3LDK Wallpaper: Wings-My fantasy

Aoi Kimizuka, Deep Blue (Studio), 3LDK, Noel Yukimura Wallpaper
Aoi Kimizuka Mangaka Deep Blue (Studio) Studio 3LDK Visual Novel Noel Yukimura Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Heaven knows who this is... ^_^'
I think it was actually a vector from MT,
but I dont have the link, it was ages ago when I had this scan.
This wall was done n years ago... ^_^'
Well, I only extracted the scan & dumped it in somewhere in my files...
Since I couldnt come on9 I was bored, but I dont feel like going on a big project, I found this & suddenly, I just... wall it... =_=
I seriously planned to study... =_=

This wall is dedicated to my group admins/// sorry for pushing the job at U guys... T_T
My mum keeps a hawk eye on me T_T
Im planning on a PMK wall for my PMK group XD
kinda dead now... ^_^'
Dedicated to Midsummer, Milkiyo, Animang, Blueangel & Kuro-kun(My kawaii fren)! XD
Boy... I kinda miss Enchantress... T_T

Anyway, the tree totaly killed me & Im still not too happy with it, looks like some wind blowed it up... =_=
I enjoy making the sky...
Got some sparkles here & there XD
The planet again XD
My theme was kinda to mix the gothic with the chinese... XP
Used some grunge brushes here & there XD
hope U like it XD
I enjoy making the wings on the house... since Im tired of putting them on the scans, but I wanted to have wings! >_<

Im not sure whether its a valid entry for Wings-Lovers & Cute-Walllies...
but I hope it is...
Will upload banners later... *sneaking

Its a lil Blur from the thumb. Full view it. Its not!
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  1. PinkPrincessLacus Sep 25, 2006

    Oh its so pretty, everything looks just so adorable that I just want to hug your wallpaper *hugs your wall*. :) I love the scenery, chinese looking building, wings in the air, wow cute little bridge, and the adorable scan used! :D You are such a great waller, and this is a pretty contest entry my friend. :D Your right every girl has to have some sparkles in there LOL. Great Job my friend, one of my favorites from you! XD *adds to favs no doubt, and gives ya a hug*. Oh oh and Yeah thats right Im the first to comment Yay! XD *does happy dance* hehe.

    ~* Lacus *~

  2. Phantasm Sep 25, 2006

    this background, beautiful. and the girl is pretty.
    but dare to say, i felt a little sense of incompatibility.
    umm... the background seems to be little too vivid. but nice work. thanks.

  3. BlueAngel17 Sep 25, 2006

    like the vector.. i think it's Fri Fri whatever..
    flying temple.. =_= a kami sama temple..
    weee... +fav

  4. aishiteraburu Sep 25, 2006

    Rikka's New wall is so lovely, I specially love the tree, Good work on that
    U also added wings from tsubasa XD but maybe u should keep the planet somewhere else or decrease the size of it cuz it kinda looks weird in the middle
    Anyway nice job

  5. mikan-sakura Sep 25, 2006

    nice one ^^ cute as always X-P!
    The scan is from
    Aoi kimizuka

  6. Chloe Retired Moderator Sep 25, 2006

    Actually, this is a vector from Kiako: *Smile*

    But anyway, the bg is kinda neat, I like the trees but I'm not so sure about the buildings or the wings. THe rocks and water are cool though. Keep up the good work!

  7. lunagata Sep 25, 2006

    Very very nice :D
    the vector looks awsome X-P
    and everything looks very well together ;)

    :D my current desktop ;)
    >_< I love the castle thing...
    you have to tell me where ya' got it T_T
    I've been looking for one for ages =_=

    anyways XD


  8. Rhonda21 Sep 25, 2006

    Well I love how you did the tree! It's so pretty! And the whole background just looks really great! I really like how you did the rocks and the water. Awesome job!

  9. Fran Retired Moderator Sep 25, 2006

    The temple is fantastic!
    So neat!
    Love the atmosphere!
    Thanks so much for the plug :D

  10. pamkips Sep 25, 2006

    the tree....O____O pamilah loves ze tree
    planet looks random though.....but it's a smexy wall netherless ^___^

  11. thecatmistress Sep 25, 2006

    pretty yes very =] 0-o is the building flying?

  12. enchantment Sep 26, 2006

    wow, the background looks so nice like usual :) i love the whole composition of the wall with the building thingy in the background [now what was that called again, ahh, i forgot, meh :nya: you get my idea ^_^' ] the colours are lovely and she fits nicely in the wall :) ooh, i love the title of the wall as well XD lovely wall~^^

  13. animanga Sep 26, 2006

    OMFG it rocks so hard Rikka-chan! XD
    That damn pagoda thingy! Who DO you do those? XD Looks fantastic, I love the tree & the purdy birds & flowers. >_<
    Hmmm...complaints, there's a random square thing above her head...the rock edge is a lil sharp &... *gasp* You spelt my name wrong in the description! X-P
    So great job & thanx for the dedication! :D
    + fave! ;)

  14. eternallegend Sep 26, 2006

    i like the way you portrayed the wings on the umm... whatever you call it building ^_^' its a really interesting idea XD i like the composition of the background with the nice sky and how everything is pieced together nicely :D overall you made a wonderful wall ^^

  15. uchiha-vegeta Sep 26, 2006

    sugoooooooooooooi rikka-chaaaaaaaaan~ , wonderfully blend and done , sugooooooooi

  16. 09Chiaki09 Sep 26, 2006

    Nice job again rikka-chan! ><
    Wahaha...that castle looks somewhat familiar, i think it's from your other wallie called 'Guardian' or something like that. ^^
    Yea, cool sky and your usual favourite-planets. Well, that tree isn't really bad, it looks alright to me.
    Sugoii...you're still walling even though there's exams. Um...good luck then, i hope you do well in your studies too. (DO remember to study!)
    Oh yea, awesome scan. Jaa nee.

  17. Machika Sep 26, 2006

    Wow...What a pretty wallpaper! I love the temple, rikka-chan! Your wallpapers are always beautiful, I'm so envy of you! The mist is awesome too. I just loooooove it!
    My fav ^^

  18. cassandraronald Sep 27, 2006

    *full views*
    wow that is a pretty wallie =)
    i love the bg...it looks soo beautiful^^
    the mist is also nice
    great job

  19. Sayonara Sep 27, 2006

    damn, great job Rikka-chan ^.^

  20. Kuro-kun15 Sep 27, 2006

    ...It's so.... Pretty... *Tackles, huggles.* Thank you for dedicating it to me! I know there are others but you know i'm the best. XD Just kidding. Love ya. Also, sorry for seeing it so late. I've been sick and it took me forever to get MT loaded at home. Love ya, Rikka-chan! *huggles again.* Definately a fav! ^_^

  21. chibichibikaukau Sep 27, 2006

    so sweet! the background is really nice. You know you make beautiful wallies!
    Very good job!

  22. gabysango2011 Sep 28, 2006

    this is really nice...and sweet....that pagoda in the bgr is a perfect touch...and the flowers...also a perfect detail...
    the scan is also kawaii
    + fav

  23. Milkiyo Sep 28, 2006

    It looks so chinesy XD
    I love the "smokes" coming out from the pagoda and the colours are quite pretty^^
    the trees are quite lovely, don't worry lol though the pose is a bit weird.
    T-T I miss you and hope your mum will change her mind..

  24. OriginalQueenofAnime Sep 28, 2006

    Wow! Beautiful! :D I love it! :) +fav! ;)

    Oh, and you asked if this could be in the cute-wallies contest, right? Well, you already have an entry up, Say your Prayers. If you want, I could change the wallpaper that's up now for this one...or not, you can decide. :)

    But anyway, I love this wall! XD

    ~ The 'Original' Queen of Anime ~

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