Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny Wallpaper: Sunset Lovers

Sunrise (Studio), Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny, Cagalli Yula Athha, Athrun Zala Wallpaper

1024x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

I vectored the picture from the Gundam SEED Destiny Special Edition III ending I took a screenshot and after I drew the full size body for Athrun and Cagalli and changed the hands to make it look like they are holding them .Well first it wasn't on purpose I just put the 2 vectors in the same file and I saw I could do something with their hands hehe ... so I changed it because I am crazy :D

I am really not too good at full-size body and I am trying to improve so if there's anyting wrong there please tell me :) oh I think the hands are a little weird but please bear with me I really didn't want to edit all the thing I vectored, to change it XD ahaha
I used 60 layers for the 2 vectors I think...


I used for the background sunset photos I edited, erased, put in different modes and I tried to erase everything who didn't look good with clouds brush and I used Stars, Feather brushes. I extracted the birds from a tsubasa chronicle picture
I used 30 layers for the background

It took me 2 days to do the whole thing XD hehe now I need to do the others scenes in the ending and switch head with asucaga ahahah :D

As usual Special Thank to Liz aka thingperson for the title and her help ;) hehe

Hope u like and please comment :)

EDIT: Thanks to starrliteangel and enchantressinthedark XD I tried to change the things you pointed out in your comment Hope it's better XD


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  1. thingperson Oct 12, 2006

    Oh my gosh..this is so pretty you are so talented..i love how you drew cagalli dress and athruns outfit..hehe..its looks great and cagallis dress is so pretty..wow..and i love the background..with the sunset..and the water looks so real and so pretty..wow..and i love the birds..this is the most creative..and prettest..wow..oh my gosh..this is so pretty..*smiles*..i love everything about this.

    ta tendre et meilleure amie,

  2. auel1124 Oct 12, 2006

    really nice! I dont think you are bad at making bodies, I think you make them very good (at least better than the ones I draw xD)
    since I am a bit silly I didnt notice it before, but it seems that you really like asucaga and make a lot of wallpapers when you vector something about them ^^U
    keep up the great work!

  3. Athyra Oct 12, 2006

    I shall continuously glomp you until you completely understand my happiness at you for making a wp from the third ending! ^_^You're awesome with arts, your other submissions proves it ^_^

  4. Danny2004 Oct 12, 2006

    What a great job that was! This is great.

    ASUCAGA rules!


  5. eternallegend Oct 12, 2006

    wow, you did an amazing job with the vectoring XD they look so nicely done :D i like the nice background and the nice colour scheme :) the birds and the feathers add a nice touch and help add character to your wall :D overall nice wall ^^

  6. soring-eden Oct 12, 2006

    omg looks great, where dyou get the pictures? =(

    can u share please?

  7. SakuraShirayuki Oct 12, 2006

    ah XD i'm vectoring this Img, too right now XDDD
    gosh! wonderfull job

  8. starrliteangel Oct 12, 2006

    WOW you MADE those bodies? Theyre awesome! i thought there were there from the original scan! Hehe. ok, heres just a couple things I see that need some work

    -the feathres. I personally think the feathers shouldnt have a black outline. they'll look better without it.
    -the birds. I think the birds shouldnt have that outer glow because well...hm...it makes them seem kind of out of place.
    -cagalli. her outstretched hand has too much flesh on the left side (from the viewer's point of view). it looks like a big lump. Id say it would look better if you made it go more straight from her wrist to her fingers with a slight curve on it.
    -the highlights on cagalli and athrun - right now, you have them as white highlights, but they are on a sunset bg. If you added a little yellow to that white, i think it will make them fit in better because generally the highlights you get on a sunset bg are yellow. not like...a solid yellow yellow, but a white yellow that you can kinda see.
    -the water in the bg - i think it needs to be a bit more gaussian blurred because it seems too edgy and bumpy.

    but its a nice wall and you did a wonderful job on the vectoring!

  9. kira-freedom Oct 12, 2006

    Great Great Great!
    I like this wall.....Athrun&Cagalli^^
    nice job.

  10. enchantressinthedark Oct 12, 2006

    Wow you're really fast! And the work is AWESOME! You've did a really good job drawing the rest of their bodies out but Athrun's legs are kinda....too big don't ya think? ^_^' Other than that, everything's looking lovely here! I'm a fan of you! :D Keep up the good work and of course, highlighted at the AsuCaga group! ;)

  11. eternally-asuka Oct 12, 2006

    O________O the special III finallyy kan-chan this is wonderful! i love it, sorry if i couldn't sent a coment before i just got the chance to touch my lap top! noooo

    *-* kyaaaa so wonderfull!

  12. EldaLacus92 Oct 13, 2006

    How do you do that O_O ? It's so amazing the coloring (How do you do that unsolid highlighting/coloring?) and you actually vectored those bodies out from that screenshot O_O You're amazing girl :D I wished I had your talent ;)

  13. ORANGE-RANGE Banned Member Oct 13, 2006

    kyaa! so cute^^

  14. yafromuk Oct 13, 2006

    Wow! Great job. This looks so pretty and you did a great job in drawing in the bodies. =)

  15. Loneokamionna Oct 13, 2006

    You did great job on this pic! XD

  16. Justice48 Oct 13, 2006

    Definite fav!
    I was always wondering what the image looked like down there. :D
    Just so glad you decided to make something wonderful out of it.
    You have talent at this thing. ;)

    Keep up the great work!

  17. enchantment Oct 13, 2006

    the vector looks really nice :) i love the sunset :D and the birds look nice :) lovely wall~^^

  18. Teiris Oct 13, 2006

    Wow! So cute! Is anyone about Kira and Lacus? The picture is so awsome and you drew it so good! Congratulations! Athrun and Cagalli rocks!

  19. darkness222 Oct 13, 2006

    Beautiful! I <3 it ,

  20. moonescape Oct 13, 2006

    Darn it! >_< I'm too late! Well I'll still be doing that vector of Cagalli & Athrun for sure. I really had a high feeling for sure you'd be doing a wallpaper out of that. I mean it was wonder. Even though I don't really like the background much sorry, but I really love how you drew their whole body and vectored so well. This is a definite fav for sure. ^_^

  21. rubenz Oct 13, 2006

    kyaa kanchan u done it :d actually I am on my way on vectoring:d so i dunno should i finish mine or not cose ur is perfect :

  22. ZonSlashSykato Oct 13, 2006

    Very, interest and well done with seperating the body from the original. The background is not bad too.

  23. JCzala Oct 13, 2006

    You are very talented. You've done another AsuCaga masterpiece again! This is just so beautiful! The sunset really makes the couple stand out and it gives a romantic outlook. At the same time, their expressions are sweet and happy, which matches the background so well. THe way you drew their clothes are so realistic and flowing. I love that effects you did here. The birds are a great addition here. Love it!

  24. rollingmreg Oct 13, 2006

    It is fresh wall paper.

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