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EDIT: Thanks for 100 faves :D

Hihooo~ This ish me 2nd halloween wallie (although it doesn't seem it, but black cats..you know...)

Abouts Wallie~

This was originally going to be a very dark wallie, but dark isn't really very Sakura like is it? So I made it pink! Although it looked too pink, so I added in some black. I think I went overboard with the splats.
I also added in the hearts, and made the text go all funny :D. Also heaps of drop shadows and colour burning. I also had to heavily edit the image, it was lacking in colour and had all these damn rose petals on her. I also made her eyes more green, looks better.

It might not be as cute as my other halloween wallie, but this was very fun to make~

Faves and comments are very much appreciated!

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  1. drastikhate Oct 13, 2006

    I really love it seeing Sakura in black and the black paint oozing at the top! Well done! +fav

  2. Sakucha Oct 13, 2006

    Your right. Dark colors isn't Sakura's thing.. But i like your wallie!
    *+ing to faves* :D

  3. AngelKate Oct 13, 2006

    The background is so awesome! I love the different stripe textures all over the place and the paint spatters look so cool! A very cute and unique wallie. Great job!

  4. CyberGame Oct 13, 2006

    wow nice bg u help make ^^

  5. milla-chan Oct 13, 2006

    WOW, that is Great XD
    it's really cool and niiiiice ;)

    keep it going ;)

    Clamp-fanatic+Fye-lover :)

  6. aishiteraburu Oct 13, 2006

    Wow Aqi Pink and Black with Sakura
    U've done it again

    I love the splatters, black seems to really go well with pink
    U already have two halloweens walls >.<

    Anyway fave from me

  7. starrliteangel Oct 14, 2006

    wah wah wah! Aqi this is soooo cute! The pink and blacks go awesome-ly well together! aww i really wish sakura wasnt so gaussian blurred, or i kinda wish she was vectored. >.< that part caught my attention first because everything is really solid and retro, while sakura looks more soft and glowing. dang, i really wish she was more solid. it would be a perfect wall! but im not saying it looks bad, because it doesnt! it looks great, infact. goshie goshie youre pretty big on halloween! I feel odd now because i havent done a single halloween wall!

  8. IzumiChan Oct 14, 2006

    Cat? I could swear this costume is based on a bat... because of the cape and such~ :o
    Anyway, I liked it a lot! Pink and black is a great combination, and all the contrast thing of cuteness and darkness is great~ :D
    Maybe the style is a bit too contrasting, the soft detailed manga and the simple round shapes don't really match... >.<
    And also, you can see that the cape is kind of transparent? Maybe you should turn down the opacity on the parts that are not covered by Sakura's body... the grey tone shows that the original bg was white... O.o
    But anyway, I liked it, very cute. :)
    Good work!

  9. eternallegend Oct 14, 2006

    you did a wonderful job with the background :) i like the hearts and the splats add a nice touch XD i like the composition of the background and how everything is placed within your wall :D i like all the bits and pieces within your wall and how they help add character to your wall XD lovely wall ^^

  10. cassandraronald Oct 14, 2006

    *full views*
    wow nice wallie XD
    i love the bg and the effects that you used
    the colours that you used are very nice^^the balck really goes well with pink
    great job

  11. EldaLacus92 Oct 14, 2006

    That's cute <3! I like those paint marks that you've put ^^ It suits for Sakura-chan's costume <33!

  12. enchantment Oct 15, 2006

    nice and abstracty like :) really nice design and the layout is really nice as well :D lovely wall~^^

  13. ayane-heine Oct 15, 2006

    First of all.. i think that this scan is pretty blurry.. maybe you can sharpen this scan abit? and i see some some extraction problems on sakura's leg.. But i do thik that this is a very fun wallie.. A Halloween wallie.. so many random factors on this wallies.. keke.. XD there's heart too.. Looks like valentine day to me.. XD I like the way you create the bg.. the splattering looks great.. Keep up with your good work!~ :D

  14. Kuro-kun15 Oct 16, 2006

    Ah, it's so pretty. Simple and it's pink (I hate pink.) but I actually like this. Fav! ^_^

  15. Kyelor Oct 17, 2006

    Wow, that's such a cute Halloween wall! It's fun and colorful...I love how you've portrayed Sakura!

  16. joviality Oct 17, 2006

    This is a cheerful Halloween wall, nice! And I like the font design, they have character ;)

  17. LunaTsukino Oct 18, 2006

    I just think that some parts of the image are a little blurry (like Sakura-chan's face), but that doesn't make you wallie even a little bad! ^-^
    I loved the way you played with Patterns, all in diferent directions! ;)

    As always, you're great with Sakura-chan!
    I love to see your works... ;)

    Keep up! I'm a fan of your talent! *-*

  18. ChakraChii Oct 19, 2006

    Ah! What a great talent! I hope you do more art like this!

  19. Hanazaki Oct 23, 2006

    This is so lovely and cute too. Thnks for sharing this. Good luck for the contest.

  20. schwindelmagier Oct 25, 2006

    bohahahaha, I ma back Aqi *hugs*...oh, I see...a new wallie..it's beautiful, the drops and hearts in the bg fits to it becasue it would maybe look a little bit empty without it....ah, sweet new wallie, I am preparing a new one from me...hope it will look good...ah halloween is near, you are right...I love halloween but I hate those kids who goes from house to house to "steal" my sweets, I would prefer eating them by myself and not give them to some stupid kids....(if you would stand in front of my door, I would give you everyrthing I have...all my sweets ^_^) but I LOVE everything that creates halloween...pumpkins, creepy music, bads, crosses and creepy costumes (only professional ones, not these bad looking things, dresses like the one sakura wears are perfect)
    I love the music of nightmare before christmas....bohahaha....horror movies are cool, love them as well as your wallie...fav from me ^________^

    btw....how is your new layout for fay-fans?

  21. DeadlyxScream Oct 25, 2006

    Ah! This wallie is amazing! If I wasn't already using something else, I would totally use it.! +Fave

  22. rubenz Nov 17, 2006

    awww its cute :d I love the bg and the color is so soft :D

  23. Kagally Nov 23, 2006

    WOW! I like the bg.. It's so amazing!
    i also like the colour and the style. COOL! the hearts looks nice too.. SO COOL!
    + fav

  24. sakurals Nov 25, 2006

    Long time without see a great CCS wallie...
    You're a great waller Aqi-chan!
    Please, made cute wallies like that FOREVER!
    Take care! :D
    Kisses and Hugs!

    P.S: And of course... FAVE!

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