REC Wallpaper: +Come to my world

Q-taro Hanamizawa, Shaft (Studio), REC, Aka Onda Wallpaper
Q-taro Hanamizawa Mangaka Shaft (Studio) Studio REC Series Aka Onda Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

W.A.R Round 1 Entry :: +Come to My World

Resources: Scan from MT & DA!.
Style: Vector
Time: 6 or 7 hours between a week
Difficult part: The concept
Easier part: The vector
Inspiration: Just random Bleach music.
The brown monochrome cames from "heavenly inspiration" cause originally the colors were purple tones.
I think the idea of adding gradients and texture came from a promotion that i see on TV a couple of days before i start with the wall.
This is maybe the last pound of inspiration that i have recently, so i have to work in get it back cause Round 2 and the AP WAR next battle is near..


Chosen by Saikusa and Revan

Refreshing choice of colors, awesome texturing and flawless vectoring have been brought this time by Rebel.

The presentation of the city along with the line pattern makes this piece very harmonic it's almost soothing.

It is surprising to see someone shift styles and get such good results so I guess that taking chances pays off when you put some dedication to it.

Well worth the download.

Proposed by Saikusa and highlighted by Revan.

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  1. Devilet Jul 31, 2006

    Just looking at the thumbnail you can tell this a winner, and full view is no disappointment. The vector and the stripes, with the gradient, it all fits so well together, to create this monochromatic divine wallpaper. The lack of variation in colour creates a very soft look, which makes it appealing to look at. This is kind of surprising coming from Rebel, but choosing this different style has proven to be a success!

    The girl is in the middle with some buildings in the back, and the text is to the right on an angle. Very sharp detail work here in placement, it's very harmonious and everything fits. Can't see any problems here.

    Simply top notch! The vector is crisp and clean ... the background matches the vector and complments it. The perfect blending and fading keeps it interesting and good quality. Texture all over works and gives it more depth overall.

    It's a very cool wallpaper you have done, and it just might go on my desktop if I didn't have such a weird resolution, hahaa. I can't find any negatives in this wallpaper, it's simple to the point it's perfect!

  2. Sandra Jul 31, 2006

    Wow , Cool stuff.Great textures , and vector looks very clean. kinda simple lookin , but i love it , guess it wasn't so easy to make it. Congratulations ! You deserve ^__^

  3. Saikusa Retired Moderator Jul 31, 2006

    I swear I'm a sucker for the un-lined stle and the gritty textures. This is quite simply an expert piece of work. Bold, confident & creative.

  4. N9e1 Jul 31, 2006

    Kawaii wallie~~~ I really like the brown colour tone~ It works very well with the texture~
    Love the overall effect! Great vector and great texture!
    Great job! Thank you for sharing! ^_^

  5. pamkips Jul 31, 2006

    Th*total sap for textures* this is awesome ^____^ and the vector is well done!
    good job....ahhhh way too awesome

  6. Bacher Aug 02, 2006

    Even though the anime is average, this wallpaper looks and feels quite good.

  7. evasion Aug 03, 2006

    Hey, nice war submission! I love the serene feeling and color tone - plus awesome scan/vector! Thanks a bunch +fav+

  8. Revan Retired Moderator Aug 03, 2006

    Just awesome... love it from top to bottom.

  9. alterlier Aug 04, 2006

    first thing I note, the color, then the vector, finally the concept.
    in order.
    color, earth tones eh? nice colors, actually a very cool choice cuz ....you dont see a whole one color thing these days specially this ones.
    vector, so clean, she almost doesn't look like one. (in the awesome way where you cant tell if the scan itself came like that)
    and concept my favorite part, you didn't explain it but I can tell in sort way that you were trying to recreate her music world.

  10. mystvearn Aug 04, 2006

    Good job, though how about making it a slightly red tone matching the eyes, and REC theme?

  11. MapleRose Retired Moderator Aug 04, 2006

    wow, so pretty! nice vector, very clean, and I love the colour scheme and textures. nice use of gradients too, though maybe the middle is a bit too light/grey?

  12. cassandraronald Aug 05, 2006

    wow it is soo pretty
    i love the colors that u used
    it desreves to be highlighted

  13. anji Aug 05, 2006

    I like that style of vectoring and texturing :)
    And monochrome walls are really my things so yeah I just have to like this wall.
    Really nice combination of forms and elements ^^
    Already in favs ;)

  14. Devildude Aug 05, 2006

    hmmm.... amazing piece once more, I am surprised it looked this great even the colors just sort of brings the whole desktop look like a great piece of brown canvas. Simple and cool.

  15. crossfusion Aug 05, 2006

    a picture is worth a thousand words but this one is worth more ^-^

  16. AngelKate Aug 05, 2006

    That's awesome. I love vectors without lines. They just look so much more...crisp, I guess. The colors are warm and inviting, and blend perfectly. Amazing job. I don't really know anything about the contest, but good luck. :)

  17. stellar Aug 05, 2006

    lmao u can never fail us with a vector wall now can u? <3
    amazing vector u made and the style of the wall is simple but thats wat i really like about it. XD
    great job.

  18. quantixar Aug 06, 2006

    Wow! Awesome wallpaper, I love it! *claps* :D

  19. euna Retired Moderator Aug 06, 2006

    This is just cute. ^^
    Lovely vector work and colour choices. It's refreshing and original. Nice texture work as well. Deserves my fav and highlight. She's so adorable =D

  20. flyindreams Aug 06, 2006

    *whee* Lovely vector and brown tones... it looks good on the desktop rebel! XD

    Good luck again with round 2 and the AP war, :3

  21. soulstealingneko Aug 07, 2006

    +fav. Amazing job. The colours are very warm and pleasing to the eye, good job! ^^

  22. IcyBlade Aug 08, 2006

    heh,i got the same opinion as Devilet got.

    It's perfect.

  23. Ryoki-san Aug 10, 2006

    i like the design it speaks ta me yano

  24. DemanHunter Sep 08, 2006

    Nice colours for a girl wich askes you to come to her world :)

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