20, 2006

    Wow, I don't know what is this about (I decided to find it out) but this is such a great wallpaper, I like the colours and the whole thing very much, so I download it ;) I like it very much.

  4. muneera Oct 20, 2006

    the bg colors looks great & it matches with the girls scan...
    I love it...+fav

  5. melymay Oct 20, 2006

    Nicely done. But I think that effect your put on the letters F, E, A, and T should have been put on the other letters on your title as well. I do think that background looks great :) The effects/brushing did a great job to give off that "dangerous" feel, the texture helps out a lot as well. Overall, great job :) Keep it up!

  6. ravi Oct 20, 2006

    I like it..the colors look great
    the bg really fits the scan

    I think its beautiful^^

    great job! :)

  7. rollingmreg Oct 20, 2006

    A background is good for a quiet feeling.

    merged: 10-21-2006 ~ 06:56am
    A background is good for a quiet feeling.

  8. Rhonda21 Oct 21, 2006

    oh such a pretty wall. The scan matches really well with the background and I think you did a nice job fixing the it. Great job!

  9. Kiako Oct 21, 2006

    nice wallpaper ,the colours and the scene are very good, the scan fits in well too.
    keep it up

  10. Melisandre Oct 21, 2006

    Beautiful wallie, I like the colours and the scan is superb and look at that bg, is gorgeous. Really nice work :)

  11. gabysango2011 Oct 21, 2006

    i like it...the bgr is awesome...and it fits with the girl...the colours are interesting and those feathers there are a great detail..+ fav

  12. supermonchi Oct 22, 2006

    This is simply beautiful, looks a bit like a movie poster with the big title. Can achieve a more blended look if the girl doesn't have the black dropshadow/outerglow thing around her, but I suppose the way it is works well to bring attention to the girl more.
    Good stuff!

  13. stefmeister Aug 17, 2009

    Thanks for sharing :)

  14. Kuresame Dec 13, 2009

    Amasing picture *___________________*

  15. DragonBlood Aug 18, 2011

    It's a lovely wallpaper...but I think you should have used another color for the letters because the F and E are very faded against the background...but the rest is good! Thank you for sharing!

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