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Key (Studio), Air, Haruko Kamio, Misuzu Kamio Wallpaper
Key (Studio) Studio Air Series,Visual Novel Haruko Kamio Character Misuzu Kamio Character

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My newest wall! XD i missed working with photoshop! T_T
Ah well... Ok i got this idea when i was in bed i thinked "...maybe something with sunset and characters looking to it..." so i found this beautiful stock photo, that i had to put in sunset effect ^_^' think that looks nice ^^ orange effects...
found this really beautifull scan of air and screamed "yay finally a perfect scan for the bg" XD it was so so dificult to work with the scan the extraction was really difficult x_x and i put effects in the characters too, dark effect to go with the sunset ^^

The reason of the wallie: Because of my Best Friend since we just can be together 3 weeks per year i made this wallie to show to her how much i like to be with her! ^^ dear Niiya hope you really like this wallie! ^^ it's for you my Dear Best Friend

And i want to thanks to my honey Annakee for help me! he gives really nice suggestions ^^ thanks! ^_^

Well hope you all like my wallie! ^^

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  1. annakee Oct 16, 2006

    as i said before, this is your best work until now. see how you managed all those details... is a very nice work ^^
    ..and hard work for sure! annakee is proud of you too ;)
    itoko, this is super fav!

  2. strawberrt Oct 16, 2006

    wow, a beautiful wallpaper has been made! I just love the background. Its so peaceful and lovely at the same time. And with the 2 people's back towards us, it makes it really stand out. Wonderful job!

  3. Melisandre Oct 16, 2006

    Amazing! I love the sunset and the scan is great. And the reason for making this wallie is the best you could choose, I'm sure your friend will appreciate this. Faving this awesome work :)

  4. eternallegend Oct 16, 2006

    wow, the sunset theme is very fitting and suits them well :) i like the background scenery and concept you are portraying :D the nice colour scheme helps add to the nice atmosphere XD lovely wall ^^

  5. enchantment Oct 16, 2006

    wow, i love the sunset theme :) the details are really nice and the concept is really good :D i love the birds :) nice wall~^^

  6. IzumiChan Oct 16, 2006

    Kya, Lum-chan! This is so... PERFECT! O____O
    It just took my breath away... I loved everything about it! :D
    No suggestions, no complaints... this is indeed your best wall until here.
    I'm your fan, you know? ;)
    Great, wonderful job!
    Kyaa, I'm so proud! XD *runs and hides*

  7. melymay Oct 16, 2006

    Wow. This wall looks great :D :D I really like how you put in so much effort with the sunset effects and the shadowing ^^ Some ofthe shadowing is a bit off though.. Other than that, great work :) Keep it up!

  8. pamkips Oct 16, 2006

    it's gorgeous ^__^
    fabulously done

  9. BlueAngel17 Oct 16, 2006

    i love this Lum-sann! so pretty! the overall aura is so soft and dreamy.. i see you used Gaussian blur but i wished it wasn't too obvious because some parts doesn't look "soft" and "dreamy" anymore. ^^ the height of the flight of the birds are odd too.. also their shadow.. i wish you didn't put them there anymore.. ^^

    but i love the overall composition! i hope this becomes popular! btw, those two characters... they are aunt and niece.. Misuzu and her "mommy". ^^ well, it's friends alright! ^^ good job! +fav!

  10. SupermilkchanChii Oct 16, 2006

    YAY! AIR!
    This wallie is very beautiful!
    I love it so much!
    AWESOME job!

  11. quantixar Oct 16, 2006

    Perfect! :D

  12. youngstag Oct 16, 2006

    pretty awesome ^_^

  13. sweetsleep Banned Member Oct 16, 2006

    very nice, sunset is seem bad

    add fav

  14. mikan-sakura Oct 16, 2006

    lol where did the banner of F-o-E go? XD
    oh well lum saaaaaaaaaan i love this <33333
    u've improved soooo much :3
    GJ and keep up the great work ;) +fav

  15. flyindreams Oct 16, 2006

    Sweeet. Love the effects and what you did with the stock photo... it looks awesome XD

  16. carrin Oct 17, 2006

    Misuzu and her mother at the beach =D nice.....
    the sun set is nice.... it make the background more nicer

  17. ayane-heine Oct 18, 2006

    Lum-Sann.. What a great stock picture.. It blends pretty well the sca.. But i thik that the scan is pretty blurry.. @__@ Nothing to complaing.. You did a pretty cool job.. ^^ Thanx for sharing!~

  18. starrliteangel Oct 18, 2006

    found a illumination! nyahahah. As soon as i get this up, you can put the illuminated banner in the description!

    merged: 10-18-2006 ~ 12:05pm
    oh, since i dont wanna put critiques in the reason for the feature, I'll put them here

    -The seagulls woudl look nicer with an orange tinge since everything else in the wallie is mostly bathed in an orange light from teh sunset.
    -the character's feet need to be a little in the sand. I would just cover a teeny bit of their feet with sand, but as they are now, they look like they are floating on the sand

  19. Angi Retired Moderator Oct 29, 2006

    mmmmm, its weird cause I added you to my WL but your last entries didnt appear in my notifs -_-
    So I enter your gallerie to see them
    and this one is really nice
    the bg is really nice the colors you used are awesome
    your work here is awesome I have no words
    one of your best wallies!

  20. awa0216 Nov 18, 2006

    Great pic.

  21. Yuzupt Jan 21, 2007

    Great pic
    It's wonderful to have that motive to do the wally
    Wallies with feelings are the best

  22. jorpanoterracombr Mar 05, 2007

    magnificent wallpaper

  23. flyable Aug 20, 2008

    Hey Lum,
    It's been awhile..
    I have been real bz late..
    Can't really visit here much.. Haha
    Your wallie here is not bad.. The bg has good details..
    Except that the 2 characters are too dark that we can't actually differentiate that it's facing front or back.. Perhaps it'll look better if it's not that dark..
    Overall,it's nice.. :)

  24. daniticha Mar 14, 2009

    Great pic!
    Amasing *.*
    Thanks for sharing!

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