Air Wallpaper: *Wonderful Day*

Key (Studio), Air, Kanna (Air) Wallpaper
Key (Studio) Studio Air Series,Visual Novel Kanna (Air) Character

1024x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

This wallpaper I did in honor to my great friend sakuya-sama, it is a surprise ^_^
I also did in honor to the group Miko-Moon-Flower ~~
The scan that I used is of AIR, the character is Kanna... It gaves me a lot of work to arrange the wood structure because it had a seating character there, I loved the curtain with the roses and the petals falling but it also gaves me work to cut.... even so it was worthwhile. As I used Kanna, I could not leave putting feathers in the background...
I was inspired at that time in like Kanna lived at the castle but she dreamed in being free....
I used in the total 26 layer and 4 brushes.... I think... ^ ^
I hope you like
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  1. sakuya-sama Sep 30, 2006

    Wowwwwwwww it's really nice my friend ^^
    Lovelly wallie, with good bg and scan - I love Kanna, she is really beauty and nice *****

    Keep the great work up ~~

  2. Milkiyo Sep 30, 2006

    could work on the extraction a little..the quality seems a little different at some place >_<
    nice flowers though, luv them >3
    the curtain is quite pretty too ^.^

  3. Yu-huang Sep 30, 2006

    The quality is very good and the girl is very cute and is a great match for your background.
    The flowers in the this wallpaper are extremly well done.
    As a symbol of my appreciation to your work, I'm going to favor it!

  4. Bluearth Sep 30, 2006

    Nice! :) Some extraction problem though.... at Kanna's hair x.x And the flowers too... But i loved how you positioned everything :D The curtains sure add a nice touch ^^ Great job!

  5. uchiha-vegeta Sep 30, 2006

    cooool , the bg is nicely done , and the scan's position is gr8 , sakuya-chan must be rly lucky to have a frend like u ^_^

  6. sweetsleep Banned Member Sep 30, 2006

    veu nice walll, i like it ,i like background

  7. eternallegend Sep 30, 2006

    wow, i like the curtains XD they look lovely and the flowers that are hanging from the pot thing thats hanging from the ceiling looks great :D the feathers look a bit random, i like the background and the place shes located at :) i could have sworn ive seen something like the cloudy background you have in your wall before -ponders- im not much of a fan of where you placed the writing since it seems to draw a lot of attention being placed right in the middle but that is just my own opinion ^_^' [hope i didnt offend you] overall your wall looks lovely ^^

  8. Rella Sep 30, 2006

    Wow, this wall looks so nice! The background scene is just wonderful and it matches the scan well too. The rays of the sunlight is so neat, love the curtains as well. Great work!

  9. Rhonda21 Sep 30, 2006

    oh what a pretty background. Yeah I like those flowers and the sky too. Nice work.

  10. Chloe Retired Moderator Oct 01, 2006

    This looks great! The extraction around some places needs a bit of work, and I feel that Kanna should be a bit brighter, but I love the bg and the flowers are great. Keep up the good work!

  11. simo Oct 01, 2006

    Great work! I like the sunny backround and the fact that gives you the impresion that you are heading her way and you are about to pass the curtain.Love the flowers and I do agree with Chloe-chan, Kanna should be a bit brighter. Thanx for sharing. It'a beautifull work.

  12. starrliteangel Oct 01, 2006

    you did a wonderful job on the bg. the curtain seems to be a bit grainy though, so you might want to clean that (in the tutorial section of www.imanimetions.net). The flowers coming out of the hanging pot need a better extraction, but it must have been hard, so i think you did a good job! The one problem I see is the lighting on Kanna looks a little wrong. I see chloe-chan and simo's point about Kanna being lighter...i think that Kanna should be...erm...bolder? I think she looks a bit shallow in color..also, shes standing under a roof so she shouldnt be so light. erm..how should i explain this. well, i think you need to go to filter and change the lighting on her body so that her left side is more exposed to sunlight and her right side is more in shadow.

  13. enchantment Oct 01, 2006

    wow, this wall looks soo nice :) i love the curtains and the flowers and the background is really nice :D feathers XD lovely wall~^^

  14. BlueAngel17 Oct 01, 2006

    pretty. ^^ needs work on extraction though. ^^ thanks for dedicating this to Mikos-Moon-Flower. ^^

  15. Angi Retired Moderator Oct 02, 2006

    nice wallie
    i love it
    the scan is soooooo cute
    and the bg is really lovely

  16. lilm Oct 03, 2006

    u did a really good job on this wallpaper
    wish i could be that good but here are sum pointers that i think will make it a even better wallpaper..... the font needs to blend in more with the wallpaper so with the flowers from teh poit because they both look too sharp and they stand out too much...so with the scan....u just need to let it all blend more and make them smoother tgether.......
    but hey it's a great start and all...keep up the work and it's such a beautiful wallpaper

  17. CosmoStar Oct 05, 2006

    Wow! So cool! I loved the background you created to your wallie! A balcony! Very pretty! The drapes and the flowers are pretty details! But the scan is just not enough for this pretty back... it disapears, it doesn't draw attention, though it's pretty...
    Ah, the sky looks gorgeous!
    Congrats for this great job! Keep up!

  18. Sakura-K Oct 05, 2006

    Um...I like the idea a lot, it's really nice ^^ except for the extractions and stuff >.<'' *nodz*

    well, apart from that, it's really good ^^ *nodz*

  19. xianghua Oct 06, 2006

    Wow! Wonderful wallie! The atmosphere is so nice! I love the scan you used! The sky looks amazing!
    I really hope you'll make more my friend! And thanks for putting the banner up!
    Instant fav!

  20. IzumiChan Oct 08, 2006

    It's very well-made! I liked how nicely you blended a lot of differend scans... the curtain and roses are from a tinkerbell one, ne? :D
    The wooden balcony is wonderfull, very high quality~ kirei desu wa~ :D
    My only complaint would be the extraction on the roses pot, it could improve~ :)
    Very good work, keep it up! ^_~

  21. moonfire Oct 21, 2006

    The bg you made is nice. I like the pretty flowers too.
    Nice execution and effort! Good job on this one. :)

  22. Blueheart Oct 27, 2006

    gosto muito!
    esta mesmo fixe!
    bom trabalho!

  23. gabysango2011 Nov 01, 2006

    i just luv the bgr...

  24. KisaraGirl Nov 15, 2006

    Fave ^^

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