Aoi Kimizuka Wallpaper: Pure Sound

Aoi Kimizuka Wallpaper
Aoi Kimizuka Mangaka

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

OH! i dunno! This wall took me about a month or two. Actually! i didnt spend all this time on making this wall axsactly ^^'

ALSO! This scan is not a vector! ! ! Yes! i tried making a vector, and i did. BUT they didnt look good together, so i picked thie scan out! So, yeah i am sorry i wasent very clear with that, but yeah, its not a vector everybody! ! ! !

You see, at first i made a vector, it took me a LONG time to make it too
THen, i was lookin for a BG for a LONGER time, and i finally found this one!
Oh, gees. I putted them together, and it just didnt go together, so i almost gave up.
But, later i just thought that i might make a wall with another scan, since the vector just didnt look like it was in that "Style", you know like its to anime like, and edgy. Plus i made it with no outlines. So, you get it right....

Anways, later i couldn't find the right name for it, then a font, then the way it should stay.... Oh my, this is taking a while! ^^

Well, you get the point right? XD, but i think im done with this one, and im not doing anything to change it. I have spend A LOT of time on it, and i dont feel like pending it again.

However, the BG is a stock you are right. But here is the original of the BG-]HERE

You will find out that mine is much more lighter, and anime/or panted style type.
But, well there are many filters, some brushes. I used PS CS2, and also A LOT of help form my PS Elements 3.0. I dunno why, but Elements, is just so much simpler to use, and also has SOO many effects. PS CS2 has more Options for the layers, and stuff but i personally like PS Elements more! ^^

Oh, gees sorry for all this talking, i took so much time with it ;P

Well, i hope you will like it, and please give me some comments, and favs! I LOVE THeM ALL! XD

Also, there are many filters on the scan as well. I hope they dont make the whole composition to bright. Well.... i really dont know if its supposed to be bright or not....

Well, thanks in advance !
P.S. Also! my wall is 1600x1200. BUT, the original image that i have given you here is 1024x768. THat is cos' imageshack makes it like 800x600 if i upload it with its original size. Its like 2.2 MB, so yeah it gets small. So, just so you can see it a bit bigger i made it this size! ^^ i hope its nothing big. Sorry! it is. But yeah, i didnt resize anything ! :)

P.P.S, lolz! sorry i forgot to tell you before, but i also changed the colors in the scan. Yeah all the pink, an mostly yellow inside her dress is not green. I just did that so it would fit with the bg a bit more.
AND, i know this scan has been USED, OVER USED, and is going to be USed again! ^^ sorry for this "No Originality" but its just that this scan was the only one could find after almost a WHOLE day of searching for one. Also, its really Beautiful, and she is dressed in a drees wich i think looks very good with this "Kind of Magic Bg". ANyways, i hope its still somtin different! XD Sorry!

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  1. eternallegend Oct 15, 2006

    the vector looks nicely done XD the background looks nicer and fits better with her :D all that manipulating looks really nice and it is more anime/painted style :) the background is wonderfully done and looks nice and bright :D the title suits well and overall lovely wall ^^

  2. enchantment Oct 15, 2006

    wow, pretty :) i love the background and how you made it look so serene like and peaceful :D she fits nicely in the background and everything is done nicely :) the text and the title are really nice as well :D lovely wall~^^

  3. Melisandre Oct 15, 2006

    Amazing, no more to say, the background is great and the vector is superb, you did it :)

  4. Justice48 Oct 15, 2006

    I really like the background. It suits the scan and the activity she's doing.

    It makes the whole wallie seem so... peaceful.
    Like enchantment mentioned, everything is done nicely.

    Great job!

  5. sweetsleep Banned Member Oct 15, 2006

    how beautiful, very nice background ,i like it
    add fav

  6. Phantasm Oct 15, 2006

    very beautiful background, and cute girl. the harp she hold matches with the old building. nice work.

  7. muneera Oct 15, 2006

    pretty one..
    the background is awesome...the vector is nice...everything is perfect....well done

  8. melymay Oct 15, 2006

    Oh wow.. The scene is beautiful :D Everything flows wonderfuly together.. It also has that nice soft touch .. The text could be different though... Maybe you should've wrote the title normaly? (with out the capital "e" and "d") Other than that, it looks great :) Keep it up! +fave

  9. KyoFan368 Oct 16, 2006

    That is a beautiful wall! The colors are amazing and the background is so beautiful! You really did an amazing job on this wall. And I just love that scan, it is beautiful too! Thanks for sharing the wall. :) :D :pacman:

  10. starrliteangel Oct 16, 2006

    oh very pretty! I love that scan. And the bg looks really nice. Really soft glowy look. The text doesnt seem to match that great tho. personally I think it would look better without the text. I really like the wall though! Its beautiful. and you do an amazing job finding stocks taht match so well.

  11. S-i-l-v-i-a Banned Member Oct 16, 2006

    Well done! I like the bg... and... u've done it!
    Keep up the good work! ;)

  12. gabysango2011 Oct 16, 2006

    i like this one...i really think the way u put the bgr is awesome...and the scan (despite being used so many time) is really beautiful and goes with the bgr...
    + fav

  13. Mallory Oct 16, 2006

    ooooo very nice! it's really pretty! great job

  14. Kuyashisa Oct 17, 2006

    Glowly ! need hear her music, follow the light !

  15. Rhonda21 Oct 17, 2006

    I like how you fixed the background to make it all dreamy like. The scan too is so pretty! They match really great together! Well great work!

  16. Toya999 Oct 17, 2006

    this is one of the best scans i ever saw in my entire life.....and i'm not joking around or trying to play with your emotions......this is one great wallpaper and u should be proud of doing such a great piece,......this is so going to my favs....

  17. kiokorenay703 Oct 18, 2006

    Thank you everyone! ^^ i am glad you all liked it! :)

    Thanks again for all the favs as well! :D

  18. Animezealot5140 Restricted Member Oct 20, 2006

    dis walllie is so prEtTy! ;)
    the scenery looks amazing.......
    bg n image suits well2... :)
    luv it totally..........
    +fav. AriGAtou GozaiMasU! XD
    Looking foward 2c yr next wallie! >.<

  19. drastikhate Oct 20, 2006

    You took so much effort to make this wally and it certainly came out splendidly. It blended well with the BG. I also like the brightness applied to show how intense the light of the sun was. :)

  20. wernher Oct 20, 2006

    i really like the princess look on her. make more plz :D

  21. Bluearth Oct 20, 2006

    This wallpaper makes me go warm and soft inside XD due to the soft colours~ hahaahahax. Pretty how you made everything :) Pretty combination of everything :D But I rather maybe... you decrese the glow of the building slighly... Its too bright... *Own opinon here* but overall, you did great!

  22. moonescape Oct 21, 2006

    Wow! I must admit I like how you compsed this wallpaper. I can already tell that she wasn't vectored though. The picture and the wallpaper just clash so well together. ^__^

  23. moonfire Oct 21, 2006

    Oh it's a very beautiful wall!
    So pretty and calming..
    Nice and pretty bg too.
    Great job! :)

  24. ninja123 Oct 21, 2006

    very beautiful! I like the colors so much!

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