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hum ho.. I've done quite a few of CCS wallpapers, but never get to upload. So I made this.. just for the sake of submitting to my Newtime Magic group of Hoteru-no-Shiki! *bows head in dismay* it's not nice as you can see..

what i wanted to portray: a cross between an old movie scene and a wonderful modern sparkle environment. get it? imagine watching all 3d effects from this generation in the year 2050 when all technology now is cheap. ^^ i said i don't like making sparkly wallies to much.. so i added the feeling of oddness; clean but dirty, sparkly but old looking.. basta! get my point!

scan: from AnimePaper: http://www.animepaper.net/gallery/scans/Card-Captor-Sakura/item27987/

When I saw this, it's quite an attractive pose.. but it's so grainy! and after all efforts to clean it in vain, i ended up vectoring it. if you guys want an outlined version... do your own vector! i like mine without lines! paki nyo! *evil grin* and what do you care if i changed the wand? i like it that way! *evil grin again*

actually half of the bg was not the way i expected to be. i wanted sakura to be sitting on some railings, but is impossible because of her skirt; it'll look unrealistic. so i had no choice but to slap on a post i vectored too.

layers: 42, not including the vector.

brushes: DA, imanimetions and HG.

buildings: sxc.hu. it really sucks to turn that photo from a daytime photo into a night look.

time to take: 3 days. i went scrapbooking so I kinda delayed. plus I'm not in the mood. just read my Junkii entries. ^^

what i love: the aurora (if you guys noticed.)

what i hate: the stupid branches. if i take it out, it's so empty lookin'! ugh!

the title means: she's waiting for doomsday. lol!

*crazy mode*

other resolutions at KatzKrafts as always.

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  1. Shinseiki Oct 13, 2006

    BoinK! oh wow this one looks nice... especially the stars above ..Faved!

  2. mikan-sakura Oct 13, 2006

    love the effect of the sky/stars <33 good job :)
    and also good job on the vector too ^^
    waah i'd wish i could vector like that >< (can someone teach me how to vector? XD or does someone know a good tutorial? O.o)

  3. Fran Retired Moderator Oct 14, 2006

    The vector work is amazing!
    I love so much the sky!

  4. muneera Oct 14, 2006

    excellent work...I love the sky...
    the vector is awesome.....overall good job^_^

  5. Rella Oct 14, 2006

    Omg, that's so awesome-looking! I love the the effect in the sky. It's beautiful. The vectoring is neat, haha, no lines is good too. Very nicely done.

  6. starrliteangel Oct 14, 2006

    oh wow thats really nice! I loove vectors without lines. teeheheh. the sky is really good! Im just having problems with something in the wall....gahh i just dunno what it is. I think its that tree in the front. It looks rather odd. but the lighting is very nice!

  7. strawberrt Oct 14, 2006

    lovely work! I really like the background, and the buildings add a nice touch to the wall. I agree with you about the tree branches. It's not as noticable on the thumbnail, but the full view is. But no need to stress over it, since its at the bottom :) Great job!

  8. Rhonda21 Oct 14, 2006

    BOINK! Well anyways, the sky looks so cool and the vector looks great! The buildings look good too. Great job!

  9. eternallegend Oct 14, 2006

    i like the composition of the background and you portrayed your theme well XD the vector looks really well done plus it looks nice without the lines :) and lets not forget the wand/staff :D it looks nicely done XD i like the colour scheme of your wall and it suits her well :D i like how you made her fit in with the background of your wall :) lovely wall ^^

  10. IzumiChan Oct 14, 2006

    So beautiful! I loved the building! Do you think there are still apts to rent there? XD XD
    The magical sky is pretty... oh, if I were in such a place, I would be watching the spetacle, and not looking carelessfully to the camera like that. >_<
    Anyway, good stock, good effects and good vector = great work! ^.^
    Yay! ^_^'

  11. mico-de-avi Oct 14, 2006

    Beautiful! And so realistic. Only Sakura look's like a giant.. O.o But greaat vector! The buildings are like, 'whoa!', so cool! XD & the sky is very beautifull. And the text suits perfectly! Awesome job!

  12. aqiaqua Oct 14, 2006

    Phwee, awesome vector. I like the city background and the celestial-looking sky. Lalalala~ Nice and blue as well. Fave from me~

  13. Sakucha Oct 14, 2006

    It's AWSOME! The colors a bit gloomy though...
    But it rocks!

  14. Lum-sann Oct 14, 2006

    Woah really nice wall BlueAngel-chan! ^^
    I love the background all looks nice especially the sky looks really magical and so pretty! ^_^ the vector is so so well made! can you teache me? lol i'm learning how to make vectors but i can't find a good tutorial for characters >_< the building is pretty nice but maybe they are to much for the left side looks like they are falling ^_^' , but i like the perspective ^^ pretty cool :) the tree is fitting well there, woah i love auroras! :D don't know how to make T_T
    Woah is must be really difficult turning the day into night but you did it! congrats :D looks so so beautiful the night that you have created ^^
    Also Sakura's wand really magical the effects that you have created there, also the effect of the building that effect in it looks like a reflection of the sky in the windows love it! ^^ i really love that part in the middle of the sky! looks so bright and so many effects there! NICE! :D
    It's a fav ^^ you really deserve it because your walls are really pretty! ^^

  15. KyoFan368 Oct 15, 2006

    That is a really cool wall! I love the background, it looks amazing! You did a fantastic job on this wall!^_^ Sakura looks great, I love this wall! It's beautiful, you really did a fantastic job on this wall!^_^ :) :D :pacman:

  16. enchantment Oct 15, 2006

    she nicely vectored :) i love the background with the buildings and the sparkles :D i love the colour and everything comes together nicely and she sort of matches the background nicely :) lovely wall~^^

  17. isdx Oct 15, 2006

    wow so kawai, awesome dood!

  18. everlastingdestiny01 Oct 15, 2006

    luv the pic....cool background....

  19. Toya999 Oct 16, 2006

    great really pretty wallpaper...definately going to my favs.....^__^

  20. emenemenem Oct 19, 2006

    ohh wowwie! the background is so amazing! =D. aww and she looks really cute as well ^___^!

  21. PinkPrincessLacus Oct 19, 2006


    OH back to the wallie! OMG now you know i love the bg, Sam is a stock whore and you know it XD So I love the filtering job you did here, this wall just takes me to where Sakura is sitting its just so vivid, bright, and realistic. I LOVE IT :D I cant believe i forgot, im sorry, throw the blue paint on me now hurry hhahaa.. *adds to favs no doubt* but omg how did you get the fireworks and the lighting and wow the grass and the thing she is sitting on. OMG im so jealous XD *hugs ya and go to chat with ya online*.

    ~* Lacus *~

  22. sleepymyst Oct 20, 2006

    this has got to be one of the cooliest CCS walls i've seen in a long time. I love the colors that you used and the sakura scan. She's the cutiest in that outfit!

  23. genius123 Oct 20, 2006

    i like sakura she is very cute

  24. AngelKate Oct 20, 2006

    Pretty! I love the sky and all the colors and sparkles. Lineless vectors always look so cool *wants to try one*

    Everything is well compositioned as well. Nice job!

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