Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny Wallpaper: A Garden Filled With Love

Sunrise (Studio), Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny, Athrun Zala, Cagalli Yula Athha Wallpaper

1024x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Featured in Hoteru no Shiki Group XD

Well I vectored from the image in Animedia magazine and thx to Rubenz for it :D

Animedia Img

If u look well there's few things I changed like the face and I drew the missing parts well I couldn't see alot on this image soo I tried my best to make it look like the original Oh and I changed the face because I wanted it to make it look like more Hisashi Hirai's style XD

About the background I tried to do a garden for their date XD I took a photo for model to do the cherry tree and fountain too and I drew the rest and used brush for the cloud and grass and for the birds I think I used approximatively because I merged and all ...
Vector Layer: 40
BG Layers:100

Oh and Special Thanks to Liz (thingperson) and Sam (PinkprincessLacus) for helping me with the wall they really helped me a lot on it XD oh and Liz thx for the title again you are so creative isn't it ? ;)

Edit: I changed a little the background Hope it's better.... Thx for ur comments :D

Hope you like and please comment :D



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  1. thingperson Sep 27, 2006

    oh my gosh this is so pretty..oh i love this the vector is so pretty i love how there posed and there outfits..wow.. your so talented..and the background with the with the cherry tree and the pink petals and the water fountian and the hanging flower thing..hehe.. oh everything about this i love..wow..this is so pretty.

    ta tendre et meilleure amie,

  2. PinkPrincessLacus Sep 27, 2006

    OMG you know how I feel about this, I LOVE IT. You are such a talented artist girl. XD I am such a big fan of your works!. You did so much to this wallpaper, you have to have amazing amount of talent when you can make a whole background and vector by yourself, without puttins scans and stocks in there. *adds to favs*. :D I cant wait to see more great ones from ya girl! XD

    ~* Lacus *~

  3. eternally-asuka Sep 27, 2006

    *---------* this is my fav pic for now, they look so good together and so happy! just amazing! awesome work!

  4. SakuraShirayuki Sep 27, 2006

    oh myyyyy
    kan-chan! another great pic!
    <3333 soo cute!

  5. aneres Sep 27, 2006

    nyaaa~! You totally made my day with this gorgeous wallie! =3 The background is pretty and most importantly, both Athrun and Cagalli looks really really fantastic. And happy together. *squee*

  6. audeaya Sep 27, 2006

    great wall kan chan XD asucaga foreverXD

  7. Justice48 Sep 27, 2006

    OMG. Can't believe you actually managed to vector/clean up the picture... or whatever it was you did from the magazine picture the image came from.

    It makes it pretty. ^^

  8. rubenz Sep 27, 2006

    OMG kan chan I love u, u know i love urversion better than the scan its awesome, love the bg, instant fave :D

  9. Loneokamionna Sep 27, 2006

    OMG! OMG! THIS IS SO GORGEOUS! I love this wallpic more and more! X3

    I'm adding this to my fave! X3

  10. ORANGE-RANGE Banned Member Sep 27, 2006

    aaaaw so cute ^^ i luvers it so much.the background is so well done my dearest kan-chan*hugs*

    your friend

  11. rollingmreg Sep 27, 2006

    It is a well-matched couple.

  12. starrliteangel Sep 27, 2006

    how lovely ^-^ You did the bg very nicely. But there are a couple improvements I can suggest. The water fountain seems like its hovering over the grass, or its creating a forcefield around the grass to squish it down (this is just my imagination speaking..haha), because i see that the grass is pretty long, but it doesnt go over the fountain. Do you know what i mean? Some parts of the bottom of the fountain should have the tips of grass covering it. the cherry blossom trees are pretty, but maybe a little too bright (just the flower part, and not the trunks or the branches)? it would look nice (and this is just my opinion) if you duplicated the cherry blossom tree layer and made the copy layer a screen setting over it, and adjust teh opacity. the bird on the garden fence/arch is a little too big - since hes more in the distance, the bird should be a little more smaller. But overall this is a great wall - it looks like a collage!

  13. Rella Sep 27, 2006

    It's very nice! I really like how you've improved the quality of the picture and vectored it, awesome job. The background scene looks very nice as well but...the cherry trees look a little out of place in the scene...they look too real in my opinion. I understand that you took it from a photo but perhaps if you vectored that too, it wouldn't be out of place. LOL, though, it would take you longer to do.

    I really like the water on the fountain. It looks sooo neat. In this wall, I can see love is in the air. XD Go Asucaga! All in all, a job well done. Keep it up! ^^

  14. InuYashaspal4ever Sep 27, 2006

    XD Sorry for the caps I'm just so....A M A Z E D !11111111111111111111111

  15. moonescape Sep 27, 2006

    Whoa! OMG I love it! When I first had seen this in the gallery I could already tell that it was your doing. ;) I've never seen that scan before and you vectored plus adjusted some of which (besides you mentoning that). This is so adorable. I mean I was wondering if it was in the Newtype issue of October because I so badly want a scan of that then. It's alright if you don't know since rubenz let you use the image. Well this is so beautiful! I must say that even the clouds might have look too distorted the rest was blend very well. The grass clone in the photoshop was very creative. You added some grass darker/brighter to give an effect of not looking like you just cloned the grass with the same color which makes it look too plain. The veector was exellent most definitely. That's what really caught my eye though the most. This must definitely go in my favs. :D Keep it up because you already must be having so much fans for your artwork. XD

  16. moonfire Sep 28, 2006

    Nice wallie! You've captured the essence and feeling of a beautiful garden. :)
    The vector looks very beautiful, they look so pretty.
    I'm loving the vibrant and fresh colors of this wall, they really add beauty and depth to the wallie. :D
    I also love the way how you blended everything together. The shades, hues, and highlights complement each other very well.

    Wallie very beautifully done, Kan-chan! :D
    Keep on improving!

  17. Animezealot5140 Restricted Member Sep 28, 2006

    This is so SO pretty..... :D
    The flower scenery n the image are so magnificent..... :)
    Athrun n Cagalli is da best couple!
    WEll dOnE! A++
    +fav. AriGaToU GoZaiMaSu! XD
    Looking foward 2yr next Gundam Seed wallie! =)

  18. Finns Sep 28, 2006

    Nice wallie! the bg are so lovely. its suits their casual clothes. i like it! <333
    i always like ur art!
    sorry Kan-chan, i would like to add to my fav but i cant see the add to fav tag.
    :( got some error... maybe i'll add it some times.

  19. yafromuk Sep 28, 2006

    This is really cute. I love Athrun and Cagalli here.

  20. JCzala Sep 29, 2006

    You are talented as ever ms. kan-chan. You are truly one of a kind. What you have done here made me so speechless... Hehe... Lol. I have to say you have done so many amazing details that makes this wallpaper standout from a far view. Not only is the background very attractive, the plants there blend so well with the characters. The colors are just so adorable and you have a great taste with colors.

    Now for the characters... You've tried to make it like Hisashi Hirai-sama's style... Well, you've done a pretty good job. It's not totally like his but this does the trick. I like the way you designed their clothes-- totally suits the scenery. And their expressions are just so cute.

    Athrun and Cagalli rulz in this wallie! Great job. Added to faves. :)

  21. UchihaTaijiya Sep 30, 2006

    Beautiful! ^.^ ::favs::
    Thanks for sharing!

  22. rizacaga Sep 30, 2006

    wow ...........this is beautiful wallie,i like it. kan-chan u are the best.

  23. Bluearth Sep 30, 2006

    Beautiful wallpaper! :) I love the scernery, you did a great job on it :D The fountain looks nice :]

  24. royaldarkness Oct 01, 2006

    wow, that's a really lovely wall of asucaga!
    the background is really well done, it's so detailed and everything

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