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Flower Wonderland


Inspired by various artists and "Alice in wonderland".

Another "Original Art" wallpaper, cuz I'm too lazy to extract and vector a scan.
1. Pencil work
2. Photoshop work

I haven't been fallen in love with a scan for a long time. Please submit Bishounen scans for me, kudasai! >__<

Time: 10+ hours x_x
Layers: 4
Music: DBSK


Chosen by kuroimisa and euna

This is a simply beautiful wallpaper which is completely packed with originality and creativeness. The use of white outlines coupled with textures add fantasy elements to the wallpaper. The contrasting colours also work well to emphasise the little characters shown here. It's a beautifully crafted wallpaper. Well done Yina.

Proposed by kuroimisa and highlighted by euna.

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  1. Fran Retired Moderator Dec 16, 2006

    This is awesome
    I love the colors...everything looks perfect
    Wow...I really love this!
    Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. pamkips Dec 16, 2006

    mm that's so nice looking >_<
    I love the textures and colors

  3. fawna-chan Dec 16, 2006

    Owah! So pretty! XD
    The color of the flowers make me think of sunlight...
    Hahaha, um, nice wallpaper. :D

  4. starrliteangel Dec 16, 2006

    oh wow that is really cute! I loove fairies ^-^ The colors are beautiful.

  5. fukushuusha Dec 17, 2006

    All said on AP...damn I <3 this so much!

  6. eternallegend Dec 17, 2006

    wow, the colours look nice and the background is nicely composed :) everything looks so nicely constructed and the idea is really nice :D the flowers look lovely and all the bits and pieces of your wall are pieced together really well XD lovely wall ^^

  7. Clover Dec 17, 2006

    wow i have found my new background
    I really love this one and the colors
    on AP i will tell ya more^^

  8. schwindelmagier Dec 17, 2006

    Wow, was fuer ein suesses Wallpaper (jeder scheint heir mit wow anzufangen ^_^)
    Die Farben harmonizieren miteinader, die Outlines sind schoen gestaltet, ein sanfter Hintergrund, was will man mehr

  9. Siri Dec 17, 2006

    I would have actually liked it more if the faires/pixies weren't there but, never the less, I love the golden sunny feeling to this. Its got wonderful texture and colour and sets a lovely mood. I'll be sure to have this adorn my desktop at some stage in the near future. Thank you for a wonderful wall.

  10. SakuraShirayuki Dec 17, 2006

    lol XD vll sollte ich auch mit wow anfangen XD ne, magier-chan?
    es sieht toll aus^^ wie schon gesagt die farben und oulines und wie das ganze verschmilzt <33 eindeutig fav!

  11. rythem Dec 17, 2006

    this is such an original way to colour ~ I absolutely love the white outlines , looks so much more interesting . and the rough but neat way the textures and cging turned out . the colour choices and composition is something that would look awesome as a story book cover <3 wonderful artwork as usual Yina ~ ^_^

  12. harakiri Dec 17, 2006

    Wow, I like those white outlines and the watercolour look on that structured "canvas".

    So you are too "lazy" to extract and vector scans but draw them yourself instead? Is that really lazy? xD

  13. MadoshiKurefu Retired Moderator Dec 17, 2006

    This is so beautiful! I love the colors and the flowers! If I could I would highlight this wallpaper!
    Btw, I have many bishounen scans. ^.~

  14. Chloe Retired Moderator Dec 17, 2006

    Really beautifully done! The colors are vibrant and work really well together. Excellent job!

  15. MapleRose Retired Moderator Dec 17, 2006

    ah it's so magical! I love the little fairies and their expressions, they seem so happy :) I also like the white outlines instead of black (did you vector those lines?), and of course, the lovely, vibrant colours and pretty textures :)

  16. sailorcapuccino Dec 17, 2006

    Beautifull work, congratulations. =)

  17. Elyvania Dec 18, 2006

    Kawaii! Soooooooo pretty Yina, I thank you with all my heart for creating this beauty, in a way it not only makes me feel happy (it's an incredible land), but it also makes me feel captivated by the blossoming happniness that shines from within... your wallpaper has a spirit that few people can create and makes you feel as a part of it.

    Thank you sooo much for this, I've love it.

  18. chubbykitty Dec 18, 2006

    Gorgeous! I love how you have colored this...Everything glows so beautifully! Great work!

  19. annakee Dec 19, 2006

    the colors, the whole work, the feelings.... this would be highlighted, not only on elite.
    is very beautiful

  20. Kyelor Dec 21, 2006

    That looks so much like a real silk screen painting! I like your cute fairies ^_^

  21. viekazama Dec 21, 2006

    It's sooo preeeettttyyy............. XD
    I like your wallie XD
    ++fave fuuurrr ssuuuurreeeee XD

  22. phoenixalcott Dec 21, 2006


  23. Dream24 Dec 21, 2006

    This is just gorgeous! The colours stands out but still blends perfectly, giving it somewhat of a soft and outstanding feel to it. Excellent job!

  24. JKLeganes Dec 23, 2006

    Wah! those colors! I love it! :D hehe sorry for not being seriously talking about it, its just too wonderful :)

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