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Q-taro Hanamizawa, Shaft (Studio), REC, Aka Onda Wallpaper
Q-taro Hanamizawa Mangaka Shaft (Studio) Studio REC Series Aka Onda Character

1152x864 Wallpaper

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Gah.. another underwalled series.. =_= well, this took me two weeks of work because my muscles withing my right hand suddenly hurt so much I could type or make a wall. Still, I strained to do so (evil me..)

Anyway, this wallpaper is supposed to have a scenic bg, but then it turned out instead to be something that I want to join for the Forever Dreams contest. Scan came from AP, vectored by me. This wallpaper is also an interpretation of the song 'Promise' by TiA inspired by a DA art calledRetro Remix by ~Zell-911.

ok.. so lemme explain..
If I make an wallpaper out of this, it generally means that I have watched this series and the wall is an expression of my reaction towards it. REC has a slight relation to music, that's why I chose this scan. Listening to the song, the colors represent how light and lively the song is; more of an expression of freeing your inner self. Behind the instrumental tones of the song lie hidden lyrics explain by the emotions of the colors. It explains the text behind the brushes. And there's a staff at the side.. uhm.. just wanna put it there.. ^^

And the title is actually a line from RahXephon, something enough to fit the ambiance between REC and the songs.

There... =_= I'm done. I intended for this to be a clean vector wallpaper but it turned out more grungy.. maybe because that the music is fast paced somehow. Please don't delete it even if it looks sooo dirty. T_T

More resolutions at KatzKrafts. Ja ne!

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  1. animanga Sep 26, 2006

    It's nice chaotic, not ugly chaotic. :)
    Nice job, my only complaint is that the BG needs to be pink, she clashes rather horribly, yellow & pink. >.<
    Great vector job, keep it up! ;)

  2. CaMiLi Sep 26, 2006

    hmm it's plain,... but very cute >o< i love the colors,... such sweet

  3. Phantasm Sep 26, 2006

    nice color use. background's yellow matches with hair's and clothes' red.
    bg pattern also beautiful. good job.

  4. annakee Sep 26, 2006

    oh... that background look so complex to me >_< (i mean that i liked it, but for me make something like that is complicated ^^' )
    your plain colors in the chara is a nice touch. those green and red tones are very pleasant to see.
    fav ++

  5. Firemace Sep 26, 2006

    Ah ha ! ... I recognise some brushes there. ;) Back here.

    Hey, it didn't turn out that bad as you expected.( You must have high expectations for it) Although i think the bottom text below " This World ... " can be improved more. ( Like Swaying since it's Arrowed )

    Nevertheless, it looks like abstract. Lol. Truthfully, i don't what i was thinking till...*Clicks Full View* Good Art. ;)

    Groovy's new Age.

    P.S. Ipod Music anyone ?

  6. lunagata Sep 26, 2006

    Nice job ^_^

    I like the vector, very well made
    The background is very cool, love the color choices :D


  7. starrliteangel Sep 26, 2006

    OMG...ANGEL CHAN! I seriously cant tell you how much I love this. Really good vectoring..and most of all, wonderful color choices! WOW. I just seriously love this. This is my new desktop bg! It is a little busy, but something you almost dont see very much on MT..ahh well I will save the rest of my comments for when I feature this later in the week. But I do agree with animanga about adding in pink. Try putting in some hot pink touches here and there, but not all over or the wall will look VERY cluttered. And if you do, I suggest lowering the opacity a bit so it doesnt look solid and clash with the rest of the wall.

    merged: 09-27-2006 ~ 03:26am
    hahah I'll try to remember to feature it, but if I forget, please remind me.

  8. Fran Retired Moderator Sep 26, 2006

    Nice wallie!
    Love the background! It's amazing and the colors are so beautiful!
    My only lil' problem is...aren't vectors suposed to be extremely clean and plain? I mean the only part is clean and crisp is the hair
    Overall is a beautiful wallpaper

  9. aqiaqua Sep 26, 2006

    Hey thats funky! Great vector too :D. I'm not really a fan of these sorta wallies, but I like this one. All them random shapes in the middle with those splat thingys = awesome!

    Fave from me, hmmm, should I feature this in the vector section of CL? Or the wallie section...I'll see what I can do ;).

  10. eternallegend Sep 26, 2006

    interesting wall with the many different shapes in the background XD the vector is really nicely done :D the colours suit well and look nice in your wall :) nice wall ^^

  11. Devilet Sep 27, 2006

    I like the background, it's quite busy in it's own way, but everything is blended nicely. I'm glad you didn't make it pink like the vector. You did a good job, and the result turned out nice, so don't worry.

  12. HaWaIIofHoaI Sep 27, 2006

    very nice. the way you put everything together suits a music theme really well. =) great job.

  13. Rhonda21 Sep 27, 2006

    oh nice vector! Looks good. And I do like the background too. Very cool. I think you did a great job with this wall! It's very cute.

  14. Rella Sep 27, 2006

    Wow, this wallpaper is really neat! I like the whole idea of music and it matches very well with the background. But, it would've been better (in my opinion) if you didn't make the whole scan pink and instead made it match the background colors. The vectoring is very nice. It gives off a really nice mood...I feel like listening to music now. XD

  15. Milkiyo Sep 29, 2006

    the dirtier the better. clean shapes just look so unprofessional. I love how you played with the designs. bold move with the pink vector and yellow bg. just love it :3

  16. alterlier Oct 02, 2006

    the style that I most enjoy, the one that when you first look at it cant say if it is a real style, and from what I see even the colors are kind of different of the common stuff you normally see, nice vector artwork, the fact that the outlines of her hair are missing it make it look more clean...maybe a bigger resolution would be better?
    anyway everything so well done in relation with the music, calls to be a great thing.

  17. anji Oct 03, 2006

    Really nice vector of the girl.
    And I really like that kind of radom background. I wish I had inspiration to do that kind of work.
    Well the only thing that botter me is the "is satured with sound" part of the title that I find difficult to read. Maybe your light green would have been better, love that green ^^
    Nice work anyway :) add to fav...

  18. rollingmreg Oct 05, 2006

    Though animation should have swelled a little more.

  19. IzumiChan Oct 13, 2006

    I liked the color combination and the girl is so cute...
    This music must be a really hyper one~ :D
    That stuff on the back is just great. XD
    Great job! ^_~

  20. pegassuss Oct 27, 2006

    Lovely wall! ^^ The vector is nicely done and I love th pinkish colors. The background is really dynimic, with all those swirls and bubbles and all. I love the design of the background and the yellowish colors match the whole thing very well. Great work! ^^

  21. animefairy Nov 17, 2006

    Wow...i love the bright colors. the designs are so real and so cool! ^^ The girl looks so cute and she outfit blends with the bg! your style is a lot like tAtEkAnE! LOL. XD *adding to favs* Thanks for sharing, BlueAngel!

  22. viekazama Nov 22, 2006

    Love the colour >u<
    I always attracted to bring and soft colour XD
    ++ FAVE

  23. nekoinkimono Dec 13, 2006

    This wallpaper is AMAZING! I love the vivid colors... I just can't explain how much I love this! This brightened my day :3

  24. miushan May 31, 2007

    wo0ow >>>>
    i like the color >>> and design >>>


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