Air Gear Wallpaper: Break Through the Glass [W]

Oh! Great, Air Gear, Ringo Noyamano Wallpaper
Oh! Great Mangaka Air Gear Series Ringo Noyamano Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Full-view, please

First off: Scan located here. S'right, black and white. I vectored the outline and the colored (not vectored) everything else with my tablet. I'm pretty darn proud of the legs.

Ok, well, you're probably wondering what's up with the wall.
Stupid meaning #1
My mind is weird. Lately, I've felt like I've been stuck behind walls, frustrated. It's like I can see them in my mind's eye, and there's always three of them.
Stupid meaning #2
It also shows like, when you're vectoring stuff, and it's like, you just want it to be complete. I got so frustrated with this wall and the vector drove me crazy (which is why I didn't do the details of the patterns).
And let's not mention how my glass shards look more like confetti >_>

Anyway, before you all go crazy, there's a texture-less version over here.

Also, let's all welcome Kitten to EDDs staff! Yay!

Time: 8-9 hours total
Layers: 23 for the wall, I dunno how many for the vector.
Textures from DA!

More resolutions available at EDD!

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  1. LilLaoRyo704 Nov 22, 2006

    Yay awesome job, love the vector, and the way you have the background for her to break through, awesome job, JaT!

  2. jasaiyajin Mute Member Nov 22, 2006

    ur weird, but that's what makes this wallie so unique... i luv it... >_<

  3. Kairi-Hearts Nov 22, 2006

    love the vector^^
    and your idea of her breaking through is awesome!
    +fav :D

  4. DarthTofu Nov 22, 2006

    I really like how that looks like marker. ^_^ Markers are fun!

  5. xianghua Nov 22, 2006

    Wow! This was the vector you were working on! YOu ended up doing it very nicely!
    I love the fact that she is actually breaking through the glass XD So original!
    Great work! *favs*

  6. alterlier Nov 22, 2006

    oh no! we are creating another trendy lol (people is gonna get madd)
    ja yeah you are right, those legs sure look pretty good, but actually the whole wall is just wonderful, I've never been able to try stuff with glass cuz I'm just too scary to do it thinking that I'm not going to do it right, but yours is just enviable.
    the colored on her kimono or whatever that it's (it's a kimono, obviously) looks so cool that I have to tell you that I just wanna go and paint something quickly, thing that shows that I really liked what you did with everything here.

  7. Rhonda21 Nov 23, 2006

    oh wow I love the idea. So very cool. And great job vectoring! And nice coloring. I really like how she is breaking through the glass. Well awesome job! :D

  8. rubenz Nov 23, 2006

    oh my its really unique :d I love the idea :d

  9. fawna-chan Nov 23, 2006

    Cool! That idea of breaking through the glass is really cool and it's been in MY head for a while because of a film I watched with a lot of glass breaking in it. ^_^' Yeah, but about that wallie, I like the colors and the vectoring part of the it looks nice too. :D Glass-breaking is cool too! Add to my favorites! :)

  10. Kitaan Retired Moderator Nov 23, 2006

    Wow, awsome wallie Chloe <33
    I love the simple colors, and vector
    of the girl, nice emotions coming
    into the breaking of the glass.
    Thanks for the welcome! <33
    Great job :3

  11. anji Nov 23, 2006

    Sugoi! That's just really cool ^^
    I prefer the one with texture yeah textures rule!
    Keep it up Chloe-chan ^^

  12. enchantment Nov 23, 2006

    wow, shes breaking through the glass XD nice idea :D i love the colour you used and the composition is really nicely done :) nice and interesting wall~^^

  13. eternallegend Nov 23, 2006

    amazing :D the concept is really interesting and i like the idea for your wall :D the vector is nicely done and i like the colour scheme and it suits well for the mood :) the broken glass is a nice touch to your wall and overall you made a creative and nice wall ^^

  14. Fran Retired Moderator Nov 23, 2006

    Definitely cool!
    Love the way you paint her, the colors suit her perfectly, though I would love to see her kimono with some patterns...crazy me x)
    The concept! Is f***ing awesome!
    + fav

    merged: 11-24-2006 ~ 02:08am
    Stop being awesome XD

  15. ROSEANA Nov 23, 2006

    it's very nice wall.. i like this idea...color is nice...
    thank you^o^

  16. uchiha-vegeta Nov 23, 2006

    sry for the short comment , but *thumbs up* ..im too sick *sniff*

  17. RengekiShin Nov 24, 2006

    Hey wow, its brilliant! I love Air Gear, anyways, its in the elite gallery, I never have anything get in there T_T Keep it up though!

  18. MadoshiKurefu Retired Moderator Nov 24, 2006

    This is so beautiful!

  19. Milkiyo Nov 25, 2006

    painting's in now so it seems haha D:
    lol..that's a nice roundhouse kick and uh yeah, I was thinking that the glass look more like paper though, maybe because it looks thinner and verry fragile? :P
    anyway, I love the pose!

  20. eclair-chan Nov 25, 2006

    awsome!, this is different I like!
    wow, awsome >_< cant stop staring!, lol amazing job as always!

  21. pamkips Nov 25, 2006

    textures are sexy though

    your frustration makes for original walls though chloe-chan *hides*

    you need to seriously stop making me jealous with your walls >_____<

  22. pegassuss Nov 25, 2006

    Lovely wall! ^^ I love the warm colors! lovely color scheme for a great scan, I love the movement and power that the wall gives. The glass is very well done. You did a great job! ^^

  23. inREVERIEforever Nov 26, 2006

    Wah, this wallpaper rocks. <3
    The coloring is wonderful. Her kimono looks so pretty. I just really love the whole idea. So creative. :) It's awesome.

  24. citraCHAN Banned Member Nov 26, 2006

    i like her costum soo much.....thx for sharing ;)

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