Shinshi Doumei Cross Wallpaper: Inside Your Castle

Arina Tanemura, Shinshi Doumei Cross, Haine Otomiya Wallpaper
Arina Tanemura Mangaka Shinshi Doumei Cross Series Haine Otomiya Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

You locked yourself inside a beatiful crystal.
Everything here is much prettier than the ''outside'', right?
The sparkling diamonds are conforting, and here there's no one to hurt you.
You disguised yourself as a princess, and pretended that everything around was meant for you.
Everything inside here is so perfect, isn't it?
You're fine by yourself. All the crystals keep shining for you.
You can't even remember how the ''outside'' looks like.
But... why all those reflections keep looking back at you with such sad eyes?
You walk along the corridors, and the only noise that can be heard is from your own steps.
You started to look for something else, even though you know it can't be found inside here.
The round pearls keep emiting their white light.
You decide to look throught the window. But you already know you won't be able to see anything, don't you?
Is there a way out? You stop to think.
What if the sky outside doesn't have any stars?
What if the clouds keep covering the sun?
You look at your palace, and all the jewels are still there.
They keep showing that this world was made for you only.
But... why suddenly they seem so fake?
Even still, there must be no way out, you think.
What if in the outside there's no shining at all?
The reflections keep looking back at you.
You start running from them, but you know it's no use.
The crystal walls reflect your dispair, even tough you don't know why you're feeling it.
The shining goes on. The overflowing reflections are still there.
You suddenly stop and close your eyes.
Do you still want to be inside that crystal?
You walk one more step.
Will you have courage enough to open that door?

I know, I know, a bad wallie plus a bad text is not the best way to start over a day. So, sorry... ^_^'
This wallie is for the Free Your Inner Waller contest, and the theme is ''Isolation''.
So, have you ever felt like pretending something doesn't exist, like creating a parallel world, a ''perfect'' world? Escaping from reality, this stuff...
Yeah, me neither. But it's pretty poethical, ne? XD XD

*The scan is here: You're The Only Jewel In My Eyes by Lady-Lotus
You may notice I changed a lot of stuff, like changing places, and expressions, and such... that's because I did change a lot of stuff. ^_^'

*Stock photo from here: http://www.sxc.hu/home .
What? Didn't see any stock? If you find it, I'll give a candy! XD

*I used no brushes this time! XD

*The reason the window is that way it's because I wanted to it be so that Princess couldn't see anything through it, despite her own reflection. It's not well-made, but yeah, I'm bad with these things. -_-

*That's all! I'll submit a new wallie soon! *goes off to work at it*

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  1. Lum-sann Nov 27, 2006

    Woah! *_* Kyaumi! woah! your wallie is... your wallie is... SO SO BEAUTIFUL! \*_*/ i LOVE everything in the wall the princess the castle the window the walls the roses! ^___^ i love the background and the "aquilo pendurado no tecto" lol you understand XD glad that you're Brazilian ^_^
    Pretty nice her dress! ^_^ i wanna one of those! >_< XD
    Her reflection is pretty good! ^^
    Wow the poem is brilliant! *_* you really have a GIFT! ^_^ Thanks for make this work Kyaumi! is really beautiful! ^_^
    FAV! \^_^/

  2. dianas Nov 27, 2006

    ohoo i really like this wallie of yours very much >_<
    the details are well cut..the quality is excelent and the chara is lovely
    i think that this is ur best wallie till now..congrats for making it so well
    and of course the only thing that i cand do now
    is to fav ur work.. ;)

  3. SupermilkchanChii Nov 27, 2006

    It's absolutley wonderful!
    I love everything about it!
    Awesome job!

  4. pchne2630 Banned Member Nov 28, 2006

    Appears lovable and is lively oh also appears sad and is at a loss oh
    the background and the character completely matches oh well likes oh

  5. Sinever Nov 28, 2006

    its not bad its wonderful
    everything is OK & its really good
    I love it
    & best of luck in the contest

  6. MadoshiKurefu Retired Moderator Nov 28, 2006

    I like your wallpaper! Good luck in the contest! ^.^

  7. eternallegend Nov 28, 2006

    i like the concept of your wall and you portrayed your theme well :) the colour scheme is nice :D i like all the bits and pieces in your wall and the window adds a nice touch XD you portrayed your wall in an interesting perspective and overall nice wall ^^

  8. enchantment Nov 28, 2006

    wow, i love how you composed your wall :) the background looks nice and she fits nicely in the background :D lovely wall~^^

  9. Rhonda21 Nov 28, 2006

    oh what a cool idea! Such a pretty scan. The background looks good! I like it. Well Done!

  10. aneres Nov 29, 2006

    You made a very nice use of the scan XD The read background is a great idea, because it goes with the roses.

  11. Rikkablurhound Nov 30, 2006

    Wow, I think the scan fits right into the BG XD
    Its pretty & i think it looks like those pastel drawing XD
    I like how U placed the jewels too XD
    btw, U mide wanna add some shimmery effect on the window.... >_<
    Its nice that its not trasparent but U know windows reflect light, itll look much better than XD
    cant say that its not good now though... XD

  12. cassandraronald Nov 30, 2006

    wow nice wall *__*
    The scan really fits the bg XD
    I really like the concept you used for this wall :)
    good luck for the contest^^

  13. Angi Retired Moderator Dec 02, 2006

    I love the colors and the scan is beautiful
    her expression is very sad but she seems shes mad too
    everything in the bg looks wonderful
    fav! yay!

  14. silverdragon Dec 03, 2006

    I like this wall :) Well I always liked this pic and I think the wall gives a nice feeling to go with it :D By nice I'm meaning that it goes well with the picture, not that it is a happy feeling :)
    I like the idea of the window being a mirror and all that jewelry.
    good work :D

  15. norine07 Dec 10, 2006

    love it..! colours really suites the scan..! good job..!

  16. sakuya-sama Dec 16, 2006

    It's one of the best wallies I sow on my life,
    Loved everything, the colors (I love red), the scan, the atmosphre...
    Keep the good work up ^_^

  17. CosmoStar Dec 25, 2006

    Hey hey hey! How do you?
    I loved this wallie of yours... and the "bad text" isn't bad at all! Congrats!
    You worked very well with the scan, it's kinda different but still as pretty as the original one! The red shade you used is very pretty... I think I've never saw that shade...

  18. bethanime Feb 18, 2007

    aww! I like it it's really good! I want candy! XD

  19. DarkPriestessKikyo06 Apr 23, 2007

    Well I think your wall is absolutely beautiful! And the text...reads like a poetic pros. They compliment one another! :) Wonderful job! I wish you the best of luck! ;)

  20. songborn May 31, 2007

    this is a great piece of work!

  21. valerie34896 Jun 12, 2007

    i want to vote for this one its beautiful i love your art its awesome !

  22. smallworld Jul 15, 2007

    Love the details!
    Great use of colours there
    And it looks beautiful!
    You Really did a great job there
    Keep it up! :]

  23. animekim126 Jul 18, 2007

    WOW I love this picture it's really neat
    Good job on it :]
    it;s soo details
    and thanks for sharing :]

  24. vritos Sep 09, 2007


    Haine looks so pretty!

    Excelent work! xD She looks like she'll marry [Takanari...]


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