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"theres a fine line between heaven and hell"

i guess a fence is making it a very fine line :P

my characters from the non existence story in my head. wanted to draw the demon again, although his wings have shrunk in comparison to my 'bounded demon pic'. i think i have an obsession for wings. the girl's like a counterpart...although i guess it'll get confusing since i dont really have a story out. kinda wish i was faster (at drawing) and talented enough to do manga, but oh well :x

drawn in pencil, scanned and coloured in photoshop.
oh and forgive the ugly uneven fence, i was sorta rushing.


Chosen by flyindreams and euna

This artwork does not need a comment to tell you why it is highlighted. Everything from the concept to the artwork itself are beautifully done. It depicts the theme clearly and in a stylish manner. Awesome work skye!

Proposed by flyindreams and highlighted by euna.

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  1. asinine Dec 29, 2006

    Oh MY GAWK!
    You drew this....
    This is unbelievably nice to be drawn....
    Although the fence is alittle too straight...
    Forgive me for my critic XD

    But seriously...dude.. the drawing and details and shadows are all drawn too perfection!

    Great job dude ;)

  2. Tinbad Dec 29, 2006

    Lots of expression in this drawing. Its kindof looks a little sad too :(
    I love it :) Nice work on the colors

  3. fireflywishes Retired Moderator Dec 29, 2006

    Excellent doujin skye! You've done a great job creating such a melancholy atmosphere... Echoing asinine, the shading is excellent. I actually don't see anything too wrong with the fence... The only thing I see is that the guy's arm seems a little disproportionate. But otherwise an excellent addition to the elite gallery!

  4. LordWe Dec 29, 2006

    This is absolutely beautiful. The muted colors really enhance the ambience overall, and you did a great job projecting a desolate feeling. Not to mention the characters themselves are gorgeous. The dragon's foot seems a bit weird to me though... like a skinny chicken foot more than a dragon's, and like fireflywishes said the man's forearm is a bit too large, but those points are insignificant really and don't detract from the piece at all. I hope someday you will decide to flesh out the story, it sounds like it could be very interesting. I'm definitely going to have to take a look through your gallery later.

    (Also, do you have a Deviant Art account? If so please let me know, I would like to check that out as well.)

  5. rythem Dec 29, 2006

    lovely . I love the atmosphere and the colour theme . brings out the mood very well ~ but I suggest cleaning the pencil outlines more , so it doesnt look too rough and a bit messy . overall , it's really nice : D keep it up ~

  6. PikaMoon Dec 29, 2006

    Wow! This is amazing. If you really could do a manga of this, that'd be even WAY cooler! This drawing is amazing. Looks so pro. I had to double-look and then check to see what it was uploaded under: doujinshi. Wowza~ For the most part, since you just scanned it and colored it in photoshop, I'm very suprised. Looks pretty good. Did you have to re-outline it in pen before coloring? Luv the counterpart of the demon-boy/angel-girl. It's got a...very...dang, can't think of the word, but a very NICE style to the way it was drawn. Me likey! =^.^= Gonna go check out your other drawings now too. Hope to see more from ya. Thanks for sharing. This was a very nice piccy. +fave+

  7. sash Dec 29, 2006

    like .. *faints* .. that looks amazing .. *impressed* .. 3 words .. " .. kewl .. fav .. dld" :D

  8. EldaLacus92 Dec 29, 2006

    Wow, this really is absolutely fantastic... I can't get my eyes away from it O.O

  9. Ardenta Dec 29, 2006

    Wow, I really like this picture, I put it into my favs ;)

  10. Wapy Dec 29, 2006

    you had a wonderfull idea here. that's really a good point.

    about the work
    I think you could have cleaned more the lineart.try using Level's on it so the lines would be darker and the withes brighter. I guess that would be a good begiining. The colours are nice, but try to make the shades more darker, cause they're almost invinsible. Maybe it's my screen.

    Why isn't anything on the heaven's side!?

  11. FlowerDog Dec 29, 2006

    The overall look of your artwork looks very interesting and also looks beautiful. I wish I could draw faster too, but I can't come up with a full cool concept like you did with this one. I like the tones to the colors and your characters are nicely designed too. My favorite feature to this artwork is the ocean. You did an excellent job coloring in the water like that. I believe you have the talent to make a manga and the only way to get better at drawing faster is to keep practicing until it's second nature to you. Outstanding job skye. :)

  12. DarthTofu Dec 29, 2006

    That is a very interesting concept. It's very pretty. The wings are nice. =] (and yes, wings are fun to draw)

  13. flyindreams Dec 31, 2006

    :O Cool! Love the dark moodiness... I actually really like the sketchy outlines because I have a soft spot for that kind of look. Definitely the only thing odd is the guy's arm, either the top half should be slightly bigger or the bottom part should be slightly smaller... but like LordWe said it doesn't detract from the piece at all :) Wonderful job on this :D

  14. euna Retired Moderator Jan 01, 2007

    Awesome work. Everything has been beautifully done. Lovely concept and you've done well carrying it out into artwork. *highlighted* =D

  15. platt Jan 01, 2007

    Nice work, although the guys wing seams a bit weird :S Maybe its just me. Keep it up!

    Oh, and when you drew the guy, did you maybe draw inspiration from some manga, I don't know, maybe Tenjho Tenge? ;)

  16. norine07 Jan 01, 2007

    speechless..! your great..! >.< +faves

  17. Nickisherenow Jan 01, 2007

    hope u remembered to wash ur hands...soak them at least 15 min or so lol.

    ok...ill say that if i can do that, i would retire from school and start drawing for a living =) its cool. good job. wont someone teach me? =/ lolz

    please produce more works like these for humanity. rofl

  18. Devilet Jan 02, 2007

    Great eye for detailing and good sense of overall mood.
    I love how this looks as a finished product, I used to have a friend who did dragons.
    Although you're better at it xD Beautiful piece.

  19. bromithia Retired Moderator Jan 02, 2007

    I love this piece! The mood is amazing, and its originality is nice, too. Great work!

  20. ForbiddenGoddess Jan 02, 2007

    I love it! Must fav!

  21. GintheTwilightswords Jan 02, 2007

    You sound like me ^-^.You have all these wonder characters and stories running through your head but you take forever to draw and none of the stories are on paper.Ahhh,the life of a lazy,procrastinate artist,hehe :P.Simple line stroke but amazingly well done.You can honestly tell you toook time to create this masterpiece.Magnificent work :D.

    Edit:Friendly advice,do make it a point to put your sig somewhere on the art.Don't need anyone claiming your work.

  22. fidiou Jan 03, 2007

    Magnific all simply!

  23. Odeena Jan 03, 2007





    ...As you can see, your artwork left me pretty much speechless. And I think you really should give drawing manga a go. You can start with a one-page strip, then move on to ampler stories... It's not that hard once you get the kick of it ;)

  24. bella-ella Jan 04, 2007

    Ooh, I like that concept... the realisation of it is awesome too.

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